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His Little Human Mate

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Alpha Kane

I watched a few members of my pack from a distance, they were tearing apart a woman as she screamed in agony. The woman wasn't innocent of the matter, she was a trespasser on my territory, everyone needs to know this is my land and whatever or whoever crosses the border is mine.

Suddenly, I smelt an intoxicating scent, honey and vanilla as I breathed it in, I noticed how close it was. Definitely, whoever it was, wasn't a werewolf. Trying to listen and push out all the growls and screams from my pack and the woman. I listened closely as I heard footsteps, I shifted and grabbed my shorts that I had dropped earlier. Putting them on, I saw a girl, she smelt of the intoxicating scent.

She stood right in front of me, watching the scene fold out in front of her. I stepped forward and immediately cursed mentally as a twig cracked under my feet, the girl turned around quickly as fear and horror etched across her face.

She must've been paralyzed from the fear but as soon as she came to her senses, she darted off as I chuckled and my wolf howled in my head.

Mate! Go after mate! He howled excitedly in my head, I rolled my eyes at him internally and darted off after mindlinking my beta that was on standby of the scene.

She was a fast little one, not faster than me though.

Running faster, I caught up to her and pinned her against her car before she could get in.

"Caught you, my little human mate." I said, brushing nose against her neck gently, making her squeak and fight in my arms.

I smirked as she struggled to even move an inch away from me, I pinned her completely, pressing my body against hers as her back was pressed against her car. Her hands had been pinned by one of mine, above her head.

Liking this position, I quickly took advantage of it and started to gently kiss her neck. Trailing my kisses down to her shoulder, I gently nip it as I earn a whimper from her.

I pulled my head back and watched her, she was scared but seemed to enjoy what I was doing without her even knowing it.

"What's your name?" I asked, trying to keep from claiming her here and now, that'd have to wait. At least until she understood and gave me permission to claim her.

She didn't answer but just stared at me, I slightly frowned, expecting her to answer or beg for her life or some shit other people do when they stand in my presence, knowing their going to be dead soon.

The difference is, she won't be dead soon, she'll be mine soon.

I sighed, watching her and started to closely examine her. She is beautiful, she looked like the definition of beautiful. It didn't matter what she wore, she would look amazing in anything.

I wanted to rip her clothes off and praise every inch of her skin, make her mine. I, so badly wanted to make her mine.

Feeling myself harden at the thought of her under me as I pumped into her wet pussy as she screamed my name, letting everyone know she's mine.

I was snapped out of my thoughts as her small body squirmed in my grip. Stepping back, I released her as she darted into her car and quickly shut, locking the doors so I couldn't get in.

I sighed internally, knowing that was going to happen.

My wolf decided to make an appearance, Why did you let her go? I liked where we had her! He whined.

Because, you horny ass dog. She was scared and we had our fun for now. We'll find her and claim her soon, I answered and pushed him out of my mind before he could protest.

I watched her car as she quickly backed out of the paved road and drove off the way she came. I started walking towards my packhouse, picking up the speed as I got a mindlink from my sister, Antonio's at the house, we're waiting for you.

I'm on my way, I replied and closed the link.

I arrived a few minutes later, walking inside with my little mystery mate on my mind, I was enveloped in a hug by my brother, Antonio.

Hugging him back, I chuckled and patted his back, "I thought you weren't going to be here till tomorrow? I'm glad you're here today, but what brought the change?" I asked, pulling back from the hug as he did the same.

"I have news, regarding my mate," He replied happily before adding, "We'll tell you over dinner tonight,"

I only nodded, letting my curiosity wander as I didn't see his mate beside him.

Amara is a lovely woman, great with kids and loves him beyond the stars. She's an honest and kind woman, she's an amazing artist with that but, she and my brother have had a hard time trying to get pregnant.

They've refrained from going to an infertility doctor as they believe they just haven't had sex enough to make a kid. In my opinion, it's just an excuse to have more sex and try to cover up the possibility of Amara being unable to produce a baby or Antonio being unable to make sperm.

I hate to see them so hopeless and depressed they don't have a kid to raise, it raised my curiosity even more. Could Amara be pregnant?

I immediately started to picture my little human mate with a round stomach and swollen ankles, how cute and sexy she would look. I adjusted the bulge in my pants when everyone walked away, making my way upstairs.

I opened my bedroom door after going up an elevator to the Alpha's floor, soon to be Alpha and Luna's floor. The elevator takes a keycard to get to the last three floors, the top floor is the Alpha's, the one below it is the Alpha's family and the third floor below the Alpha's floor is the Beta's, Gamma's, and Delta's floor.

I grabbed sweatpants and made my way to the bathroom connected to the master bedroom beside a walk-in closet. Half the walk-in closet was empty as I saved it for my mate.

Quickly taking a shower, I put on my sweatpants and dried my hair the best I could. I climbed into bed, my hair messy and slightly damp.

I closed my eyes, trying to sleep, my mind drifted to her.

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