The Last Rune

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The runes. They appeared red at first, then golden until they became blinding white. The man opened his eyes and said the first word that has ever been spoken. And the word was...

Fantasy / Mystery
Alice Delfi Blum
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The world was darkness. Nothing could be seen and nothing could be heard. The world was also ancient. So much so, that even the silliest person on Earth would feel it, if they could ever appear in this place. Which they couldn’t. Silliness was invented thousands of years later after this moment.

It was cold, cold to the very core of the bones of the figure, existing in this darkness. If we could see it, it would remind us of a human. It was a man ingrained in a tree. He was a part of it and, at the same time, he wasn’t. The tree existed way before he did. But since he appeared in the tree too much time had passed to feel the age gap.

They didn’t talk much, because there wasn’t much to talk about. They never knew each other’s names or if they had ones. They felt, however, the whole universe. They felt that they were put together for some purpose and, finally, at this moment, they felt something changing. The change was coming slowly; it was closer and closer with every hundred of years passing. And today it reached the bark of the tree and the hand of the man.

Through them, little strange symbols started glowing with warm bright light. The runes. They appeared red at first, then golden until they became blinding white. The man opened his eyes and said the first word that has ever been spoken. And the word was...

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