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I am an inferior being with the ability to seduce women

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I was summoned as a hero along with 9 girls, in a world ruled by women and men are treated as inferior. As I did not receive any divine power, they treated me as a loser and tried to take advantage of me. I escaped and now I must survive in a wild and dangerous world.... But thanks to a wanderer, I will be able to survive. I will study in a school of magic and become the best adventurer in the world. And I will use my power to get powerful companions. What does my power consist of? Basically, I can seduce women easily.

Fantasy / Humor
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CHAPTER 1- Am I a loser?

My life has been full of clichés. Seriously, I’m a cliché with legs.

I thought my new life would be less cliché ... But I was wrong. Very, very wrong.

“It’s my turn!”

“No, it’s mine!”


“It’s my turn!”

“Kei, it’s my turn!”

More than 10 girls are fighting over me right now ... Really…

They always treat me like a sex toy! Zius, couldn’t you have given me another ability?!

Oh yeah, by the way, my skill is [Seduce women]. In short, I can seduce any woman easily.

Why did Zius give me that ability? Why do I have it? And why are more than 10 women fighting over me?

Well... It’s a long and clichéd story.

CHAPTER 1- Am I a loser?

“Good afternoon! “I’m here!”

Kei Edna, a 17-year-old boy, came home after a long day of school. As always, he arrived exhausted, as he stayed at school to swim in the pool. He’s a member of the swim club, and he’s one of the best.

“Older brother” Welcome!”

Kei’s 14-year-old cousin Nia, as always, happily welcomes him. She regards him as a brother ... In fact, she loves him ... And too much. If they weren’t cousins, she would try to date him.

Kei and Nia are not siblings. Kei lost his parents in an accident when he was 10 years old. His aunt adopted him and they started a family together.

His aunt was a single mother, and still is. She works 8 hours a day. She is an excellent mother and aunt. And in their work they respect her. She has a good salary, which allows him to support her two children, Kei and Nia.

She loves Kei too much, considers her a true son.

After school, Kei and Nia eat together at their house.

“The food is delicious as always, Nia.”

She blushes at his words.

“T-thank you… I did it with love.”

As they eat, Kei checks his cell phone.

“Wow, wow. Nia, don’t you want to go to a party with me? My friends are inviting me.”

“A party? Sure, I’ll go with you!”

“Thanks. I don’t want to be alone.”

“Alone? But your friends will be there, right?”

“Yeah, but… It’s hard to explain, you are still a little girl.”

Those words made her angry. It makes a very tender pout.

“I’m not a little girl. I already have breasts!”

Yes, Nia has considerably large breasts for her age.

“Adult body, little girl mind.“- Kei said, with a smile on his face.

“You’re bad, brother! I want you to explain to me what happens!”

“Oh, alright. My friends sometimes leave me alone. They flirt with the girls and stay away from me.”

“It seems your friends are very unpleasant.”

“They are good people. It’s normal for guys to want to date girls.”

“And you ... you also want to go out with girls?”

Nia watches him too much and Kei just looks down.

“Yes, but no one would notice me.”

Kei doesn’t have any confidence in himself. But he is not ugly. ...it is attractive. He has excellent muscles and an excellent physique. He is one of the best swimmers and is popular with the girls. Has a trauma. He considers himself ugly. When they tell him he’s attractive, he thinks they mean it out of pity.

It is a trauma that he developed when he was 14 years old.

“Not true! You are very cute, brother! Any girl would like to date you!”

Kei smiles at her.

“Thank you, Nia.”

He thinks Nia says it to cheer him up. “We are family, she does not consider me ugly ... But I am.” Think that while you keep eating.

Excellent body, beautiful face, he is 1:75, he is a good and kind person, intelligent, his black hair is soft and smells good, and charismatic. Any girl would consider it perfect. But he doesn’t think the same.

After eating, Kei entered his room and started reading.

Nia is lying on his bed, while Kei is reading a book.

Your room is neat and clean.

“Brother, I’m bored. Play with me!”

“Nia, that was misheard ... But okay. Shall we play cards?”

“Yes! Whoever loses will do what the winner tells them!”

“I hope you’re ready to lose.“- Kei said smiling. He is sure that he will win.

“I Won!”


Kei lost and Nia is jumping for joy.

“You’ll have to do what I tell you, brother!”

“You’re getting very smart ... Okay, I accept my defeat.”

“What will you do first? Brother, buy me an energy drink!”

“Give me some money.”

“You will buy it with your money!“- Nia said while smiling sweetly.

“Wow, wow. You are becoming sadistic ... Okay, I’m going to buy it. Don’t you touch my things.”

“Don’t worry, I’ve already looked and didn’t find your porn magazines.”

Kei turns completely red.

“I-I don’t have any porn magazines!”

Nia starts laughing and walks over to Kei.

“I know, but I wanted to see your reaction.”

Nia is smiling and Kei blushes when he sees her.

“S-Sure. I’ll go buy it.”

After buying the energy drink, he walks the streets of the city. He lives in a huge city.

“A pair of 7 is defeated by a pair of 6? I must investigate.”

Before crossing the street, the traffic light turned red for pedestrians, so Kei stopped.

“Will you like the strawberry flavor?”

A 40-year-old woman stands next to him, but the woman has a cold expression. She is not smiling or looking angry.

“Die! Die! Die!”

She is repeating the same words and Kei looks at her nervously.


At that very moment, a bus approaches them.

The chauffeur has a cold expression too.

“Kill chosen ... Kill chosen ...”


The traffic light turns red for cars.

The cars stop and the woman begins to walk.

Kei is nervous and worried about her.

“She’s crazy? I think she need help.”

The woman stops in the middle of the street and the bus heads towards her.

Kei notices and runs over to her.


Not having time to think, Kei just ran over and pushed her.

He saved her, but the bus ended Kei’s life.

“Where am I?”

Opening his eyes, Kei realized that he was no longer on the street.

“Your Majesty, a man was summoned!”

“Impossible! The spell failed!”

“What are we going to do?!”

Kei was in a huge room.

Women wearing elegant clothes, but showing a lot of skin, were in front of him.

The women are beautiful and their necklines were very revealing.

Kei, being a shy boy, turned red.

“W-what’s going on ?!”

“Where am I?!”

“Why I am here?”

“Why couldn’t I move my body ?!”

“Am I not dead ?!”

“Are my parents safe ?!”

“Didn’t I die in that accident ?!”

“Why do I feel small ?!”

“This is super weird!”

Kei wasn’t the only one confused.

At his side, there are 9 little girls. They are all scared and confused. They look like 10-year-old girls.

“What’s up?”

Kei’s voice sounds weird.


Look at their hands. They are small.


Kei is now a 10-year-old boy.

“Am I a little boy ?!”

“Listen up!”

A woman in her 40s, with long green hair, screamed. She wears a crown and her breasts are huge.

“They were summoned! You are the new “heroes”!”

“Summoned ?!“- They all said at the same time.

“You died and your souls were summoned. The Goddess “Fravi” gave them a new body. Their appearances will be the same when they grow up, don’t worry.”

“T-this is very weird.“- Said one of the girls.

“We will explain everything ... But first, I will introduce myself. My name is “Freyka” and I am the queen of the country called “Desmol”.”

“A queen…” Kei said.

He is in awe of everything. He is surrounded by beautiful and provocative women. It’s red. His shyness is at its limit.

“E-excuse me ... Why did they invoke us?“- Said a girl with long white hair. Her eyes are blue and she has a mole on her right cheek.

“Every 10,000 years, demons appear in our world. When that happens, Goddess Fravi sends us a divine message. In that divine message, she tells us how to summon the new heroes.

“And what does it mean to be a hero?“- Said a girl with brown skin and black hair.

“Heroes have the power to defeat demons. You will become our heroes. It will take time for you to understand everything, I know ... But first, let’s check their status.”

“Status?“- Said a girl with short blue hair.

“Yes. Goddess Fravi gave each one unique magic, called: “Divine Power”.”

“Magic?!“- They all yelled at the same time.

“Please, one by one, come forward and display your statistics. They should just say: “Show status”. Women first and the inferior will be last.”

“Inferior?“- Kei said confused.

A girl walks to the front. She has short red hair and her eyes are red.

“Me first. Show status!”

A hologram or screen appears in front of her.


“Your numbers are incredible!”

“Her magic power is incredible!”

“Her strength too!”

“It is a prodigy!”

Your status is:

Near Nisha.

Magic Power: 462017/462017

Strength: 787

Age: 10 Years

Intelligence: 43

Agility: 608

Hit Points (hp): 59269/59269

Divine Power: Dragon Sword.

Work: Warrior.

Near is happy to be a prodigy.

“Hehe. I’m killing it.”

“I-amazing ...”

Kei is impatient. He also wants to know your status.

“I’ll try that!”

Kei comes forward.

“Show status!”

The screen appears, showing its status.

Kei Edna.

Magic Power: 0/0

Strength: 34

Age: 10 Years

Intelligence: 76

Agility: 42

Hit Points (hp): 100/100

Divine Power: None

Work: None


“I-it can’t be ... II didn’t receive any divine power ... The spell really failed!“shouted the Queen.

“An inferior always will be!”


“Damn inferior!”

The women get mad at him and one of them kicks him in the stomach.

“What the hell were you summoned for ?!”

The woman is very strong and huge. She wears a patch on her right eye and has scars on her face. She is a warrior.

“I-I don’t know.”

“Damn inferior!”

She takes it tightly by the neck.


Kei tries to breathe, but can’t. He is choking. If he continues like this, he will die.

“D-drop it!”

The girl with white hair tries to help Kei.

“It’s not your fault! “Leave it, please.”

The woman clicks her tongue and lets go of Kei.

“Do not need it.”

Kei tries to catch his breath and the girl tries to help him.

“A-are you okay?”

“I-I don’t know... I don’t know.”

Observe the women around you. They are all watching him with expressions of disgust and hatred. There are some Elves and demihumans.

“This place is weird ... Gracias por la ayuda. My name is Kei.”

“Hi my name is Charlotte.”

The queen and an armored woman approach Kei.

“Please accompany Mik. She will explain what will happen to you.”


Kei and Mik, the woman in armor, leave the room.

“What About Me? Will they return to me ...? No, that is not possible. I’m already dead ... Will they give me a room and will I live here?”

“To live here?”

Mik starts laughing.

“An inferior living here? So funny.”



Kei receives a severe blow to the head and falls to the ground unconscious. Mik hit him with her elbow.

“Damn inferior!”

Kei wakes up in a dungeon. There are corpses around him.

“Eh? “Huh?!”

His right leg is chained.

“W-What? They locked me?! Help!! I did not commit any crime !!”

The woman with the eyepatch enters the dungeon.

“You woke up, inferior.”

“W-what’s going on ?!”

“Since you are useless, you are of no use to us. That’s why I’m going to have a little fun with you.”

She gets too close to him and smiles at him.

Kei is shaking in fear.

“I like cute children.”

She gives Kei’s cheek a lick and he turns completely red.

“Y-you’re sick!”

“Yes, I am.”

Try taking Kei’s clothes off.

“N-no, please! I don’t know you! “Go on! Help, please!!! They want to rape me !!”

“No one will listen to you, you are in my house. The queen sold you and I bought you.”

“What the fuck?! Did she sell me ?!”

She takes off Kei’s shirt and begins to touch his body.

“You are very cute...”

Suddenly, she falls to the ground unconscious. In her head she has a dart.


Charlotte enters the dungeon, along with the girl with the brown skin.

“Kei, we’re going to save you.”

“T-thank you!”

Using her fists, the brunette girl breaks the chains.

“Your leg is free.”

“Thanks. What’s your name?”

“My name is Bandia.”

“Thank you, Bandia ... Did they use magic to defeat her?”

“Yes, it is my magic. I can create poisons and antidotes. I used a tranquilizer to defeat her.“- Said Charlotte.

“Thank you! But what do I do now?

“We work for the queen, we can’t help you much ... Here.”

They give him a small bag of coins.

“There is money! Get out of here.”

“Run, you don’t have much time!”

“I guess my life changed ... Thanks for everything.”

Kei runs out of the dungeon.

“He gonna be all right?”

“Yes. I hope so.”

Nia and her mother are crying together.

The police informed them of Kei’s death.


“I’m sorry. But Kei died a hero. He was an admirable boy.“- Said a policeman.

“My brother must be alive! He can’t be dead.”

“Sorry Miss.”

After learning of Kei’s death, his classmates and swim club members attended his funeral.

Several mourned his death, as he was a kind and good boy to everyone. Nobody hated it. The swim club captain was the one who cried the most.

Nia got depressed by that news. She did not lose a brother, she lost her first love ... But something inside her told her that Kei was still alive. It was impossible, but she wanted to believe it.

“Brother... Brother...”

“A small town.”

With the money, Kei bought new clothes. Now he is wearing black pants, a white shirt, and white shoes. He wanted to look more “normal”.

After walking for 3 days, he came to a town, which was very far from the capital. During his journey, kind men assisted him. Kei traveled with them in wagons. “The men in this world are very good.” - Kei thought.

He started walking through town.

“There is no electricity in this world, but they are very advanced ... Although it is still medieval.”

There are restrooms and schools. Magic medicine is very advanced and factories work with magic. This world is still medieval, but it is quite modern.

He takes out two gold coins from his pocket.

“It’s all I have left ... A gold coin is worth 10 Frak, the currency of this country ... And a meal is worth 5 Frak ... I must have breakfast ... And I must get a job.”

Two women stand in front of him. The women have huge breasts and they are very beautiful.

“Hi cute.”

“H-hi ...”

“You got lost?”

“Not exactly.”

“Leave that young man alone! He is a child!”

A homeless man approaches them.


They take Kei by the arm.


“Come with us, brat!”

“Huh?! Do not again!”

During his journey, women tried to kidnap him, but thanks to his good luck, he always managed to escape.

Hiding in the bushes, in trees, being saved by adventurers. Kei always managed to escape.

“Leave that innocent young man behind, you perverts!”

The homeless man runs to them.

“Get away, you disgusting! Fire sphere!“- They all said at the same time.

They extend their hands and spheres of fire come out of their hands.


Kei is from another world, that is why he is not used to magic.

The homeless man dodges the fire spheres and with incredible speed, retrieves Kei and runs away.

“You are very fast, sir!”

“My name is Zius.”

“My name is Kei. It’s very nice to meet you! Thank you for saving me.”

“How many times have I saved you? I think 24 times.”


“Kei, my name is Zius, and I am a God ... Well, it was.”

“A God?!”

(I’m using a translator to write this. Is that understood?)

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