His Little Human Mate

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Ellie / Alpha Kane

I pressed on the gas pedal more, frantic to get back to the safety of my home. Gripping the steering wheel tighter, I tried to calm my nerves.

I was scared, nonetheless, I just watched a woman being ripped apart by a pack of wolves. No one in there right mind would be okay and, not the tiniest bit scared.

Pulling into the driveway, I pulled the keys out and raced inside with lightning speed. I slammed the door shut, catching the attention of my three brothers.

Racing to get upstairs and into my room, feeling like I'm going to be sick.

Theo wrapped his arms around me, pulling me to him and trying to calm my panicked and scared mind.

"Ellie, are you okay? Did something happen?" Kip questioned as himself and Jax crowded around me with worried expressions.

Shaking my head, I started to cry. I just watched a woman get ripped apart by wolves and a seven foot giant pinned me against his car with in-human speed it seemed like.

"Ellie... shh... It's okay..." Theo whispered soothingly in my ear as he picked me up. Hanging onto him like a koala, hiccupping, I started to realize what happened earlier as it all came crashing down into reality.

Theo held onto me as my three brothers conversed. I didn't hear a word they said, I spaced out, trying to wrap my head around what I saw.

I snuggled closer into Theo's side, bringing the blanket closer to my chin absentmindedly.

Falling into an unwelcomed sleep of the unknown, I managed to hear a few words Theo told my other brothers, "She smells like Alpha Kane..."


I awoke as my alarm went off, rubbing my hands over my face to wake myself up. I stood, turning the alarm off and grabbing my phone. Checking the time, it was 5:45 and I needed to get dressed for dinner with my family.

I yawned and stretched, walking to my closet, grumbling about having to wake up instead of staying in bed.

The only reason I wanted to go to this dinner is to find out why my brother is so euphoric. It's unlike him to wait to share good news, it must be important if he wants to wait and it involves his mate.

I shook my head to get rid of my thoughts, grabbing a white dress shirt and black jeans, I put them on and rolled the sleeves up to my elbows. I then, put on my black boots and walked to the bathroom. Pushing a comb through my hair, I splashed cold water on my face to wake myself up. I pushed the plush white towel against my face, wiping the water off, I put it back on the counter and made my way downstairs on the elevator.

I greeted my sister and rustled her hair, making her pout and swat my hand away. I chuckled at her reaction and walked toward the dining table, looking at Antonio's mate, Amara, I smiled and enveloped her in a hug as she greeted me with a smile and hugged me with one arm, the other arm was against her stomach. Not going unnoticed by me, she didn't even try to hide it as she looked at my brother.

I walked to him and grabbed his hand, bringing him into a shoulder-to-shoulder hug as I patted his back and sat down at the head of the table. My brother sat to my left with his mate next to him as my sister sat to my right.

My mother and father are sometimes away often as I have taken over. They come back, still calling this their home. I made a mental note to myself to call my mother soon to tell her the good news about finding my mate. I planned on telling my siblings after my brother delivered his ecstatic news.

The food was already on the table, prepared by Kaira, (my sister) and Amara.

My sister asked what was on my mind, both of us wondering the same thing. "What's the amazing news you decided to wait to tell us?"

Antonio grinned, filling his and his mates plate as we filled ours.

"Well..." He started and looked at Amara as she gave him a bright smile to tell him to continue.

He continued, "Amara is pregnant, not only with one pup but, with twins." He said proudly and grabbed Amara's hand.

I instantly shot from my seat and hugged Antonio, bringing Amara into the hug while pulling back from Antonio.

"Congratulations! That's amazing news! I'm so happy for you both." I smiled widely.

Kaira, being the drama queen she is, shoved me away from Amara, squealing like a pig and hugged her tightly.

Amara laughed and hugged her back, next, Kaira tackled Antonio, demanding answers why it wasn't told earlier.

I chuckled and shook my head, congratulating them again and pulling Kaira off of him.

Antonio wrapped his arm around Amara and pulled her to him, kissing her sweetly, they made their exit and the sound of a car driving off was heard.

"Finally, I'm going to be an aunt!" Kaira shouted and ran around the house like a mad woman.

"Stop shouting! New York can probably hear you!" I yelled after her.

Not wanting to steal Amara's and my brother's spotlight even though they had already left, I decided to tell them some other time about finding my mate.

I gathered the dishes and rolled my sleeves up as they slid down. I washed the dishes, humming to my own tune and singing inside my head. I would've become a singer if I hadn't had the chance taken away by being the Alpha's son and first born.

I was enveloped in my thoughts, finishing the dishes as I began to clean the counters.

I walked outside after the kitchen was clean, most of the pack members live in their own homes but some stay in the packhouse and dinner is usually with more people but, I requested the house be empty until now so I could have a private dinner with my family without having to worry about prying ears.

I decided on taking a walk in the woods, I ended up following my mate's scent unknowingly.

My wolf perked up at the scent of her as he wagged his tail.

I rolled my internally at him and blocked him out, though the scent did get me excited.

I then smelt the Deckard brothers, frowning as I stopped outside their house. Her scent led in and not left yet.

I started to come to a conclusion that she was the Deckard's sister, I have never met her before and they never talked about her.

I walked to the door and held my fist to the door, knocking three times and letting my hand drop. I heard shuffling on the other side of the door before it opened and revealed her.


I'm so sorry I haven't updated in a while, I have been busy but, this weekend I'm going to try and update a few chapters. Don't be surprised if they don't get uploaded. I have been pondering the idea of what to do in this chapter.

Please tell me if there is a mistake, I would love to know and I appreciate it. I would love for your honest feedback. Thank you so much for reading and your comments!
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