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The Lucky Ones

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Lorelei Alinsky only has one year left before she's whisked off to render her services to any of the six standing kingdoms in the Middle World. Before that happens, she has to discover first that as a Prodigy, the life she knows is everything but the absolute truth.

Fantasy / Romance
Mara Dee
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The Lucky Ones

“I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will love the darkness for it shows me the stars.”

Augustine “Og” Mandino

The lady sitting on a chair is known to be vain.

Out of all those who shine bright, her beauty is so captivating that it overshadows even the brightest star ever known. Along with her beauty, comes vanity. Vanity—that sets her aside from the others because it is no one but her who has the right to be vain.

There is something hidden under the very chair she’s sitting on.

Known to be a vain lady, she is also known to be quite lazy—always seen sitting on her favorite chair with specks of gold and threads of violet silk embedded on it. Rumors say that she spends almost the whole day not moving away from that very chair because it is a gift from the gods. What everyone does not know is that her favorite chair is protecting something big.

As soon as her secret is revealed, the world as we know it will cease to exist.

What she did not expect was for it to be revealed. She exhausted all her resources just to prevent the explosion of the thing she’s been tasked to hide for eternity. Until that one fateful night... when a knife made out of obsidian was shoved right at her throat, and her blood spilled at the same time the secret rolled off her tongue.

Her death signaled the start of the Grande Bataille.

From then on, the universe started on its course towards destruction.

“You keep on saying how I’m destined to do the greatest thing to be done in the universe when I, myself, do not even know who or what I am.”

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