Zoe & Zelda in Zlolasis

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Two twins, Zoe and Zelda lived in a big house with their pet dogs ~ Zoe’s Atlas and Zelda’s Astrid. Their parents were millionaires but had died long back mysteriously. They lived with their granny who was very old. One fine day, they were playing in their garden when suddenly a strong gust of wind blew past them and carried them away. What happens next? Where do they go? And what will happen to poor granny?? Read on to find out!!

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A Gush of Wind

" The wind blew strong & it carried two playful little girls and their dogs beyond the clouds and into the world beyond.” They floated and glided through the clouds, terrified to the top of their heads. A sudden jerk of wind and these two girls go in two different ways. The taller one is seen to be plummeting down a black tube. Everything is jet-black when she finally came back to her senses. She shouted for she was engulfed in soot and realized that she had lost Zelda her twin sister. Indistinct murmurs all of a sudden could be heard from here and there. She was surrounded by beams of light and covered her eyes in an instant. When she opened them, she was completely baffled. A humanoid creature with eagle wings was looking straight into her eyes. Its eyes were yellow and blue and she was smiling weirdly at her. The helpless little girl screamed and shouted for Zelda helplessly and started wailing. All her fear drained out the next moment the creature spoke to her.

“There is no need to be afraid my dear, the děvky has chosen you”, she said in a pleasant and twinkling voice and faded away.

The little girl started thinking that who on earth was this devky (still she didn’t know if she was on earth). The next moment a half phoenix and half-human creature came into where she was (which she realized was a tube) and stared at her. She seized her head as it started throbbing again but this time she strained herself to remain awake.

The creature said to her in a faint voice “Take rest dear” It echoed through her head and she slowly started to regain unconsciousness…...take rest, the devky has chosen you, chosen you, chosen you.

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