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Seven hundred years ago they came and almost wiped humanity out of existence. Now they've returned to finish what they started all those years ago. The extermination of mankind. ***** Welcome to Lore. A massive world full of mystery, wonder, breath-taking and hazardous landscapes. With the use of mana, humanity has rebuilt its civilizations to be better than before the invasion, even fusing mana with tech. Still, things are far from peaceful. Criminals and a species that use humans as cattle call Lore home. It's up to the Order of Knights to keep humanity safe. Kariah-Belle Nadire dreams of taking her seat on the council and keeping the citizens of the four nations safe. She is looking forward to climbing through the ranks of the Order of Knights to prove herself worthy of her birth right. Along the way, she must bring the man who lead the massacre on her branch to justice. After an unfortunate turn of events, she and her best friends, Akio Stoneheart, finally become Knights and Kariah is apprenticed under Iris Eloclipse, a holy knight of high renown. Her new squad mates, Aya Felicity and Kaden have already started making a name for themselves. Her chaotic world becomes even more so when the Darkness, a powerful alien race returns to eradicate all life on the planet. In a world full of dangerous wildlife, criminal organizations, a mysterious rac

Fantasy / Other
Parnell Duncan
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The white-haired little girl fell backward when her father's black ice sword jabbed through her mother's torso, blood dripping from the blade. The cheerfully decorated living room suddenly became a dark and hopeless den.

The look on her mothers's face was first shock before it became sympathetic. Before she whispered something in her husband's ear. Aya could read her lips. You poor thing.

Aya could see soft purple smoke coming from her mother, entering her father. He was absorbing her lifeforce.

Just like that her mother was dead.

She couldn't take her eyes off the sight. That's a black mana skill. She thought as shock and terror seized her. Tears began to fall. She didn't understand. Her papa had always cherished her and mommy. Always so carefree and gentle, so how could hatred enter his heart without her knowing?

"P-papa, why? Why did you kill mama"?

The man didn't speak. He laid his wife down on the floor carefully and removed the necklace that symbolizes their bond. He looked the little girl in the eyes and suddenly she could feel so much mana it becomes hard to breathe.

He could see her fear.

She began breathing heavily as she clutched her chest. She felt a pain that wasn't physical. "Papa, you're trying to become a Darkness Tamer?"

The man wasn't surprised that his child comprehends the severity of the situation. Felicity's often produced geniuses so she would be well beyond her peers in most subjects.

The mana disappeared as her father stood and turned away, trying to hide the single tear but the little girl's keen eyesight saw it before it fell on the fabric of his clothing.

"But papa why!? I don't understand! You haven't even reached your prime yet and you're already divine rank! Papa, Why risk entering the falling place?!" She began crying harder, her mind unable to put the pieces together as her world crumbled to pieces around her. "NO, NO, NO!"

The man looked to his daughter with remorse. "For you my darling, Aya." He said not lying.

For her? How could this be for her sake? The girl felt like her heart would break like the cartoon drawings on the television. Hear head was in turmoil.

The man began walking away. He knew her brilliant mind would never comprehend his ambitions. Maybe when she saw that day what she will come to understand.

Aya closed her eyes and screamed as adrenaline rushed through her veins. He could feel her hatred where he stood. "Papa! If you don't kill me here, I'll bring you to justice one day!"

The man knew she would try. It was what his daughter had been training for since she could walk. Bringing criminals to justice was apart of what it meant to be a knight. Killing a member of the supreme council would be what it took to become an international criminal. He was aiming for that and more.

"You'd follow me into darkness?" The man asked.

"Never!" She said but her childish features twisted with hate.

"Black mana is the only way you'd reach me with the experience gap."

The girl shook her head. "I will never kill for vengeance nor hatred! I'll take you down with my own strength!"

"I look forward to seeing your will against mine when you reach your prime. If yours proves weaker i will take your life force as i have done with your mother. This is the only reason you live." Memphis lied. "Don't disappoint me, daughter."

Aya could only watch Memphis Felicity as the room was suddenly filled with mana and he was gone.

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