His Little Human Mate

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Ellie Deckard is an eighteen year old trying to balance the struggles that her life withholds. She had her whole life planned out in front of her, but fate had different plans. She comes face to face with a possessive alpha male that won't let her go. She never believed in the supernatural until it was right in front of her. She never thought she could be destined to him. Her Alpha.

Fantasy / Other
Mystic Shadow
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Ellie sat quietly behind her desk, looking at job applications on her laptop.

The room was lightly decorated and pretty basic, she had her Queen size bed towards the left of the room, against the wall. She had many pillows in which she liked, she had a plain light blue blanket fitted against the bed nicely, a nightstand beside her bed and a wooden box at the end of her bed that was handcrafted with a blanket gently laid on-top with an extra pillow she didn't use often.

Dark handcrafted wooden shelves lined the walls everywhere, mostly filled with books and some other stuff was in bens on the shelves. Her closet was beside her bed with sliding doors, the closet was neat with all of her clothes sorted, a mirror hung on the wall beside the closet with shelves on-top. The walls a light grey that added warmth to the room, her desk had a few pencils sprawled out beside her laptop with papers under it. Her desk was made from the same wood that her shelves were, having four drawers on one side with an office chair that was black leather. The floors were a really dark wood color that she loved.

Shutting her laptop as it made a quiet clicking sound, she pushed her chair back and stood. Stretching, she made her way downstairs and into the kitchen that her brothers were destroying without a second thought.


I watched my brothers as I walked into the kitchen and went to grab the chips, Theo, the eldest had different plans.

He snatched the chips away and held them above his head with his left hand, "Oops, it's mine now."

"That isn't fair! Give it back!" I yelled, jumping and trying to reach them, me being my 4'9 self and Theo being 6'1, I couldn't reach.

"Hmm..." Theo opened the chip bag and started emptying the chips in his mouth, tilting his head back to do so.

"No! Don't eat those! Those are mine!" I continued to jump, frustrated and angry. He finished the bag and laughed, handing it back to me.

I was livid, my face started turning red as my nostrils flared and my chest heaved up and down.

"I'm going to kill you!" I shouted and chased him as he ran from me, my other two brothers burst out in a laughing fit, trying to keep the snacks in their hands.


"I hate you!" I yelled at him, exhausted and tired of chasing him for the past twenty minutes.

"Sure, ya do, shortie," He said while ruffling with my hair once I gave up.

I rolled my eyes, "Piss off."

He laughed and made his way into the kitchen with myself following behind him.

"Have fun?" Jax asked through a mouth full of cookies with a wide playful grin, I smacked him on his back, making him spit out some of the cookies as we all burst laughing at his face.

"How dare you..." He glared at me after swallowing the rest of the cookies.

I laughed harder at his response and made myself a glass of milk, scanning the cabinet for anything good left, I grabbed the marshmallows before Kip could grab them.

Sitting down on the couch in-between Jax and Theo, I started eating the marshmallows and shared them with all of them as they shared their snacks. Kip had a thing for horror movies as he put one of his favorites on, we all watched it but I started to drift into my inner thoughts.

I'm the youngest of my siblings, Theo is the eldest, Jax is the second eldest and Kip was the youngest brother. Theo is twenty one, followed by Jax, he's twenty and Kip is one year older than I am, leaving him at nineteen.

We all looked similar, I looked more like my dad with my dirty blonde hair and a defined jaw. I was petite and thin like my mother, having a very slim waist that I got from my grandma, believe it or not. I had my grandfather's greyish-blue eyes. I never really liked my nose but I can't be perfect, my lips were full and pouty.

Kip had chestnut brown hair and dark brown eyes, almost looking black. His jaw was quite defined as well and cleanly shaven, he has no mustache hair, which he used to be upset about but now he's quite relieved because apparently, "won't look as good if he had a mustache or beard."

Jax looked like Kip except having a small scruff and green eyes, his hair was short but enough to be slicked back.

Theo doesn't look like Kip or Jax, he's got a different kind of defined jaw that you can see his cheekbone easily, having a small beard and mustache, his hair was slightly long and always messy. He has the same hair as my dad and myself. His eyes looked like an ocean, it was a really pretty shade of blue, I was always jealous of him when I was younger because I had thought I was ugly which after two long hours of yelling from my brothers, I learned I wasn't.

I was awaken by my thoughts when cold water was poured over me, I shivered and almost screamed at Jax, slapping him repeatedly he laughed and covered himself. I knew my slaps felt like nothing to him as he laughed harder.

"You're an asshole!" I glared at him and stormed my way upstairs, smiling to myself, happy my brothers and I are so close.

I shut my door and quickly changed my clothes, putting on sweatpants and a sweatshirt, I grabbed my keys off my desk and slid my phone with my keys into my sweatshirt pocket, I made my way down the stairs.

"I'm gonna go out for a late night drive, call me if you need anything." I told them, knowing my parents aren't home because they never really are on weekends.

"You better be back before midnight," Theo warned as I nodded and walked out, getting in my car and driving off.

Driving late at night was an often for me, I liked the peace and quiet of the night, I took a different road in the woods instead of my usual route, I loved it, don't get me wrong but I wanted to see something else for once.

I stopped the car when I hearing a bone chilling scream, I quickly got out, leaving the door open so my car lights would stay on, I darted into the woods to follow the scream.

I stared in horror when I saw who the screams and cries were coming from, it was a woman, she was being torn limb from limb slowly by a wolf as three other wolves were circling her, as if challenging her to get up and move. It was horrid and I didn't understand, wolves weren't common here.

I turned around swiftly when hearing a twig snap, I froze and almost let out a scream when I saw him.
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