Sweet Parasite

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I am no special vampire. Actually, I am a Newborn by their standards. I don't have any special title or bloodline to the original vampires. How I ended up like this? Bad timing and a Pureblood vampire. At least, I wasn't treated like a whore. Since I am that lucky, I am the Newborn that gives the Alpha Vampire blood when he wants it. And before this? I was a normal kid at school laughing at Markiplier Youtube videos at home, not just that; I was a dropout. A zero. Now I live by the mercy of the Alpha Vampire, I officially hate my life. Worst: the Alpha Vampire hits on me, and I am a guy! Where is the logic in that?

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I looked through the games on the shelves. My fingers looking for a specific game. Call of duty Advanced warfare to be exact. For a long time, I had planned to buy this game, my friend on YouTube FinLeyWing had suggested it. I found it after looking through some dystopia games and took it with me to the cashier.

“How are you, Ethan?” The cashier asked. I know his name is Asher, yet I refer him as ‘cashier’.

“Good,” I answer putting the game on the table.

“That is $49.99 dollars,” Cashier answered.

I paid him and took my new game into my backpack. All the hard work had been worth it, it wasn’t easy to gain money right now.

“Have you played Until Dawn yet?”

“No, I heard it was full of clichès?” I question, interested. It didn’t have the best reviews, but the quality was said to be good.

“Hehe, yes it has its moments. I suggest you try it out.” Cashier nodded towards me.

“I will, I don’t have so much money right now. The loans are sky high.” I smiled and got ready to leave.

“Yeah, I got a problem to pay too. See you until next time, Ethan.”

I went out to the street. My mom had told me to call her, once I had finished buying my game. Sometimes she took parenting way too seriously if you ask me. I took up my old Nokia phone and called. She didn’t answer on my first call, so I tried again.

“Hey, I am on my way home now,” I said once I heard her voice.

"Hello Ethan, thank you for calling me, sweetie. How far are you from home?"

I sighed. I hate when my mom calls me that.

“One hour, I will take the bus.”

"Dinner is ready when you come home. We have roasted chicken with vegetables."

“Thanks. See you then.” Before my mother managed to answer I cut off the call.

This is a real pain, even if I didn’t have a school to go to, I still have got a community of gamers to be with. Even if one of the guys took a girl to play with us, all of us would know he has a thing for her. That had happened to my buddies twice already. It’s a big argument that still is going. Apparently they all thought she had a thing for me. Really? I knew that she only wanted to hook up with us to get to the hot friend. The hot friend is Micheal, he is your typical buddy all girls drool over. I didn’t have his looks, on the other hand, I have good friends. I am happy with that.

I tugged the jacket closer to my chest. The wind was blowing straight through it. It didn’t wasn’t the best quality either. Shadows from the lampposts showed me the direction to the bus stop. A few shops had their lights on. I felt a nagging feeling in my gut, but I couldn’t detect anything wrong.

After passing by a dark alley, I was pulled into it. I yelped out in surprise. The breath was pushed out of my lungs once I was forcefully pressed against the cold, slimy wall. I barely had time to register the face in front of me. He had strong a jawline, a stub of stubble, and forest green eyes. His skin pale like Marmor.

Then I felt lips on my neck. My fingers twitched. I tried to push him away. I tried again, with the same result; he didn’t move an inch. Pain flared up my neck when I felt the attacker bite through my flesh on my neck.

“Stop!” I screamed in panic.

Suddenly his hand covered my mouth.

A dizzy feeling reached my mind. Mom was right, don’t go out alone at night. My view grew foggier the more I resisted. I made a final attempt to free myself from my attacker by kicking him in the groin. Suddenly I felt my blood was no longer leaving my body anymore, I felt pain; everywhere. My body went limp and I slumped against the attacker.

A cold feeling swept through my body as though I am turning into ice. What is going on? I could feel wood pressing into my back my back. Hushed voices were speaking, chairs were moving, metal pieces being moved around, people walking up the stairs, movements close to me as well. I tried open my eyes but was blinded by the LEDs. I immediately felt liquid bored down my throat. It tasted metallic... like blood. The light was still blinding my eyes.

“Relax.” I heard a soft woman’s soft voice say. Weirdly, I could hear it as clear as a bell even through the murmur. Unwillingly I swallowed until the liquid was gone, the cold sensation disappearing bit by bit.

Once my eyes adjusted to the light, I able to see the woman, She had blonde hair, and gorgeous brown eyes. To be honest, she could have been a model. She wore a white dress a white stripeless dress with black vines on it that complemented her pale skin nicely. I stared in confusion as a million questions ran through my head: Where was I? Who was she? Why wasn’t I home? And why did she look so smug?

“You must be wondering where you are.” She grinned. I saw a glimpse of fangs and almost ended up falling off the table.

“Did you read my thoughts?” I asked shocked.

“Yes, I certainly did.”

My mouth opened up in a big O.

“T-That’s.. ” I stuttered.

“Impossible?” She finished my thought.

“Anyway, you are in a warehouse. It’s where they keep the Newborns like you.”

“Newborns? You are insane. Last time I checked I wasn’t born twice.” I commented sarcastically.

“Sorry to break it to you. You are a vampire.” She started giggling.

“Give the youngster a break, Silva!” One of the people shouted.

Suddenly, I heated a heated argument from the stairs above. Down walked one man and a woman, I immediately recognized my attacker.

“Damn,” I swore silently under my breath.

I realized that the hushed talking had gone quiet.

“How many times have the Elders told you not to be so impulsive? More times than I can count, certainly.” The female voice snapped.

I heard a huff. For a moment, I locked eyes with my assaulter. His green eyes showed a second of surprise.

Nope, not staying here. I am going home at any cost. No way in Heaven’s seven realms that I will stay here.

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