The Peacock's Concubine

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Once upon a time there was a boy who was taken under the wings of a beautiful white peacock still the boy was unhappy because he didn't get what he desired for from the peacock. Once upon a time there was a dagger who fell in love with the little petrol lamp of the happiness but the lamp despised the dugger because it was sorrowful. Once upon a time there was a man who died... This story starts the same way; once upon a time... But what kind of ending is waiting for us? A happy ending or a sorrowful one? In the long run anything can happen in a surreal empire.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Once upon a time, there was a man who wrote stories to people, equally to children and to adults, in his happy years. In the beginning people crowded from all over the empire into the small village, where he spent his childhood, to hear his tales. However, it didn’t last for long, everyone had tired of the man’s sorrowful stories because from that time the empire craved only after the happiness.

It was only a fleeting moment and the man’s name had sunk into oblivion. He left the empire but before that he had sworn he will come back with the most perfect, the most peerless tale which will be the key for his happiness and in that case nobody can be happy except him.

While he was hiding he started looking for a mysterious object. He heard about a magical thing that could give him everything that he desired. Until he didn’t find that object he was keeping himself busy with another story. With a new doleful story. It was about a little girl and her poor family. Even the house, that they lived in, was small and old. They could have been like anyobody else in the neighbourhood but every member of the family had a ’treasure’ that embodied an emotion each. The object that appeared the most was a dagger that was also the responsible for the many demise that happened in the family and embodied the sorrow.

The whole book was imbued with sadness and the man loved this the most in his work. This flickered the happiness in his heart which appeared only once in the tale, in the role of a little paraffine lamp. It was the girl’s pretty lamp which illuminated the small house with light in the deepest darkness and this made the girl happy for a short time. But as the story had proceeded the girl lost her hope and she didn’t believe in a better future anymore. The happiness extuingished in her sole and she let win the dagger of the sorrow against her mind and body.

’And the little lamp didn’t have power to shine anymore.’

The man had found what he was looking for after he finished the tale of the mournful girl but he didn’t bring back the book with himself to the empire. Now he can write the masterpiece of his life with this magical object thus he needs his old works no more because they symbolized the worst parts of his life: the oblivion and the love that turned into disaffection. But these things don’t matter anymore. The empire can’t do anything but kneel before his greatness.

However, something happened that he hadn’t expected. The most unimportant character of his story that he wrote outside of the empire, the happiness, was not able to be at peace with the tragic ending. She was disappointed because the creator didn’t give her a role that she wanted but the thought, that he left not only her but the whole tale all alone, hurt her.

The man made a mistake. He gave features to the emotions and represented them as characters. The emotions also got feelings and they could be satisfied only in one way: they had to feel their own emotions and nobody gave this to the happiness. He felt sorrow, lonliness and rage. These feelings terrified her and the fear made her uncertain. Because of these she felt that she had lost herself.

The happiness wanted to be happy and she knew in this story she will never be thus she broke all of the rules and accpeted the consequences and she stepped out from the tale of the mournful girl to create her own story. She decided that she will be the leading lady of the tale where everybody will have a happy ending and finally she will rescue everyone from the sorrow.

But she didn’t know that she had opened a door in the book with her escape and she wasn’t the only one who could broke out from there. And there was somebody who didn’t wish happiness for the happiness. Because that person can feel peace only if everyone around her is sad and sorrowful.

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