The Creature of the Night: It's Beginning

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“Maitreya!” Kal was running as fast as his legs could take him. He ran around the house, leaving the “lost” man to wander the rest of the world and haunt people. Maitreya was holding Orphelia in her arms and covered her daughter by being like a ball around her. A demon was trapping Maitreya and Orphelia against the wall of their home. Kal screamed and blasted the demon until it became nothing but ash and fell to the ground.

“Are you alright?” Kal asked as he picked Maitreya up and knelt down to Orphelia. She was terrified and her eyes became watery. Kal hated to see his baby girl cry, especially when she was afraid. “Papa, don’t leave me,” she said as her blonde hair was blown into her face. Kal stroke the hair away from her face and said, “I will never leave you. You are my daughter and I love you. I need you to do something for me. Will you?” She looked into Kal’s eyes and slowly nodded her head up and down. Kal continued, “I need you to be brave.”

Kal wanted to laugh when he saw Orphelia frown. “What is that, Papa?”

“I need you to know that you will never be alone. I need you to be strong now. Don’t be afraid. Nothing can hurt you or your mother,” he said and glanced at Maitreya as Orphelia looked down, “not while I’m around. Can you do that for me? Can you be brave?” One touch... One touch from her father on her shoulder empowered a five year-old girl. She met with her father’s eyes once more and something extraordinary happened. Orphelia’s eyes took the glowing color of her father.

At first, Maitreya and Kal was afraid and looked at each other in confusion. Then a smile appeared on their lips. “Quickly, get inside. Do not open the door for anyone, alright?”

Orphelia nodded and took her mother’s hand and led her inside their home and closed the door. They chose to hide in the bedroom’s corner that had a view of what happened outside and the door, if something or someone were to get in. Kal rushed to his parents’ house and made sure that they were safe. “Everybody get inside! Close the doors!” Kal shouted.

He looked around, trying to find something to keep everyone safe. His eyes caught a tree and then he smiled. He held out his hands and twisted his wrists in a circular motion with his fingers spread out when vines and roots came all around the houses. It covered the windows of all the houses and secured the doors. All of the houses, except one...

Kal made balls of fire in his hands and shot at the demons. As he shot, he realized that the demons were only multiplying in numbers. But how? Each demon he killed, turned to ash and fell to the ground. To find out what he’s doing wrong he shot at one more demon and examined what would happen to it. Just like usual, the demon turned to ash and fell to the ground.

A few seconds later, it rose from the ground and two demons formed from one that was lost. But, they were never really lost. He didn’t know what to do, because all he did only seemed to worsen the situation.


Evanora ran to her son and said, “They can’t be destroyed by fire. Try another way.” He looked at the ground and then around.

Where am I going to find something? What can I use? How do I protect them? My people, my parents, my wife, my daughter?

“I’m gonna try something. But you need to get inside the house. Go. Now!” Evanora tilted her head as she tried to keep her eyes from welling up. She ran into his chest and gave him a really tight hug. When she let go, she didn’t let herself look back and ran back to the house. Once again, Kal closed his parent’s house with vines and roots, securing them inside.

Out of no where, it started to rain. With each drop that fell from the sky, it burned the demons’ black skin. Kal smiled and knew what he had to do.

He held out his arms to his sides and looked up at the sky. Closing his eyes, he felt calm as the breeze went through his hair. At the exact same moment when thunder and lightning struck, so did Kal’s eyes and glowed his beautiful ocean-blue. It began to rain harder and harder, destroying every demon in sight as some try to escape. With each fallen demon, its ashes will fall with a drop of rain on the ground.

When the noise of battle was over, the vines and roots that covered the houses retreated back into the ground. “Where is Abigor?” Kal asked himself silently as the villagers came out of hiding. The people looked terrified and children couldn’t stop crying. Kal ran inside his home and found that Orphelia’s eyes were glowing.

Maitreya heard Kal come in and turned to face him in horror. “What’s wrong with her? Ever since we came inside and hid, her eyes wouldn’t stop glowing. And she’s not responding to me,” Maitreya said.

Kal shook Orphelia gently by her shoulders trying to get her attention. Nothing worked. Vaguely, Kal realized that it was still raining. “She thinks that we’re still in danger. She’s the one controlling the rain. Making us safe has become her focus.”

“How do we get her out of it?” Maitreya asked. Kal cupped Orphelia’s cheek and brought her forehead to his and closed his eyes. After a few minutes, both Orphelia and Kal didn’t respond to Maitreya. Both of them were completely unconscious.

Then the rain began to get lighter and lighter until it stopped. Kal and Orphelia gasped as they woke from their communication. “Papa?”

“It’s okay, baby girl. We’re safe now. The monsters are gone. You were so brave, Orphelia. I’m so proud to call you my daughter.” Orphelia’s little mouth stretched into a smile. “Where is uncle Abi?” she asked.

Kal and Maitreya gave a knowing look to each other at the same time. “I don’t know, honey. But, I’m going to find him. Don’t worry. I’m sure he’s just lost.” He stood up from his kneeling position and went to Maitreya and whispered in her ear, “Whatever you do, don’t tell her about him. I think he’s behind all of this.”

Then he left. Maitreya turned to Orphelia and said, “Can you stay inside for a while? I need to talk with Papa. Can you stay here, please?” She hugged her mother and replied, “Yes, Mama.”

Just as Maitreya wanted to leave, the little voice asked again, “Is something wrong between Mama and Papa?” Maitreya tilted her head with a slight smile. “No. No, of course not. I just have to talk to him. No one is in trouble. Alright? Now, sit here and play with your toys. Mama will be right back,” she said and left.

Orphelia did exactly as she was told. Although, she was very curious about what might happen, her wooden toys caught her attention and she began to play. She was getting bored with her normal human-like toys and turned one into a fish.

“Kal! Wait!” Maitreya shouted running after him. “What do you mean? Why do you think Abi is behind all of this?”

Kal sighed with a heavy heart and replied, “Maitreya, he is gone. He’s been acting really strange and when he’s here, he’s like a completely different person. Look, I know my brother, and I know that that Abigor, isn’t the one I grew up with. He disappears and then these things, whatever they were, starts coming here, knowing exactly where we were and attacks everyone. Don’t you remember how he attacked me the last time he was here?”

“It’s just a coincidence. That’s all,” Maitreya tried to convince.

“Maitreya, I know what I know. He’s my brother. Do you remember the feeling we had when we fell in love?”

Maitreya smiled, but wondered what that has to do with anything. “Yes, but how is that relevant?”

Kal sighed very hard, trying to explain. “That pull we felt to each other. You remember that?”

Maitreya nodded. “Well, my brother and I, we share a link. A kind of pull. That’s why we always found each other. Even as children, where we would play around, hiding and then searching for each other. It never worked because we have a connection. We know where the other is at all times.”

A frown appeared on Maitreya’s forehead. “Okay? So, what? What’s different now?”

“When Abigor came here yesterday, that pull, that link, that connection wasn’t there. The man who was here yesterday... that wasn’t my brother. I can’t feel him anymore. I don’t know where he is and I’m worried sick about him. I have to go. I have to find him.”

He turned around and was on his way to walk when Maitreya called back for him. “Kal, wait,” she said and jogged to him until she was in front of him. She stood still, her breath caught up in her throat, cupped his face with her tiny hands and kissed him.

“Be safe and come home to me, alright?” To her, it wasn’t even a question but a demand in disguise.

He nodded his head and placed a gentle kiss on her cheek and left.

Meanwhile, Abigor had no interest in what was to come whatsoever. He didn’t care whether his family cared about him or not, or if his brother will accept him or not, or if Maitreya will love him more than Kal.

“Take your place on the throne. It is yours, Abigor,” the shadow said. Then big and stone like walls of thick sand rose from the ground into a pike form.

Each wall became a part of a castle. Abigor’s own personal kingdom of the damned. The sand of the desert turned hard and formed walls, stairs and openings like windows to look out of.

Abigor looked up into the dark, orange and red sky and saw the demons in the sky, keeping guard. He enjoyed the view of seeing how many demons were surrounding his castle, keeping him safe.

After all, they are under his command and rule. Nothing could stop Abigor now. He was a creature of the night and a very powerful witch. Until he changed the name. Men are more superior than women, that’s what he believed, and therefore they needed a stronger word. A warlock. “People will run and hide at the sound of my name. My brother will wish that he never took what was supposed to be mine. Maitreya... she will love me. Once Kal is gone, who will she turn to for comfort if not the brother of the man she used to love?” Abigor said and laughed wickedly.

“Maybe you shouldn’t bother with her. She didn’t choose you, Abigor,” the shadow said.

“I am the ruler here! I get to make the decisions! If you’re not happy or satisfied with it, then get the hell out! I say that Maitreya will love me. It’s only a matter of time...”

The moment Abigor sat, everything began to glow like red veins from the stone-made throne and then reached the rest of the castle. It was like the walls of the castle came alive with blood running in its veins.

And that little piece of redemption, that little piece of the Abigor the village knew was completely and irrevocably lost. He is no longer the man he used to be, but now he’s one of the most deadliest Dukes of Hades, god of the underworld. Abigor took control and ruled over sixty legions of demons.

And since Hades can’t come to rule on earth itself, he found someone to rule for him.


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