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Wild Forest Pack

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Lyna Channing was brought up by an alpha werewolf family, and was loved by her pack. When she comes of age to transform into her wolf form, hunters mistake her parents for actual wolves and shot them by mistake trying to shoot some elk that were nearby...now she's all alone...with her yin/yang medallion as her only memory of her parents, how will she grieve from the loss of her parents and lead her pack?

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Long before our heroine is born, her parents Daciana Willow and Marrok Azuolas Channing in Winterthur Mountainous Forest and fell in love. The forest and mountains they live in are 2,000mi long, 200mi wide and but they live in a more northern part of the forest and on the foothills of the mountains. The Southern part is warmer longer and has shorter winter whereas the Northern part has longer winter and colder longer but has richer soil than the Southern half.

When a werewolf is bitten or born, they are immortal. So, they can look like the age they were bitten, but be hundreds of years old. Some from this pack were born werewolves, others were bitten to be with their mate, but once they mate, they are mated for life.

Marrok is 22yrs old, 6ft 2 of muscle and handsomeness, a mix of light to medium brunette, wavy hair that waves down to his shoulders, tan (like that after summer tan) skinned, silver eyes…in his wolf form he is a timber wolf, which is a common wolf found in the wild so when he shifted he blended right in. He is naturally strong and a born leader which is why his pack made him alpha. He had a decent pack of 9 wolves including his will be wife, Daciana.

There are three red wolves Raoul, Raff, and Lyall, two greys Amaruq and Calla, two blondes Daciana herself and Reika, and two timber Marrok himself and Renouf. Daciana was 21yrs old, 5ft 5, quite small compared to her very tall alpha, dirty blonde/almost light brunette soft curls that curl past her chest, fair-skinned, blue eyes. She on the other hand was very bubbly and looked on the bright side of things. She listened to the orders of others but is not afraid to voice her own opinions. When in her human form she always wore a special yin/yang medallion that was passed down from her mother and generations back on her mom’s side. Her mom told her that it would lead to her mate, to find the yin to her yang, and to someday pass it onto her daughter.

Soon the medallion would glow a soft glow like a sunset of different shades of reds and pinks around the person that was supposed to be their mate and it leads Daciana to Marrok who was alpha of the Wild Forest pack. She had heard of this pack, and it was not a huge pack that you took forever learning everyone, yet not too small that you would get tired of each other and go crazy. She eventually counted 10 wolves in this pack which she thought was a good size. Eventually, Marrok took notice of Daciana and they started dating. The other pack members did too and did the usual teasing and ribbing, but they were genuinely happy for them.

After a year and a half of dating Marrok finally proposed to Daciana and she said yes. Her engagement ring was a white gold band that had small white gold leaves on it that twisted to the stone (cannot wear silver it would burn her), rose floral-inspired around the stone, 1.25-carat moonstone ring. They had decided on a nature-inspired wedding, which makes sense for werewolves who are always outside. He wore a simple black suit, black jacket, semi-formal black pants, and a white formal button-up shirt. She wore a white, sweetheart top, A-line, strapless, low back, floor length, beautifully embroidered flowers, and beads in the tulle skirt with an also floor-length veil with a train that also had some embroidered flowers, an extra sheer piece to cover her face with a small tiara to put in her hair. They had an outdoor ceremony under the oaks, hardwoods, and pine trees in the late summer/early fall so they could get the warm temperatures but not be too hot.

They had their honeymoon in the southern part of the forest in a mountain cabin in the early fall just when the weather was starting to turn. The cabin was so romantic, from being surrounded by the oaks and sugar maple wood, and leaves starting to change color. The bedroom has a queen-size soft bed, with silky sheets and a heavy flannel blanket on, and a wooden dresser with a large mirror. Also, an on-suite bathroom had a jacuzzi tub to help relax the stress of traveling away.

“Finally, alone at last with my bride,” Marrok smirked as he kissed her trying to undress her.
“Marrok!” Daciana giggled as he tries to kiss him back. She changed out of her wedding dress and on a wooden hanger and put it in the closet so it would not get all wrinkled and changed into a floor-length white nightgown with a sweetheart top and a bow near the top. Lace on the sides and the bottom. With thick sheer straps and a robe, like the gown, to wear on top of it. Marrok got changed out of his wedding clothes too, neatly hung them up next to Daciana’s dress, and went to join her in the bathroom jacuzzi. The jacuzzi itself looked so relaxing. It had light oak and sugar maple all around from the outside the bedroom stairs to the ceiling to the walls.

The tub itself is big enough for them to sit and move comfortably and a light oak bench near the right wall to put towels and clothes. He is wearing heavyweight red flannel PJs.
As the bathroom smells of lavender and vanilla as she puts on some of the soap on herself, he tries to help her. As he puts the soap on her, he gently rubs it on her back…her waist…her chest…her legs…he wanted to be gentle mostly since he was nervous to do anything more, and to be polite to her. She appreciates the gentleness and smiles at him. He stops with the soap and leans in to kiss her. Once the water got cold, they got out of the jacuzzi and they got toweled off.

“That was relaxing…thank you Marrok.” She tries to wrap the towel around herself, but it slowly falls to the floor and Daciana kisses him. He was startled by the kiss but kissed her back. Marrok was surprised but was not going to object to a kiss from his new bride.
He is looking at her yearningly and moves closer to her again to where she is standing. He looks at her slowly from head to toe and holds the back of her neck giving her the kiss of a lifetime.

When they stop kissing, he carries her back to the bedroom and puts her down gently on the queen-sized bed. She looked at him from below him and smiled a loving smile, eyes full of love for the other. He kisses her full of passion from her lips, to her neck, to her chest, to her slim waist, to her slender thighs…she lets out a moan, clearly enjoying herself, he continues doing that to her until she flips on top of him and does it to him. Before she does, she just smiles lovingly but lustfully and stares at him.

She starts to kiss him more passionately from his lips, to his neck, to his well-toned chest, to his slim waist, to his slender and muscular thighs…he lets out a moan, clearly enjoying himself. Once they were…finished…they cuddled up with each other and fell asleep.
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