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A Murderous Family: A Tale of Blood.

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When a family finally gave up on faking their happiness. They decided to change for the good and take revenge on those who did them wrong. Using their weapons, powers, and anything they can. Nothing will stop them not even prison. **** A/N: Some names are original, some are from tv shows and movies. I will change them as it goes. It's all still in the works and imma do my best with it****

Fantasy / Thriller
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Characters List

Name: Mike

Weapon: Two axes. An old and new one.

Catchphrase: “save the best for last”

Signature move: he grabs his axes and swings at his victims’ chest making on “X”

Nickname: Mikey

Position: Leader and lockpicker.

Facts: he is always the one to come up with plans, and always the one to get captured. He is the brother of Gwen and Josefina. Son of Mary, He is the youngest.

Name: Gwen

Weapon: Crossbow

Catchphrase: “I never miss”

Signature move: she nails her victim’s body on the wall and uses them as targets.

Nickname: Arrow

Position: Tech girl and weapon creator

Facts: she creates and designs their weapons, she also knows how to track their victims and how to disable security alarms and things that involve technology. She is the sister of Mike and Josefina, Daughter of Mary.

Name: Josefina

Weapon: katana

Catchphrase: “not today”

Signature move: she goes in front of the victim and swipes her katana to the side making sure to slit the victim’s throat.

Nickname: Katarina

Position: Arsonist and trainer.

Facts: she trains everyone that is in the group because she had more experience. She is the sister of Gwen and Mike, the Oldest daughter of Mary.

Name: Mary

Weapon: a gun and bat

Catchphrase: “gun or bat? You choose”

Signature move: w/ gun, she does a backflip and shoots the victim in the head. w/ bat, she wraps herself around the victims’ neck, and she sticks her bat into the victims’ head. Sometimes she will beat them like a pinata.

Nickname: bloody Mary

Position: Mother, Stealer, Planner

Facts: Mary is the mother of Mike, Gwen, and Josefina. When they break into houses to kill their victims, she always steals things they need or want. Like money, jewel electronics, etc.

Name: Jordan

Weapon: crowbar

Catchphrase: “try not to scream so much”

Signature move: he swings his crowbar to the victim’s face and opens the victim’s head open using his strength.

Nickname: Opener

Position: Muscle man, Has connections.

Facts: if they ever get caught by police officers, he is always the one to fight them and kill them. he has inside connections with the underground world

Name: Violet

Weapon: powers

Catchphrase: “going up now going down”

Signature move: she uses her powers to bring her victims up in the air and drops them to the ground. The victim is dead in seconds.

Nickname: Flower

Position: protector, powerful, queen of darkness.

Facts: violet is a witch, so she uses her powers as weapons. She protects the group from anything, that comes at them like bullets, knives, or if someone tries to run them over. She always brings them back to life if they end up dead on missions. She could also give the group their own powers.

Name: Tate

Weapon: Powers

Catch powers: “you shouldn’t have done that”

Signature move: he simply twists the victim’s head off.

Nickname: Head loss

Position: Violet’s husband, king of darkness, powerful, and insider person.

Facts: Violet is Tate’s wife; Tate is a wizard. Tate and violet are both very powerful. They are also the king and queen of darkness. When it comes to getting info, they send Tate in to collect it with the connections of Jordan.

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