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The Creature of the Night: It's Beginning

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Abigor was still in his wolf form and wounded from the arrow in his flesh. He had nowhere else to go and returned to the cave of his despair. There, he waited and calmed himself when his bones transformed back into the normal bones of a human. He was laying on the cold ground in the cave, breathing heavily. The cold feeling of the wind hitting his back woke him. When he tried to sit up he screamed. The arrow... He began to cry and with one swift and fast movement, he ripped the arrow out.

There he was, alone, hungry, naked, and very, very angry. But he couldn’t think about the pain in his body. The pain where the arrow punctured his flesh. All he could think about was the betrayal. The sadness and anger. The mere thought of his brother made him hate. And the one thing he wanted more than blood, more than food, more than a home... was revenge. He swore to himself to destroy his brother and everything he cared about, just like they destroyed him. How they made him an outcast.

His shadow self returned and gave him new clothes to wear. “Why are you helping me?” he asked his shadow. The shadow disappeared and then reappeared in the sunlight, and replied, “I want you to become who you are meant to be. You will achieve great things, Abigor. People will run and hide at the mention of your name. They will fear you. It is your destiny...” The shadow spoke in riddles and never gave a straight answer. His voice was dark, deep, and dry like someone was without water for days. Even though Abigor couldn’t see him, he knew it was there. He could sense it. He felt it in his bones, deep inside his core.

“What do you mean? What is my destiny?” Abigor asked while he finished getting dressed. Then, the shadow disappeared. And this time, he wouldn’t return. “Wait! What is my destiny?!” Abigor yelled as his voice traveled through the mountains and the trees. The wind carried his scream until it just stopped. Abigor sighed and dropped his head. He closed his eyes, but all he could see was the woman he loved, Maitreya. She made him feel calm and loved, even if she loved another. Thinking of her, made him melt and his heart drown.

“Why am I like this? I never chose to be what I am! My brother shot me because he saw me as a beast... A monster... I cried out in pain, I called out to my brother... We could always sense each other’s presence. What went wrong? He sensed that it was me. I could see it in his eyes, and he still shot me. He wanted a reason to get rid of me. He wanted a monster, and now, I’ll give them a monster. I’ll show them all. And when I’m done, he’s going to beg me to end his life...”

Once, a bright soul... Now, a dark spirit...

Wherever Abigor moved, the things he created with his brother, the life he gave, turned to ash with each step he took. The flowers crumbled down and the grass turned to sand. The trees lost their leaves until it was bare. The sky turned red and orange, and Abigor... He became darkness itself. He returned to the village he once called his home. His eyes became darker, no longer the bright green color and his muscles enlarged too. He was a big man. No, he wasn’t a man anymore... He was something like a demon. The women stood frozen when he walked by and children hid behind their mothers. The men slowly gathered together in awe of what was happening. Evanora and Marcel came out of their house when the entire village became absolutely silent. They saw what had happened to their son. Abigor’s veins changed from blue to the darkness of night. He really became what people saw... He became a beast...

“Abi? What happened to you? Where were you? You’ve been gone for days,” Evanora said, walking to him. He glanced at her with a sudden look, and then she stopped in fear. “I’ve been gone for days...” he said and laughed wickedly. “I never wanted to return, but I made a vow to myself... Where is my so-called brother? Hmm? Kal! Get out here, you coward!” Kal kept his wife safe and made sure that Orphelia was hidden. “Be careful, my love. Don’t provoke him... Please, come back to us,” Maitreya said and kissed him. She didn’t know when she would kiss her husband again. Kal took a deep breath and felt the nervous atmosphere the people gave off, sliding deep into his stomach and stepped outside.

“Brother, what... w-what happened to you?” Kal asked in astonishment. Abigor walked closer to his brother with little and small steps. “You... You happened to me... Something happened to me and I became something else. You tried to kill me!” Abigor shouted. The village gasped and Marcel went into shock. Evanora hid her face in her husband’s chest, covering her tears. She always wanted children, but never wanted her children to kill each other. “What? I have no idea what you’re talking about? When have I tried to kill you?” Kal asked and stepped closer to his brother, trying to understand and to calm him.

“You shot me with an arrow in the leg! Oh, don’t pretend like you don’t know! I know you knew it was me. Ever since we were children, we could feel the other’s presence, yet you still shot me... I thought you were my brother... I guess I was wrong!” He threw out his arm with force and blasted his brother into the air. The air surrounding Kal was red and flew like leaves revealing invisible wind. Kal was choking in the air. “Abi! Stop! You’re hurting him! You’re hurting your brother!” Evanora yelled. Marcel stepped to him and grabbed his arm. Abigor released his arm from his father’s hold on him and pushed him until he fell on the ground. Marcel grunted when he had the strength to stand back up. “Abigor!” Marcel screamed in anger. Evanora shrieked and cried more. “No! Stop! Abi, please stop!” Evanora pleaded, falling to her knees as her red hair fell down her face. The pain in her heart sent shocks to her spine, making her numb, making her drown. As if she’d been swimming for days in the endless ocean, until her breath made her slip under and under, drowning.

The anger Abigor felt was visible in his eyes. He moved towards his mother as she closed her eyes, afraid of what he’ll do to her. If he attacked his brother and his father, his mother was next. She kept her eyes closed, expecting the worst, and whispered underneath her breath, “I love you, my son...” With those three words, something changed inside him. He was pulled back to the person he once was. His eyes returned to the green it was and his veins to the clear blue it was until it disappeared behind his skin. But it was not to be for long...

Kal was released and fell to the ground, gasping for air, coughing, and held his throat. Until his shadow appeared. “They do not love you... They tried to kill you... You will never be accepted as their own...” the shadow whispered in his ears, moving around him like a fly. Darkness filled him once again and this time, more than ever. Claws broke out from his fingertips and tore his skin. Nothing pained him, not even when his blood dropped on the ground. He stuck out his hand almost grabbing his mother around her neck, tickling her skin with his claws.

When he held her neck tighter, she whispered, “I forgive you...” The villagers screamed and backed away in one tight group. “Abigor! Stop!” someone screamed coming up behind him. He heard the footsteps moving in. He smelled the air and it never tasted so sweet. His anchor... The one thing that held him back. His claws returned into his fingers, sealing the cuts it made but left only stains on the tips of his fingers. He cried when he realized what he’d done to his mother... his father... his brother...

“You don’t have to do this. This is not who you are,” the soft voice said. Abigor focused on his breathing but listened more to the soft voice he will always know and cherish... Maitreya. She was walking closer to him, indicating to Kal to stay where he was until she was right in front of him. “I know you. And this...” she said looking him up and down, “this is not who you are. You are kind and... and caring. You don’t hurt others... You never have. Look around you. Your brother is on the ground, struggling to breathe. Your father is in pain from hurting his back. And then there’s your mother. Don’t you see the pain in her eyes? Why are you doing this?” She never raised her voice for one second. She was calm looking at Abigor.

“I am uh... I’m... I have to leave... I’m sorry,” he said, unsure of where to go next. Maitreya grabbed his arm and asked, “Why? Stay and let’s sort things out, hmm?” His eyes began to tear up and wiped them away with two fingers from the side of his eyes to his nose. He sniffed and nodded.

Kal could never understand why Maitreya had such an influence on his brother. But then he remembered his brother’s words: You have Maitreya...

That’s when Kal realized that Abigor was in love with Maitreya. And he might still be in love with her. Kal kept looking at how much control Maitreya, his wife, had on Abigor. He is still in love with her. Why else is she his anchor? Why is he stopping whenever she’s around?

His anchor: The love for a woman he knows he could never have...

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