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Genovia Academy

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The story takes place in a very different world, different from the world we knew. Hera, our typical college girl discovered a very magical place and had a journey to find out what her role to this new found world.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter One




She is the one

She is the chosen

Genovia have waited

For her return

Her people waited for her

For them to be saved

For them to be ruled.

She is the one
she is the chosen

She is Powerful

Yet, she is weak

She possesses Everything

Yet, she's not perfect

Her heart is pure

But it's dangerous

She creates

But she destroys

The prophecy spoke
And her name was told
The kingdoms last hope


Paano kung isang araw ay malaman mong hindi ka kabilang sa mundo ginagalawan mo? Ipagsisiksikan mo pa ba ang sarili mo sa mundong hindi mo dapat pang mahalin?
Okay, ganito nalang,
Paano 'pag nalaman mong ampon ka pala? Paano pag nalaman mong hindi kaibigan ang tingin sayo ng mga itinuturing mong kaibagan? What if you're being betrayed by your bestfriend?

This is GENOVIA ACADEMY.......
Chapter 1

"Ouch! Kung kailan naman talaga nagmamadali!" It hurts! Is this for real? I'm in a hurry, do I really need to bump into some unnoticed wall? Come on!
I sighed and started picking up my stuff that has been scattered on the ground. Napahawak pa ko sa noo ko dahil masakit ang impact.
"Miss Are you okay? Here. I'll help you." I looked at the pair of hands which is currently picking up some of my things. "Hey, 'you okay?" Sorry, am I hearing an angel? What's with his voice? It's sexy and. . . And so manly.
I grasp my senses while I can still think and my brains still in the normal state. After gathering all of my stuffs I immediately extended my left hand para hingin sa kanya yung mga gamit kong hawak niya.
"I'm okay." I stopped for while and stared at him for a Second. This is'nt some wall. What a handsome wall!
"Hey." He snapped his fingers right infront of my face and that's the second I came back to reality.
"Can you be more careful next time!?" I said and left him after grabing my books he picked up.
I need to turn around and walkaway or else I'll be hypnotized by his deep dark eyes. I might lose my sanity and stare at him the whole day. Dang! I still have a class to attend to and besides my heart is already taken. My heart already belongs to my Jiro.
"Idiot." Narinig ko yon ha!
I heard it. He called me an Idiot. I don't like hearing those words but I don't have choice but to endure as long as I can or everything will be gone. I sighed again and turn around.
In just a second I lost sight of him. I gazed my eyes around the place but he's gone. He's gone in less than ten freaking seconds. I gulped and shrug my shoulders.
I run towards the school gate. Great! I'm doomed and in a big trouble. Why does the school looks so big when I'm late and too small whenever I'm early? God! Are playing with me!? This isn't funny. It's hard, you know.
"Good morning Hera." I smiled. He's one of the campus Security personnel. Since old man is still here and I can't even remember how long he's been here, all I know is that he's the guard since I attended this school and I transferred here when I was in 3rd grade.
I smiled at him before running towards the next building. I'm almost out of breath until I found my self looking at the big number 4 after I took the last step of the stairs .I took one deep breath to calm myself. Nah, I just need to be calm before facing my "dragon lady like professor".
When I'm about to reach the knob the door suddenly opens. A woman in her mid thirties is looking at at me, her perfect eyebrows is meeting in the center and her furious eyes into mine. I gulped and stepped backwards. I looked at the room number and class name thinking I'm mistaken by any chance.
"So, you must be Ms. Dominguez?" She asked. I never realized that she is now standing right in front of me until I heard her voice. I'm starring at her. Why do I need to stare? Believe me, I don't know either. I don't know what o say or to do. I'm mesmerized by her beauty and presence. She is so intimidating. "Ms. Dominguez?"
"Y-yes, Miss."
"Then what are you waiting for?"
Room 430. The room number is correct. Did the council changed the room allocation? I looked at the people inside, they're all my classmates. Who the hell is she?
"Get inside Ms. Dominguez." She said. But wait! She is not even our professor. She seems to be too young to be one.
"Your in the right place and will you please get inside now? The class is being delayed because you are late." Did she just read what's in my mind? How did she even know?
"I'm not a mind reader." then how did she predict my thoughts? Psychologist? Nah, what a stupid thinking, Hera! "I've never took Psychology ."
I shrugged my shoulder and did not say anything. She might say another stupid things that will match to what I am thinking. She'll just creep the hell out of me. I walked towards my assigned seat, every single one in the room is pissed off and if you wonder why, it is because of me. Everyone hates me because of who they think I am except her, the young lady next to me gave me her famous hiss. Not because she doesn't like me but because she love.
"Who's still not here in this class?" She asked with full authority while writing her name on the white board. "I know that many of you are wondering why I am standing here in front of you and who I am." she clapped three times and continues. "I will your new professor starting today until the semester ends. You can call me Miss Rhea."
My classmates reacted in a different manner, some of us are laughing and some are raising they're with unlimited question. I almost fell down my seat when I heard a loud sound, It is coming from the teachers table. I saw her hands on top of it. I gulped again, she is scary but Miss Yu is terrifying.
"It's almost break but still I need to take you under my supervision. Miss Yu--your previous adviser was transferred to a different department and class." It's quite unusual, the management of this school don't usually make decisions like this. I wonder what happened but still I'm just a mere student. "I'm pretty sure we'll get along."
After her brief introduction, she started the lesson immediately without asking where we left the previous day. She didn't even bother asking for our names and the discussions flow like normal, like she's been our teacher from the start of the year. After 30 minutes of talking and lecturing, Miss sealed the tip of her whiteboard marker and clears her throat. She's leaning in front of the teachers table and gazing her eyes around the classroom.
"Where have you been? It's not you, being late." She's Ayumie, my best friend. She is next to me.
I looked at our young professor making sure she is looking in our direction. I felt a sudden goosebumps when our eyes met.
"Huh? Where? From home? " I answered while shifting my gaze towards the window. She will start lecturing me if found out why I was late. I heard her hissed.
"So,I think the remaining can be used for unnecessary discussion?"
"Like what, Miss?"
Now I'm thinking If she up to something, she really is a strange one. She smiled and she is looking at. It feels like she is smiling for me. I mean she smiles strangely and staring at me.
"You stalked him again didn't you?" I was cornered in both sides. Miss Rhea's stares and smiled for no reason and Ayu's question. I don't know what should I do. Do I need to look away from the professor or don't pay attention to Ayu's? "How many time do I need to remind you that your feeling will not reach his? You really are a good for nothing when it comes that Jerk." She's upset, I can tell!
"I saw him walked across the next street before the campus. I think he's did not attend his first class today. " she looked away and I heard her released a sign. Yes, we're talking about Jiro here. Jiro our schoolmate. We've been classmate 3 years ago in junior high. And it was 3 years ago when I had a crush on him. The first day of the class is the first day I felt admiration for i.
Ayu knew that I have a crush on him. They are close since they live in the same neighborhood. Ayu is the only friend who knows my long time admiration to Jiro, that is why I trust her. I can tell her everything about it because she keep it a secret like what I wanted.
She keep it a secret like it's her own even though it is my secret. However, she keep on telling me to stop my feelings and admiration, she keeps on telling like everyday or every time she has a chance to tell me. I really like him. He is kind, smart and I think he is the coolest student in this campus.
"Change top--" I was about to cut our conversation when someone cut me out.
"Ms. Dominguez! You're not paying attention."
"Huh!? " I uttered. Everyone's looking at me. I lift my eyeglasses which is barely falling down my nose pointed nose and remove the strand of my curly hair before my eyes.
"I said it's your turn to introduce yourself." I stand up immediately before she swallow me and fall into boiling lava.
Here comes the rude stares of the whole class except Ayu. I don't have against them and I've never done something that will make them hate me. It's just me that they do not want to accept as one of them.Their eyes says a lot, they think that I am the most disgusting and unpleasant person in campus, no, let me rephrase that, they think that I am the ugliest person in the universe.
Few of them are okay and talks to me specially when it comes to group activities but after that they will turn their back and left.
" Good morning." I smiled. But everyone looks disgusted and look away. "Hera Dominguez, Miss. I'm 17 and I am irregular in this class, Taking BS Biology."
"Are you related to Mr. Alfred Dominguez? Mrs. Francis Dominguez?" I grasp the corner of my desk. My parents name is confidential and since third grade the school never disclosed my parents name.
I think I caught all of their attention when Miss Rhea. I tried reading their expressions to know what they're thinking, I want to base my answer with it to be safe. My classmates are grining, laughing and insulting me just by looking at me. I can feel it. I cleared my throat but I can eve swallow, It's dry and it feels like there is something in throat, I can't breath and I'm stunned. How am I supposed to get through this?
I realized I was trap in my thoughts until someone very close to brought me back to reality. I looked at my fist that is tightly closed, Ayumies's hands is on mine. She winked and nod.
"I never thougth that you know them, that you know my parents, Miss."
"NO WAY!!" that was my classmates reaction in unison.
"I'm not sure but I think their daughter represents Dominguez Group of Companies."
"Yes, I think she is the latest cover of their company's magazine."
"She's crazy, claiming to be the daughter of the founders of Dominguez group."
I heard some whispers and comment but I completely ignore them.
" Francis is fashionable and elegant. I can't believe she let her daughter to the opposite." I rolled my eyes when she called the next student.
"Don't mind them." Ayu said and winked again.
"Anyways, have you heard from the? They don't reply to my texts and calls." I asked referring to our friends.
"Yeah, they're waiting at the cafeteria. You can meet them there after this, I just need to submit my thesis to Mr. Richardson." she wasn't able to submit it yesterday as she was absent.
After the discussion and introduction Miss Rhea left the room and it'll be our 1 hour vacant. Like what I mentioned earlier, Ayu and I are irregular to this class. Before our next class this morning we have our 1 hour free time and this is the time to meet with our friends, we'll be all classmates at the last class of the day.
I went to the cafeteria, Ayu will follow shortly so it is better for me join the others. I might get bullied here again if I will stay alone. I was able to find them right in left corner of the cafeteria. I smiled and continue taking my steps towards them.
I was planning to surprise them when Kris caught my attention.
"Matt, can I borrow you notes? I don't have any resources for reviewing!" Tanong ni Kris.
"I don't have one either." Matt replied.
"Take it easy, Girl." This time it's Chloe.
"Hera's will be in class later, there's nothing to worry about the Exam, that dork is quite brainy." Eldan said while stretching his arms. He looks so sleepy and bored while saying that.
The topic caught my attention and I have the feeling that I need to hear more. I stand up staright and listened. They didn't even noticed that I'm this close. There is something in me that want to confirm something, I want to walk away so I can't hear anything bad about me coming from my friends but, here's my other side of me saying that I should stay. I did. And I was hurt.
"Oh yeah, that silly ugly duckling?" Kris said while staring at her red fingernails. She laughed and took a sip of the strawberry juice in front of her.
"Right!" Matt snapped his fingers in the air. "Don't get me wrong but she is really good in class. Not too intelligent but not dumb." I unconsciously clenched my fist. "But her appearance is really bothersome."
"That is why I introduced them to you. Well, her friend is really hot, if I will be given a chance I will court her. But, Hera? No thank you." Of all people, Eldan is the most trusted boy friend I am thinking of. But I guess I was wrong too. I always think of him as a brother, because of him I met his friends who are my friends now. "Imagine dating her, what will she wear on our first date? Long skirt, her shirt with spongebob print on it and don't forget the thick lens of her glasses. Imagine her long curly annoying hair falling down your food."
Peste! Ang sakit!
It hurts. I feel like I was being fooled all this time. I still want to believe that the caring, smiles and support they showed me are real. The soft side of saying to ignore the negativity I am seeing right now but I am too afraid, the trust I built with them crushed and fall apart right in front of my eyes.
"If she'll get the perfect score of course it will the same with us." That's it. After hearing those words from Kris my knees trembles. As she put her lipstick on her nasty lips I decided to turn around and walk away.
The corner of my eyes are burning, my tears will fall anytime so I need to hurry and get out of the cafeteria. I am trembling, my knees, my fist and my whole body. I want to cry and breakdown. I want to shout out my anger and sadness but I am too scared to do so. People around me will criticize me, bully me and gives me different pet names.
I left them enjoying the best laugh they will have today. I found my self opening the door to the rooftop.
As the fresh breeze of air touched my wet cheeks I noticed the dark clouds above. The sky is with me, the clouds are like my eyes, full of tears and want to burst out anytime. It seems like the clouds are waiting for the exact time to pour down the rain like me who is waiting for some one to cry on.
Ayu! It's Ayumie who I need. Where are you, Ayu? I badly need you.
I texted her to inform her that I'm in the rooftop. I'm pretty sure she'll meet me here in a couple of minutes.
While waiting for my bestfriend I decided to sit-down to the corner and started to notice the surroundings. There's a lot of things that was stacked here, maybe the stock room is already full. There are some used White board, broken chairs and stuffs. I started humming to comfort myself until I heard a familiar voice.
"Here we go again, don't tell me were fighting over this again?" My eyes widened. No way.
"Yes, we will until you tell her the truth. Come on! You know she'll understand. She's not a baby anymore. If you're afraid that she'll be hurt, then let her. " it's him! I composed myself and run towards them. Why are they together? I'm sure it's Ayu and the other voice to him.
"She is my precious best friend. How could I possibly hurt her feelings. She's been clueless, stalking you and loving you. I feel guilty, I lied to her. I betrayed her." I can't moved. My feet is nailed on the floor. I didn't know that this will be the worst day of my life, the worst feeling I will feel and the worst moment. I thought what happened back to the cafeteria is the worst event of my life, no, this is.
"Six months is enough Ayu. Tell her before someone would tell her. I love you. And I want everybody to know that. How could I possibly show to everybody that it is you I love if we will keep hiding and lying.."
Why does everybody don't notice me, they don't even know that I am here, watching them just a few steps away. My presence doesn't make difference to the scene a moment ago. I can't pity myself anymore.
"Is this the reason why you keep on telling me to stop, Ayu?" They were both shocked when they realize I'm here. I saw their faces turned pale. They were both shocked.
"Hera." She whispered.
"I texted you. Maybe we are not in this situation if you read my text." I am a dumb ass. Really? Here I am still dreaming, telling her what she should've done just to save our tears.
"I'm-- I'm sorry." After uttering those words I saw her tears run down on her cheeks.That's it. I can stop myself to cry.
"Hera. Look. She was just af--"
"Shut up, Jiro. Please. Just stop. " I don't know! I don't know. I freaking don't what to do. I'm stock here, I can think and I can't even move my feet. I'm really a useless ugly duckling. This is Bullshit. All this time they are loving each other?
What to do? Do I need to say sorry to Ayu for loving his lover? Do I need to slap Jiro for making her lie to me? Do I need to say sorry to both of them? I'm such a fool for being so naive.
I can't say sorry. I'm angry. I stalked the man i love. I stalked hima nd loved him without knowing that he is with my best friend. MY bestfriend, my best friend who knew all my secrets and the feeling I have for him betrayed me. Yes, she betrayed me. That's the word I described it. I loved him for three years and yet they are together in six months now.
"You know what, Ayu? It Hurts." She looked at me with her teary eyes. "It hurts so damn much, Ayu. It hurts, here." I grab her left hand and placed it on my chest. " I want to slap you! But You know that I can't do that to you. I want to hug you because I need you. I want you to comfort me but you're the reason why I'm suffering now, Ayu." I heard her sobs and now I feel guilty i just can't help to say what I need to or else I'll breakdown. "This is unfair! I'm hurting, It hurts that it's killing me." I punched my chest while crying. It really hurts. Literally, my heart is sinking into the sea of betrayal.
"Then do it Hera. Please slap me! Hurt me! If that will cure your wounds. I'm sorry. I'm really really sorry. " She grab my both hands and pull it upwards, my palms facing both her cheeks and then she started to slap her using hands. It hurts me more. Lalo akong naiyak habang iniisip ko kung paano kami humantong sa ganito ni Ayu? parang kanina lang okay kami, okay na okay kami. at ngayon heto siya, sinasampal ang sarili niya. Mas doble yung sakit na ibinabalik nito sa akin. Inagaw ko ang kamay ko at tinulak ko siya ng mahina. Agad naman siyang sinalo ni Jiro.
"Ako nalang ang sampalin mo. Ako ang saktan mo. Wag lang siya, Hera." sabi nito. Hindi ako nag-dalawang isip. My hand automatically went to his cheek.
Natigilan kami Pare-pareho. Walang gusto magsalita. Tumalikod ako, nagpunas ng luha.
"Sana maging masaya kayo." I said and I walk towards the door. Pagkasara ko ng pinto ay umagos ulit ang mga traydor kong luha. Naglakad ako pabalik ng building at aatend pa ako ng klase. At akalain mong lahat sila ay kaklase ko. Nasapo ko ang noo ko. Huminto ako sa Paglalakad at binalak na umatras, umuwi.
Biglang bumuhos ang ulan. Nagsitakbuhan ang ilang students papunta sa building. Me? I don't care. Mas binagalan ko pa ang lakad ko. Pinagtitinginan na rin ako ng ibang estudyante . Yung iba pa nga na nakapayong ay halos mabali na ang leeg ng malagpasan nila ako eh.Buti narin na umulan. Walang makakakita ng Luha ko. Humangin ng malakas, hinawi ko ang buhok kong tumama sa pisngi ko, basa na at ......Namamalikmata lang ba ako o totoo ito?
May kulay blue akong hibla ng buhok? Hinawakan ko. Buhok nga! Teka baka mamaya may nagpahid ng pintura sakin. Tinitigan ko yung part ng nakabraid kong buhok. Yung dulo talaga blue eh. natigil tuloy ako sa pag-iyak.
"Oh my gosh!! Hera! Are you okay?" bulalas ni Kris =___= plastik!
Di ko namalayan na nandito na ako sa room namin. Sorry ah! Nasa outer space utak ko eh. Di ko siya pinansin at ibinalik ang tingin ko sa buhok ko. Nawala? Asan na yun?
"Girl, Bakit basang basa ka?" tanong ni Chloe. Isa din. Recycable!
"Wala ka bang payong?" Clyde. Tss. Sungalngalin kita diyan eh. Dapat sa mga to Inilagay sa Trash can na may Nakalagay na Reuse, Reduce at Recycle.
"May quiz pa naman Hera. Akala namin di ka papasok eh." Sabi ni Eldan. Sus! Nag aalala ba to o nangangamba na hindi niya mapakinabangan ang utak ko?
Di ko nalang sila pinansin at umupo agad ako sa upuan ko. Sakto naman ang dating ng Prof namin. Good. I don't want to talk with this bitches and jerks. Niyakap ko ang sarili ko habang naglalakad papunta sa upuan ko. bago ako umupo ay napansin ko agad ang pagbukas ng pintuan. Napatingin kami sa kasunod ng prof na pumasok. Si Ayummie pala. Napahinto siya nang makita ako. Seatmate ko siya. No choice siya kundi ang umupo sa Tabi ko. Nakayuko lang at di ako matignan sa mata. She KNOW me WELL.
Nagbigay agad samin ng test papers si Prof. Dom. Habang nagsasagot ako naramdaman kong may sumisipa sa upuan ko. As usual! Yung mga kaibigan kong recyclable nanghihingi ng sagot. Binilisan ko ang pagsusulat ng sagot at Ako na ang unang tumayo para ipasa kay sir ang papel. Pagbalik ko sa upuan ko ay binigyan nila ako ng Masamang tingin. Hindi ko nalang pinansin.
Natapos kaming lahat at Nagpaalam na ang prof namin.
"Bakit hindi mo man lang kami binigyan ng sagot Hera?" Madiin ang pagkakasabi ni Kris.
"Baka zero ako dun. lintek!" Sabay palo sa desk ni Eldan.
"Ano bang problema mo Hera? Kanina ka pa namin kinakausap ah." Chloe na nakatayo sa harap ko at tinignan ako pababa. Nakaupo kasi ako at sila naka palibot sa akin. Dramatic ang eksena, cliche na ba to? Napanuod ko na to dati sa TV yung bang aapihin nila yung Nerd na bida.
"Marunong ka pala mag inarte." natatawang sabi ni Clyde.
Nanatili akong nakayuko at walang imik.Naikuyom ko ang kamao ko. Iniisip ko na kung paano ililihis ang kwento ko para hindi maging cliche.
"Tama na yan." sabat ni Ayummie.
Tumayo na ako. Tapos na ko mag-isip.
"Narinig ko usapan niyo sa Canteen. Thank you for That." *insert sarcastic tone* halatang nagulat sila. Pero biglang nagtaas ng isang kilay ang dalawang babae. Si kris at Chloe. Nginitian ko nalang sila. "Mula ngayon mag-kanya-kanya na tayo. Aral mabuti." i said and turn around. sabay exit.
Pagkalabas ko ng room ay narinig ko ang tawanan nila. Lilingon sana ako nang makita ko Si Ayummie na nakasunod sa akin. Binilisan ko ang lakad ko Hanggang sa Makalabas ako ng Gate. Nandun na kasi ang driver ko. Bago pa niya ako maabutan ay agad na pumasok na ako ng sasakyan.
"Mga Walang puso *hik* Akala ko tunay *hik* na kaibigan." Iyak lang ako ng iyak sa loob ng kotse. Pinapatahan naman ako ng driver namin na si Mang Jun. Nahimasmasan ako kaya kinuha ko ang cellphone ko. Tawagan ko na kaya sila? Baka kasi tama sila. Baka totoo ang mga sinasabi nila.
"Nandito na tayo Hija. Mag-ayos ka na Hinihintay ka ng parents mo sa study room." Mang jun said while opening the Car's door. Umakyat agad ako at naligo. Basang basa ako eh. Nagbihis agad ako. Hindi ko na kailangan Na magbraid ng buhok dito sa bahay, magsuot ng retainer at magsalamin ng katulad kay betty. Ako ay ako dito sa bahay na to.
Tinungo ko ang study room.

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