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~Book 1 of The Lost Crown~ “Miss Selena Wilson, I have enough evidence, right at this instant, to announce you a traitor to the pack. You are a member of my pack right now and as the alpha of this pack, I hereby demote you from the rank of alpha to omega, to punish you for all the crimes you have committed against your own kind," said Alpha Xavier Martinez, her own mate. When Selena found an escape from the hunters, all she had in mind was her escape, freedom, but the Moon Goddess did her a favour, led her straight to her mate. Things were finally starting to look good for Selena. She had a home, a supportive family, a trusting mate, and a welcoming pack - she had everything she could ask for. Or so she thought... Her past memories still haunted her and her wolf, a female alpha. She was still reeling from the loss of losing her whole pack and family. What happens when a conspiracy causes her mate to lose faith in her, leading her to lose everything all over again? Will her mate trust her again? Will she be able to forgive her mate? Above all these things that seem to break them apart, there lies an impending doom of the hunters who killed her entire pack. Hearts will break, mysteries will unfold, and these characters will find out who they really are... but will they come out of it alive?

Fantasy / Romance
4.9 66 reviews
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WARNING: Non-Linear Narrative


A Non-Linear Narrative is a disruptive narrative technique seen in books, movies, videogames, etc. where the narrative does not follow the chronological order, i.e., the narrative does not follow the direct order of events.

So, after writing and rewriting this book nearly 3 to 4 times, trying to figure out what the best thing for this book will be, I had decided to go ahead with a Non-Linear Narrative.

Some flashbacks give an insight into how our MC’s life was before everything went to shit. These time-jumps are only there for the first like 20 chapters and no, I have not specified which chapter is in the past because I think it will be more interesting the other way.

I have seen quite a lot of comments from readers who find the story a little bit confusing so I thought it is better to clear out a few things before any future readers start reading the book.

Even though I am so very happy that a few people have enjoyed the book and the characters, I understand that non-linear narrative is not enjoyed by everybody. Hence, you have been warned :)

So if any of you are deciding not to go on with this one, I hope you will enjoy the other books which will be uploaded soon. <3

And for those who are choosing to go on, I hope you enjoy the book.

Happy Reading! <3

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