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Their Magic.

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Sabina and Serena are one of a kind, freaks to their own Witch kind. Having only eachother they must now face a dark war coming. Make out two prophecy and make sure neither of them die. Because death would not be the end of it. Alpha King Killian and the King of Vampires Ezra have different plans though, they must work together to get the biggest treasure of all.

Fantasy / Romance
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the boy

Serena and Sabina are witches but not just any witches. They are twins, rare in kinds and rare in magic descendants of Bridget Playfer the first witch ever murdered.

Hidden from the world, these witches now face something much more sinister than group of angry villagers with pitch forks no they face the unknown, the unknown of both their futures and the world around them.

Serena and Sabina now face helping the strongest Alpha's and Vampire Kings around because a force stronger than all of them is coming to destroy the world they know.

Can the sisters do this together?

Chapter One

Serena was in front of me, she took lead and went first, moving slowly across the cliff edge. I sometimes think to myself, how did I agree to this, Tip toeing along the edge of a rock side, falling to our deaths wasn't the plan but Serena had a thought crashing through her mind and once that happened god help me having to follow her.

Serena was more head strong for sure, I always liked to think about an issue before just jumping into it But most the time we didn't have the luxury. Serena foot suddenly went she grabbed hold of whatever rock was hanging out near her and held on, I quickly grabbed her arm holding her up.

She gasped and I couldn't help but chuckled at her, "You know I could of just flown us over this all?" help her up and she pressings on, going even slower before with each step.

"Yeah but there's a pack territory near here, Ya no how there just annoy us" Serena groaned, she was only half right they would of noticed us after a while but a few wolves wouldn't stop us.

"You're welcome by the way" Serena sometimes forgot her manners, well not sometimes Serena always forgot her manners.

"Oh shut up, have to make a big dear out of everything" Serena groaned, we continued to move forward, both our backs clinging to the walls, Serena had reached for me a few times and I her.

I can't wait till we get there, where are we going you ask. We had been hired to save or find a young boy missing a few days ago, they think he was taken by something. Me and Serena had thought it was a vampire, but we really wasn't sure at this point. Everything had just seemed off about this, me and Serena had both agreed that we needed to do half this journey without magic to save our energy. Hence the voiding of the local pack.

"Look up there" I pointed out to Serena above us was a clear path to climb up, we'd be out of sight by others and we needed to see how far we needed to go. All we knew was that the boy was taken and he had last been since at Hawking Lord beach.

"Think we could climb it" I could see Serena checking the rocks, I could feel her own brain in mind, working out the best way she can get up. She began her climb, I noted I should of gone first I was much better at this sort of stuff.

Serena snorted then, I only rolled my eyes, Grow up.
"You grow up" The air was thinner, Serena was saving her breathe for the climb, Serena did not enjoy physical activity.
She was climbing up with ease though, she made had reached the top and was pulling herself up. She was out of sight then.

I heard her lay on top, she was breathing heavily.
"Take your time Serena, Apparently I got all night" I called out, I made out a laugh from above and almost laughed myself but my feet were sliding on the edge just standing here.
"Serena I mean now!" I yelled now, bitch hurry up.

a second later still nothing.
"Serena I swear to fucking god" I muttered to myself, I began to climb myself, she had not came to sight. Shit. I stopped half way through and reached into the waist line of my pants I had a leather strap with my weapons inside, I ready my dagger as I closed to the top. I got near the top, air around my hand turning a dark blue, I prepared myself ready.

I jumped up using my magic to make sure I landed and looked around at the ready my dagger in my hand.
Serena was sitting there eating a apple leaning against a rock.

She seemed pretty pleased with herself.
"Bitch you know one day I'm just gonna leave you right!" I angrily groaned at her sticking the dagger back in and walking off in the other direction.
Stupid bitch, have a sister they said it be fun they said.
"Awh Sabina you can never take jokes no more" Serena followed after me, jogging a little to keep up, biting away at the apple enjoying herself, her face seemed light heart and she just looked all round having a good time.
"You never have any fun anymore sabina" serena complained again.
Maybe because I've spent to much time with you.
"Hey I heard that" she reached for my arm pulling my back but that's when I heard it, a quick twig snapping behind me as she pulled me towards her.
Serena heard it a second after me, she reacted her. Pushing me to the side, I went to the floor but rolled so I was facing her.

A little boy, the boy we was looking for had lunged out of the tree line, we hadn't even noticed him. Serena managed to use her hex and push him backwords, he only went flying a little bit back.

I jumped up and stepped in front of Serena a little, I could feel her raging heartbeat and her mind looking around for another threat.

I looked at the little boy in front of us, he was only 10 years old but he was different now. Once was a poor little farm boy who enjoyed playing with rocks in the villiage centre with the others now crawled a body of what he was.

He spine had shifted rounded even, his legs had grown longer. His skin now white like the dead, his eyes black and soulless. I examined for a anything, any sign for something. His teeth had grown like some sort of dog.

He was know longer Henry, the little boy who went missing. Something had changed.

"Henry we was sent to find you by your mother, she is desperately worried" I called out to him, but he only made animal like sounds and was crawling around us, I could hear his knuckles on breaking with his new found weight.

I moved with him, Serena followed, she did not say anything but I knew she was ready behind me.

"Henry, what happened to you?"

Henry, the body in front of me formed a heavy insister laugh, it was older than his body. It made my stomach turn, my heart was in my stomach and for a moment I felt a bit of fear inside my mind.

Easy Sister,I'm here. I heard Serena then, inside me. I remembered and the fear inside me went and I stood stronger and taller again.

"Who are you then" I quested him, arching my brow and moving my body to his level now, copying him like a snake would a dancer.

It only chuckled again, he rolled his tongue out and blood came with it, I watched it rub it all over his mouth and his chin.

"The blood of two will turn to one and I will murder all" He only laughed baring his teeth. I could feel Serena stomach almost turn she was trying to stop herself being sick, even the new found smell of this body was like he was a dead body, rotting away.

Henry body lunged then, I quickly dodged under him he growled and watched me. But Serena was waiting, she had a sword at a ready as Henry watched me as he looked up Serena swung her sword and went through his neck, he gasped in pain and both his body and head went two different ways.

I headed back to Serena, we both watched as the head rolled and stopped the black eyes staring back at us. The body though, did not go limp it went forward blindly.

"It's still alive" Serena spoke, We looked at each other for a moment both just to confused.
"You wanna grab the head?" I asked her Serena pulled her blonde hair into a bun and moved towards the head.

"Yeah fuck that, you can deal with the body" She got the bag off her back and placed the head in the bag.
I used my Hex and formed a black blue around the creatures arms and legs, it hit the ground heavy and hard. I quickly bagged it, knowing Serena had caused a spell on the bag so it wouldn't like I was carrying a weird creature body in the bag but god he was sure heavy.
"We-" Serena cut me off "Show this to who? we don't even know what it is, we just killed a child to any human" she was almost right.

But we just headed back west to nearest town, maybe someone there could help us.
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