The Creature of the Night: It's Beginning

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Ashamed of what he’d done, Abigor sat by the river. He was afraid to return to the people. Confronting them and their comments, their looks, and whispers. He bent his knees and leaned against them with his arms wrapped around them, hugging them, trying to get comfort from them. Abigor looked around him and heard the little birds in the trees singing.

For a moment, he wanted to scare them away for disturbing his time in peace, but then he saw two birds. One is bigger than the other one. The smaller one’s colors were soft while the other had brighter colors. Something held him back. They sang together and placed their beaks together as if they were kissing. It reminded him of the life he wanted with Maitreya.

He loved her. But, deep down, he knew that she was happier with his brother. No matter how much it hurt him to admit it, he wanted her to be happy. Besides, they have a daughter. They already were a family. So, he put his feelings for her aside and looked at the river, focusing his hearing on the water, the wind blowing through the reeds until it whistled.

The wind cooled him off and took a deep relaxing breath. For the first time, he felt okay. He was home, he was with the people who he cared for and he was no longer afraid of the one thing keeping him in a constant state of fear and anxiety – being alone. He laid down on the grass and closed his eyes, appreciating the starry view in front of him. Finally, it was peaceful...

“What do you think you’re doing?” the cold and dry voice said. Abigor rushed to sit up straight, looking around. Then, he saw his own shadow climbing out of hiding from the shadow of an oak tree. The shadow walked closer to him and said, “This, this is totally wrong. What are you doing here instead of taking revenge on your brother? He took everything from you. Are you just going to sit back and watch him do that to you again?”

He stood up in anger. His anger got the best of him and his powers. Everything around him began to die again. Just like it did on his way back to the village. “Abi? Abi!” Evanora called looking for her son. She saw what happened to the grass and the flowers around him. Fear filled her eyes and tried to stay calm, but Abigor listened to her heartbeat going faster and faster. He knew that she was afraid of him.

She wanted to go closer to him, but he held out his hand to stop her and said, “Don’t come any closer. I don’t want to hurt you. I’m afraid of what I’m becoming.” Evanora’s heartbeat relaxed and slowly walked to her son. She was no longer afraid. She took his hands in hers and tried to look into his eyes. He shied away from her. He was ashamed and couldn’t look his mother in the eyes.

“You won’t hurt me. You are my son, Abigor. And I love you. Let someone in. Speak your mind about your feelings, what has happened to you. You need to let someone in. It doesn’t have to be me, or your father nor your brother. You just need to let someone in.” He lifted his eyes and there his mother recognized the man in front of her. Those green eyes sparkled and she knew that her boy was back. A smile stretched on Abigor’s lips and waved his hand over the dead he created. Evanora witnessed what her son did.

The leaves that turned to ash rose from the ground and pulled together, made a leaf in the air, and turned green as it returned to its place on the tree. Life rose from the dead. “I am so proud of you, my son,” Evanora said with a tear slipping away from her eye and rolling down her cheek until it met the side of her mouth. Abigor walked with his mother back to the house. He protected her from the predators of the night and he was her light in the darkness the night provided. The night; a place, a time, and a being that held so many secrets.

Evanora tucked her son in his bed. He resisted but eventually made his mother happy by letting her tuck him in. She kissed his forehead and said, “Good night, my beautiful boy. Sweet dreams. I love you, always,” and then she walked away with her gaze still fixed on him. Abigor rolled onto his side, closed his eyes and smiled. He was home. He was safe.

A few minutes of peace overflew him, but once again, peace could never stay without darkness hovering over it like a cloud. The shadow came to him once more. “This is not your destiny. Abigor! Kill them! Kill them all!” the voice shouted in his mind. The sound of the voice was toxic to his mind. He needed a way out. He needed to find quiet. The moonlight stretched into his bedroom through the window and there was his escape. He climbed out of the window and ran. He ran as fast as he could to the mountain he slept at. When he finally arrived in the place with the red and orange sky, a desert for grass and no more trees, he searched for the shadow. The voice that won’t leave him be. “What do you want from me!” he roared. The shadow appeared in a black cloud swirling around him.

“I need you. Together, we will change the world as we know it. I gave you the thing that’s made you stronger, more powerful. It is a gift. Abigor, when will you realize that they will never truly accept you? Maitreya will never love you. Kal got everything, and what are you left with? Nothing. Nothing but loneliness, anger and a broken heart. Accept your destiny and you will never feel like this again. Join me, Abigor,” the convincing voice said.

The thought was hammering inside of his head, piercing through to the very core of his brain. That’s when he knew he was staying like that for a woman he knew he could never have. If he took her, then everyone he holds dear will turn him away and ban him from ever returning.

Abigor looked at the ground and then at nature. The once peaceful and beautiful piece of land that now became dark. He hated his brother. He hated that he was with her. He hated that everyone admired him. But most of all, he hated the feeling of hate. He craved the feeling of being powerful.

“How can you possibly know that they won’t accept me for who I am and not for what I am, or the mistakes I’ve made? How do you know? Tell me!” He became furious. For he didn’t want to believe the slightest chance of what the shadow said.

“Let me show you,” the shadow said and climbed back into Abigor. The pain he felt was indescribable. The shadow, his shadow carved its way back inside. His shadow took control of his very being, closed his eyes and showed him.

Abigor saw that Maitreya had another child: a boy far more powerful than Kal himself. Maitreya never admitted that she developed feelings for him and hit him in the face when he tried to kiss her. She turned on him and told the village that he abused her. He had a big fight with his brother and his parents, his friends and his own flesh and blood, turned against him. They banished him from the village and didn’t think twice about it. They gave him a choice, to leave and never return or to stay and be burned to death. Abigor ran and built his own fortress and...

The shadow pulled out of Abigor’s body again and gave him excruciating pain. Abigor fell to his knees like the life has been drained from him, dropped his head and cried. He felt the pain of the mind-self he saw and experienced. He rocked his upper body forwards and backward as if wanting to get rid of the hatred he felt. All he wanted to do was get up, go out and conquer.

“Now do you see? I’ve shown you your future. Do you believe me now? Do you still want to go back to that? To betrayal and banishment? What will you do?”

Abigor lifted his head in slow motion with a deadly look on his face. Darkness covered his eyes and destroyed every last single piece of goodness left inside of him. Red and orange clouds formed in the sky and the sand fell into a dark hole of nothingness until fire could be seen. Dark creatures came flying out and screeched as they entered the world in a flash.

These creatures had long beaks, wings as black as the night and sharp claws. Many more appeared until the biggest one roared loudly and slowly flew out. The Beast...

A creature that fed on fear, darkness, hatred and anger. The more those emotions were experienced, the stronger it became. This creature is called ” bestia sequuntur somnia”.

The Beast had incredibly long wings, horns of its head, and a broad face with four large fangs coming out of its mouth, surrounded by smaller, but still large teeth. It flew into the orange sky when lightning and thunder appeared. The Beast flew until it finally made it to the ground and lowered its wings. Abigor felt the wind his wings made and heard them dropping to his sides.

Still standing upright, like it was proud, but when he saw Abigor, it roared into the sky. The other creatures screeched and came back to join The Beast on the ground and bowed their heads to him. “Do you see your empire? You are their master. Their absolute loyalty and protection are to you, and only you.”

At that very moment, every shred of light was drowned out by darkness.

Back at the village the next day...

The village had a busy morning. Hunting for food, boys making fire and girls helped their mothers to clean the house and prepare a meal. “Marcel? Ah, Marcel. Have you seen Abigor?” Evanora asked when the men returned from their hunting trip.

Marcel put the deer on the ground and appointed two young men to take it away for preparation. “No, my love. I have not. He was home last night, wasn’t he?” Evanora sighed and dropped her head.

“Yes. Yes, he was. I woke up this morning and found him gone. I wanted him to help me with a tree that fell in the river last night. Somehow it broke off. I went to wake him and found the empty bed. Marcel, I’m worried. He’s not himself lately. I don’t know what happened to him or how to help him. I’m scared that I might lose him.”

“No, don’t think that. Abigor is so strong and he always makes his way home. Always. He will come back. He’s our son. Mmm? Why don’t you ask Kal for help in the meantime? Abigor is probably busy somewhere else. Who knows, maybe he’s creating another river or bigger pieces of land?” Marcel said and chuckled.

Evanora smiled at the thought of her son making new beginnings for the people. She walked to Kal’s house and knocked on the wooden door. A little girl with blonde hair opened the door. A gorgeous smile of excitement appeared on her face as she said, “Grams!! Papa! Come here! It’s Grams.”

Maitreya got behind her daughter and said, “Hi, Mother. Come on in!” She stepped aside for Evanora to go inside. Kal came in from the backdoor. He smiled as he saw his mother and grabbed her in a hug, no matter the sweat coming off his body from working outside in the garden.

Evanora grunted from the tight hug. “Sorry, Mother. How’ve you been since last night? Where is Abi?” he asked.

“I’m not sure. He was here last night, but he disappeared again this morning. He didn’t tell anyone where he went. And I wanted to ask him something,” Evanora said looking around. Orphelia played with her toys Kal made for her from hay.

“Is it something I can help you with?” Evanora didn’t focus on Kal. “Uh, Mother?”

“Yes? Sorry, my mind is elsewhere.”

“Is it something I can help you with?”

“I wouldn’t want to bother you,” Evanora said. Maitreya stepped closer to her mother-in-law and replied, “I’m sure he is not too busy to help his mother.” Orphelia hugged Evanora’s legs.

Evanora wanted Abigor to help her, to make sure that he knows that she still needed him, to make him feel wanted and loved. She wanted her son back. “Alright, let’s go,” Kal said and took his mother’s hand. She led the way to the river. “Could you remove the tree, please?”

He gave a quick smile before stretching out his hand to the water and lifting up the tree. Drops of water fell from the tree as it drifted in the sky and then suddenly, the flow of the river returned back to normal. To make his mother proud, Kal planted the tree on a small island in the middle of the river, surrounding it with flowers and moss. It looked like a paradise.

“Thank you, my son.”

A few hours later, the sun began to set. The sky changed color from a beautiful blue to red, orange and a hint of pink and purple and the breeze became colder. The cries from mothers to their children to go inside could be heard, along with their laughter, but to Evanora and Marcel, laughter was no medicine to them.

“Where could he be?” Marcel asked as he held Evanora in his arms and looked upon the stars. Out of nowhere clouds appeared bringing thunder and lightning. Children screamed and babies cried. Evanora and Marcel were on guard when Kal got out of his house. Kal noticed a little shadow behind him, looked over his shoulder and saw Orphelia.

“Orphelia, go inside. It’s not safe outside. Go wait with your mother,” he said, kneeling down to her, taking her head and kissing her hair. Orphelia listened to her parents. She listened when her father told her to take shelter from a deadly storm.

“Can you stop it?” Marcel screamed with a strong wind almost picking him up. “I can try!”

Kal opened his arms to his side and looked up at the sky. His eyes began to glow an ocean-blue color. The wind calmed down and the thunder was under control. “You did it!” Marcel praised and hugged his son in pride.

Not long after did the wind grow two times stronger and lightning lit up a tree. The people got terrified and sat in a tight group together in the corner of their homes. Between the lightning, something dark could be seen and then in the flash of light, it would be gone.

The scream of a man alarmed everyone. Kal ran to where the man was screaming and saw that he was taken by a dark bird off of the ground. No, it wasn’t a bird. It was a demon. A small, but deadly demon that bit him and in an instant the man died. He dropped to the ground and turned to coal. But then he rose again, far more handsome and evil. Another demon, created by a demon.

“KAL!!!” someone screamed. Kal felt his blood turning cold as his skin became ice. He knew that voice, that scream. Maitreya...

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