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The wolf flowers

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In a world of flowers, very few stick out. Many are beautiful and vibrant, but some are deadly. There's beauty in all. Autumn is that beauty. She's vibrant and has passion in life and is kind to all that she meets. That doesn't mean she's a pushover. She overcomes her trials and pushes past all the pain she endured to be free. Autumn has a mate somewhere in this big world, but a love interest right next door. Will she choose fate or love? Or.. Something else?

Fantasy / Romance
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Starting to find myself

I love the forest rain falling down, the sound of the drops hitting the leaves on the trees. The trees sway in the breeze. The fresh smell of rain as it removes the toxins in the atmosphere. It's amazing how nature works in harmony and how man tends to fuck it up.
Hello my name Autumn Sagebrush, I'm 22 and still living at home, but with my grandmother. When I was about 6 or 7 years old there was a war among our kind. I lost my parents, I was left in the care of my memaw (grandmother). She raised me up in the old ways. I learned healing with forestry herbs, making topical creams, oral medications and herbal teas and much more. My memaw was the Alpha's personal pharmacist. Well until the Luna thought modern medicine would work better. Memaw never complained, we live up north in the mountains about 2 miles from the pack house.
So besides living a good distance from the pack house we have the warrior guards who check the perimeters that come by and visit. Most guards that patrol get their herbal medications from Memaw for their family or for them. That's kind of how we make our living. We have a good size garden that we keep with many vegetables as well as fruits and berries. We grow many of our herbs in the garden as well as other items.
Every 5 years Memaw and I travel deep into the forest to gather two different flowers that produce a special bloom. I didn't understand till the second time I went. Then I realized why my Memaw went every 5 years. I needed to go again this year near the end of the season. I was already planning on the trip. Memaw wanted me to go by myself and take Bear with me she said she wasn't quite herself lately and didn't want to take the trip. So I still pack for both just in case she changed her mind at the last moment.
Bear is my pitbull puppy. He's so sweet and cuddly. He was abandon in a nap sack near the edge of our driveway. I took him in and he has been our cuddle bear ever since. And yes werewolves have pets just not many since we get annoyed fairly easily.
Bear loves going everywhere I go, he's a great judge of character and tends to support me when I'm down. Several guards come by and check up on us and there's one guard in particular that Bear doesn't like. His name is Bernard Burks otherwise known to the pack as BB.
Oscar Wright is another guard that is really sweet. He checks in on us everyday to see if we need anything. Memaw says he has a crush on me, but I doubt it. I'm not much to look at and I can't even fight. I know the basics but I'm more of a medicine nerd. I took most of my medicine courses online and I did go to the community college to get my bachelor's degrees. Still pondering what I'm gonna do with my degrees.
Well Oscar came by today and Memaw told him about my journey to get the flowers for some important medications she makes. We try to ration all the flower we get to make it last. I've asked Memaw if it can be grown in our garden. She said she tried for many years but it won't take. She explained the process in detail and I took notes and listened. I had an idea and went over it with her and she agreed. So... when I collect the specimen I will plant them in a pot in their own soil to see if they will take.
I will be leaving Thursday, it's a two day trip there and back on foot. I planned the whole thing out and made sure I had enough supplies to get me there and back.
So in three more days I will be heading out so I asked Memaw if she needed me to head to the village to get her anything before I left on my trip. She said there were some things she needed so she wrote them down and I took the truck into town.
I hit up one of my old friends Regina Reynolds (we call her Gigi) and let her know I was coming into the village. Memaw knows when I go into the village I hang out with a few friends and it takes me a few hours to get back.
Gigi and I met up at the local coffee shop and spent some time there to catch up and see where we were in our life plans. Sweet Gigi was so excited she told me she met her mate and she is still heading down that path of being a lawyer. I was so happy for her. She said her mates name was Gabe and he was a warrior and was in charge of the southern boarders.
Another friend of mine randomly walked in and seen us talking. "Oh my God Becky look at that butt it is soooo big, it's like huge." Shelley screamed. I jumped from my seat, turned and ran to hug her. "Oh girl it has been like forever since I've seen you. Oh shit look at you all fancy. " I joked but she really did look nice.
Shelley Zuni a bit of a coyote. She was a wild she wolf back in school. She always was looking for the next adrenaline rush. Ya know things like cliff diving, car racing and other stuff like bungee jumping etc...
"Ooo gurl' ya know how we be kickin' it. Nuttin' but craziness happening especially since I'm headed to Europe in few months from now. My auntie she wants me to go to their spring formal and see if I have a mate out there. " Shelley said all excitedly. "Well let's thank the Goddess ya do. Because gurl' that would a sweet place to visit at lease once a year." I retorted.
We all three sat back and talked for a bit till I looked at the clock and seen it was already 4pm. I needed to get Memaw's supplies and head back. I finished up with my girls and we said our goodbyes.
I headed to Drake's Grocery just up the block and gathered most of the list then I had to go to Cooder's and get the other items before he closed up shop.
I started to head back when Jack came rushing to my car. He was saying something about Memaw falling. I freaked out and yelled at him to get in the truck as I flew out of town towards the house.
I pulled up at the house as the paramedics started to put her in the ambulance. I asked what happen and the medic said ask that guy over there who called it in. I looked over to see Oscar petting Bear and looking over at me with concern in his eyes.
I ran over to him and asked what happen. He told me he was out on his normal routine when Bear came running at him. He grabbed his pants trying to pull him away from his post. He said he mind linked Bernard and came right over. Oscar said he found Memaw on the ground by the garden. She had fallen and bumped her head. I went over to the other paramedic and he stated they just want to keep her overnight for observation.
Memaw told me she would be fine, as she was taken in the ambulance to the village hospital.
When we arrived at the hospital the doctors were scurrying to get her a CT scan and see if she damaged anything. The doctor told me, when werewolves age their healing abilities do too, so it can take longer to heal and medicines would need to be administered to help with the process.
Dr. Gibbs advised me that she is healing normal and should be fine to go home they just want to take some precautions. No one knows just how Memaw fell, so I was curious and asked. Memaw was unsure she said she got a little light headed and the next thing she knew Oscar was picking her up and calling for an ambulance.
"Bear is the hero here", Oscar said proudly. "If it weren't for him finding me and pulling me towards Memaw's place I would have never thought to check. You got a great companion Autumn."
I replied with concern, "Thank you for checking on why Bear was being so persistent and finding out what was happening. I'm sorry if it caused havoc with the pack's perimeter check."
A few days have past and I will need to head out on my trip. Memaw is doing great and a few of the guards agreed to check on Memaw while I'm gone.
Thursday - Traveling day!
What a beautiful morning, not too hot and no storms in sight. I had my wagon packed full with my gear and Bear was amped up wanting to go. As I was looking down at Bear I said, "It's flower hunting time Bear. Let's go!"
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