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“What’s going on?”

The chirping of the birds provided a very soft background music to the groans and war cries of all the men and women training in the huge field.

Selena Wilson was standing ahead of the whole lot as they fought and trained, pushing themselves harder to please her. All of these warriors would agree that Selena Wilson wasn’t that easy to please. She was born to be the alpha of the strongest werewolf pack in America, the Lunar Eclipse Pack before the hunters had destroyed the whole pack by a surprise attack. It is a known fact that the warriors of the Lunar Eclipse Pack were ruthless fighters, savages, and as the future Alpha of the pack, she was also known to be a great warrior. It was a shame though that she never got to rise up to her role.

Selena had put on the stern leader mask, one that she knew was necessary while training a bunch of hard-headed and stubborn werewolves. She has been training these men for a few weeks now, it had taken her a lot of time to make sure that the human or the wolf were not suppressing each other. Her father had taught her that the human and the wolf needed to be in perfect sync to rise up to their full potential. Now that these warriors were learning the skills of being in perfect sync, they needed to know that she was not going to tolerate any bullshit during training either.

She had just completed one lap of the field observing the warriors when she noticed Beta Ryan and Gama Roy walking towards her with a stern face. Selena had become quite good friends with Ryan during her stay here, so it was easy for her to notice that the look on Ryan’s face was different.

Ryan stopped right in front of her, his chest puffed out and his eyes boring into her, “Alpha Xavier has called you to his office immediately.”

For one second, the confusion could be seen in her face before she hid it, “He knows I am training right now.”

“He ordered me to bring you to him right this instant. Roy can take care of the training for a while.”

Roy took a step forward. Selena stood still for a while, her eyes observing Ryan’s face hoping to understand what’s wrong but it seemed like the beta had mastered the stoic expression.

Noticing the seriousness of the situation, she internally sighed while nodding her head. Ryan too nodded and started walking back towards the packhouse as Selena followed him.

She found it weird that Ryan, who was also one of her best friends in the pack, didn’t say a word to her during the whole walk. But she brushed it off thinking that he was troubled about the seriousness of the situation.

Selena could feel the curiosity and eagerness of her wolf, and she could feel her probing their connection, so she let her in.

‘Something doesn’t feel right,’ Izzy, her wolf communicated.

‘I feel it too, let’s see what Xavier has to say. It must be serious. Maybe he got some information about the hunters,’ Selena tried to reassure her. Her wolf had been her best friend and she too loved her with every bit.

It took them only a little more than five seconds to reach Xavier’s office, and they were greeted with the face of the Alpha wolf concerned about the safety of his pack.

Selena had almost smiled when she saw him. The action of smiling came almost involuntarily to her, it’s like her lips had a mind of their own and they knew to smile every time her eyes fell on him. The smile was always fuelled by her mate’s loving smile greeting her first. But this time, his stern expression stopped her and his lack of smile made her heart stutter before it continued its rhythm.

Xavier’s expression was cold, and it sent shivers down her spine to have her mate look at her as if she was a stranger. The office seemed to be filled to the brink with anxiety and confusion and a faint feeling of betrayal too. She noticed that Xavier, Ryan, and she were the only three people in the room.

“Hey Xavier,” she smiled lightly even though she was sure all the werewolves in the room could hear her heartbeat, “What’s going on?”

“You tell me, Selena,” he rose from his seat, walked to the other side of the table and leaned on it. They were both standing face to face and his eyes were furious, looking right at her, “What the hell is going on?”

Selena stood staring at him, surprised at the hostility in his voice. She was going to respond, she had a thousand questions and she wanted to ask him what had happened, but Xavier beat her to it.

“You’ve played quite a nice game here, had us fooled, all of us! But then again, there’s always something that gives liars away,” he noticed how her eyebrows furrowed and the visible confusion on her face.

He started laughing.

It was initially just a chuckle but then it turned into a burst of full-blown laughter. Selena was getting scared now, she thought how strange everything was – the one sound that seemed to calm her nerves was now making her more nervous than ever.

For Xavier, laughter was the only way he knew to fight the battle his wolf was putting up. Zion, his wolf, didn’t want to doubt his mate for even a second; the wolf’s first priority was and always will be his mate. But Xavier has been taught to lead his pack, and he had to put his pack first, even if it hurt him. If his mate was posing a threat to his pack, for the greater good, as an alpha, he knew he had to choose his pack. He was taught to be selfless and to put his pack first before everything, even his mate in this case.

“Good Lord, girl,” he breathed out a final laugh, “Oh… God, you should be a Hollywood actress.”

Selena’s heart was breaking with every word Xavier spoke, the words cutting through her like a hot knife through butter. But her training to be an alpha had taught her well to maintain a poker face, “I don’t understand…”

Xavier’s expression suddenly turned dead serious and he stopped leaning on the table. He puffed his chest up to show his superiority as the alpha of the pack, and his form also showed why he is clearly the strongest alpha in the world as well.

This was no mate, this was an alpha in his full form.

His voice was very heavy as he spoke, and yet, as his mate, Selena could very well hear how his voice lacked its usual vigour, “Miss Selena Wilson, I have enough evidence right at this instant to announce you as a traitor to the pack. You are a member of my pack right now and as the alpha of this pack, I hereby demote you from the rank of alpha to omega, to punish you for all the crimes you have committed against your own kind.”

His eyes held no emotions as he finished his words. And this is when Selena understood the full intensity of the situation they were dealing with.


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