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The End of Realms

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A sequel to " infinite realms and thier stories "

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter One: Wonder Man and The Marvelous Girl

Scientists have tried to improve and upgrade the human body throughout history, but it was done secretly in their labs for decades.
The idea of making humans stronger and invulnerable to everyday threats was a dream for every scientist. They would do anything for this dream to be true. They injected their modified DNA into babies for years, but the outcome was always wrong. Some babies die after being injected, and others live for just two years and eventually die.
After killing thousands of poor innocent babies, they realized that this idea would never work, so they decided to modify the zygote. They just needed sperm cells and egg cells for their vision to work, but they were smart. They asked more than one couple to have several chances.
This project cost the country more than 1 billion dollars since it started, and the army was always keeping every single thing secret away from the people. The military supports this project because they think they can have super soldiers who won't just die from bullets and can withstand a heavy tank's power. They wanted only one man that could defeat a whole army, and they believed by manipulating the DNA and genes of the human body, they can reach their goal.
Scientists wanted to have 200 different zygotes from 200 couples, the process of collecting those zygotes may take about three months, but now since they have what they want, they can start their work to create the superhuman they wanted to have for several years.
Scientists gathered various DNA from several strong animals around the world. They wanted to mix all the things that keep those animals unique to a single human being, even though they know it's complicated and dangerous for humans to have all those traits. Still, they want to make it happen no matter what it costs.
After mixing the sperm cells with the egg cells in the test tube, they modify and manipulate the zygote. The first 50 babies who grew outside the test tube are given the complete freedom to go with their families, but they would go back to the lab every month.
Parents signed a contract to keep silent, and if they decided to talk about anything, the army and officials would eliminate them quickly and take their baby away.
Scientists kept a close eye on the effects of the modification on those babies as they grow.
After ten years, those babies become kids, but unfortunately, 5 out of those 50 are alive. The cause of death was always a mistake. Scientists didn't know that it could happen. A boy bites his hand and accidentally poisons himself; someone else lost his nose and found it was gills, another victim's body couldn't withstand the changing temperatures.
There are several mistakes, and scientists were aware of every case that died. The remaining alive kids were just fine, but they only have one single trait out of the thousands they are supposed to have. Their qualities were not unique at all. They will not make them superhumans.
For those kids to live, their parents promised not to speak about anything. Since they left the lab, they never told anyone about anything, and the kids would grow without knowing anything.
Scientists didn't give up on their project and kept trying on the remaining 150 zygotes they will collect. Scientists would modify it as they learn from the mistakes, they observed from those babies who had unpropitious accidents as they grow up.
After spending years trying to have the perfect result, scientists started to lose hope of having a superhuman day by day. Whenever they modify the DNA and make sure the previous mistakes won't happen again, new errors appear.
They worked harder than they did before. They put all the money and effort they have into the last ten zygotes they have, and finally, after they finished, the babies are left to grow in the test tube.
Even though they are just ten zygotes, one of the zygotes has a twin, so the scientists had 11 chances now instead of 10.
Months passed, and the babies successfully grew through the test tubes, 11 last chances in the scientists' eyes. After months of hard work and great care, they are about to see the results they hope would come true.
The 11 babies were taken to the hospital so that nurses could take care of them until their parents arrive the very next day and take their child. Unfortunately, at 7 am, a scary scream that could break anyone's ears has shut down electricity in the whole earth.
The electricity has been shut down from the whole world for more than 6 hours. Thugs and thieves used this as an advantage to steal and kill everyone on their way.
The hospital with the eleven babies was left with no guards and nurses. Everyone was in shock. Some believed that this is the end of the world, and others thought it is an alien invasion. The whole world was in chaos and fear.
The parents of the twin were the only ones who were afraid towards their babies, while the other parents didn't care about their babies because, in the end, they are just lab rats in the eyes of everyone.
The father was very smart. He knows that when the electricity comes back, those scientists will search for all the remaining babies, so he decided to take his babies along with his wife and escape away.
Unfortunately, when they arrived at the hospital, they found out that most babies were dead. On all of the six floors of the hospital, there were no single nurses or anyone. It was just empty. The father and his wife kept searching for the room where it has 11 babies. They had hope that those 11 babies would be stronger than the usual other babies.
The mother ran towards every baby to find any label which has the name of their father, and after she finds out about her babies, she was so happy to see them alive. The twin consists of a boy and a girl. They were in good health and shape, unlike the other babies who were in bad condition.
The mother wanted to take care of the other nine babies in bad condition, but her husband refused because there is no more time available, they replaced their babies with two dead babies from the fifth floor so that no one can notice what they have done.
The parents left the hospital with their babies and escaped to New York, and no one has seen them and their babies since that accident.
The world just took few hours to organize all the chaos after electricity comes back to work. During those hours of no electricity: Banks were stolen, people were killed, private things were burned and damaged. The whole world has lost various things, but now, everyone has come back to normal the very next day since it is over.
Scientists are devasted after they found out that the 11 babies were dead. Their last hope was simply torn… they scrapped the idea of manipulating and playing with both genes and DNA. They didn't even check why the babies were dead, and they didn't take them back to the lab. They just left the dead bodies of those babies in the hospital.
Years go by, and the twins grow normally. They enter the same school, and they go home by the same school bus. Noah and Jasmine have the strongest bond that can be broken only by death.
Fifteen years passed, and Noah and Jasmine didn't notice any abnormal actions in their bodies until one day, Jasmine injured herself by mistake while preparing the dinner. She was so scared from the amount of blood that was bumping from her hand.
Noah realized that Jasmine was crying and ran to the kitchen to help her. When he arrived, he found the kitchen table full of blood, but Jasmine was completely fine without any scratch.
Noah, with a surprised face, says: where did that blood come from? Did you kill a rat or something?
Jasmine replies by: no, I swear! I injured my hand, but I don't know what happened now! I can't find the wound. As if something magical has happened and I was just imagining hurting myself.
Noah says: let's clean the kitchen before our parents notice anything, then we would discover what's wrong with you.
After they cleaned the kitchen and prepared the dinner, Noah and Jasmine went to their room to check on jasmine's hand.
Jasmine suddenly injured her hand again in front of Noah and says: there is something weird with me, I feel the pain and bleed, but after few minutes, I suddenly heal!
Noah replies by: that's impossible! You are like a superhero if what you are saying is true!
Jasmine cleans the blood from the floor and gives the knife to Noah.
Noah asks jasmine: why are you giving me the knife, sister?
Jasmine replies by: since we are twins, we may have the same gift. Just try it.
Noah laughs and says: no, what if I don't have this gift? I might die, and I want to live, please.
Jasmine catches the knife and scratches Noah's hand!
Both Jasmine and Noah were surprised.
Noah didn't get a scratch, and the knife was about to bend if Jasmine hit harder.
Noah says: that's impossible! What are we? I believe we are mutants, and we must find our boss Xavier.
Jasmine replies by: stop your obsession with comics and movies. This is real life, and there must be an explanation for all of this.
They searched on the internet for anything related to them, but unfortunately, they found nothing. No one has any magical powers as they do.
They had no choice other than to ask their parents about what's wrong with them.
Noah and Jasmine asked their parents about what's wrong with them, and then they injured themselves for their parents to believe.
Their parents were not shocked as they were aware that those beautiful babies would be something great one day.
Noah and Jasmine sit on the couch to listen to their parents as they explain to them everything about how they were born and how special they are.
After an hour of explanation, Jasmine and Noah were surprised that they are alive till now but most importantly, they thank God that their parents were not like the other parents who left their babies to die and rot in the hospital during that crisis back then.
Noah and Jasmine now know that they have multiple DNA in their bodies from numerous animals, and as time passes by, they will learn to adjust to their new powers.
Noah's powers were much better than Jasmine's, but their strong bond didn't make Jasmine jealous at all. She loves all her abilities, and she was always thankful to God that she is better than any human alive on earth.
Day by day, Noah and Jasmine discovered new abilities in their bodies, but they must keep everything secret so that no one would notice anything weird towards them.
Noah wanted to be a hero, and at the same time, he wants his identity to remain secret from everybody. Noah is a big comic and movie lover. He wanted to create a nickname for him and his sister.
He couldn't find any name that seems to describe him, so in the meantime, he just called himself "The Helper" while his sister called herself "The Marvelous Girl."
Noah and Jasmine would count each minute as it passes till the school ends to go to their home and wear the dress that their mother created for them. They call it the superhero dress; the essential part of that dress is the mask because it hides their identity.
They didn't get very popular once they started, but the good thing is: Noah and Jasmine discover more about their powers the more they help the weak and helpless people.
Three years pass, Noah and Jasmine have become 18. They are known for their bravery and heroic acts since they started. They finished high school, and now they are heading to college. Their marks have always been great. Their heroic actions after school never lowered their grades at school. They love to study biology since they know that their DNA is almost mixed with DNA from different animals.
Noah and Jasmine decided to enter the faculty of science since they love to study biology.
Noah and Jasmine had a part-time job other than being heroes after college. They wanted to gain money through their hard work to buy many hero equipments for their adventures.
Noah worked as a tutor in a school while Jasmine worked as a fashion designer. They gain enough money to buy what they need. Their parents have decent job, so Noah and Jasmine didn't need to work, but they just wanted to gain their own money.
After fighting crimes for several years, Noah finally chose a name for himself, and it is "Wonder Man" while Jasmine didn't change the hero name, she loved to be called "The Marvelous Girl."
With the help of her mother, Jasmine created a unique dress for herself and Noah, they put a giant "W" on his shirt to resemble his hero's name as a wonder man, but for herself, she just created a skirt and a shirt along with a cape.
Noah didn't like to have a cape since it's too cringe, and everyone would accuse him of mimicking superman.
On a sunny day, Noah went to the empire state building dressed in his superhero costume. He fears high places, so he wanted to defy his fear.
While Noah was taking a look from the 102-floor skyscraper, some amateur guys were joking with each other, and suddenly, one of them fall.
People were screaming, and Noah was scared. He didn't know what to do. His fears are stopping him from saving the guy from falling into death.
Noah saw the shock on everyone's face and decided to jump and save the guy, he doesn't fly, but he believed he could heal even if he falls from that height.
The guy would obviously die since he fell seconds before Noah, and no way Noah can be faster than gravity.
Noah was trying his best to reach the guy, but no one can beat gravity…. Noah sees the desperation on the scared guy and stretches out his hand, and suddenly white silk gets out of his wrist to the falling guy.
Noah didn't have time to be surprised, so he just pulled the guy into him and used his other hand to produce silk and fly near the ground.
When they reached the ground, the guy was just in shock, but he is a danger lover, so it didn't matter to him. The only thing he didn't know was that his life would have been gone if Wonder Man wasn't there.
The guy looks to Noah and says: thank you! I didn't plan to fall, and I didn't arrange to meet a real spider man in my life.
Noah laughs and replies by: I am not a spiderman. I am called Wonder Man. The hero you are talking about is fictional, while I am real. I saved you with my silk, not just a random tool that produces webs.
The guy with a disgusted face says: so that web or silk was just out of your hands? That's completely disgusting. Spider-man doesn't do that, but you can. Whatever you are, a hero, and you must be happy. I am going to write an article about you and your powers! Just let me take a selfie with you!
Noah agrees to take a selfie with the guy, and after they took several photos, the guy was trying to remove the web on his shirt, but it was so sticky that it didn't get out until Noah removed it.
Noah looked to the guy and asked: why did you walk without talking your caution up there? You might have died if I wasn't there! Luckily for you, I was there at the right time.
The guy laughs and says: I am a danger lover! Wonder man, and that doesn't mean I don't care about my life. My friends and I saw you taking the elevator. We believe in things most humans kind don't want to consider. We know about your heroic acts along with the marvelous girl. People didn't think you're a hero. Most of them think you are fake and everything is staged. But today, this will change how people look to you and your helper! In a world that doesn't believe in superheroes, You will be the first to be known to the whole world.
Noah looks to the guy and says: those words are wise. I wonder how did they come from a careless person like you. I still don't know who I am. The moment you fall, I thought that I wouldn't save you but thank god I did. Thanks for the nice words, and remember to take care.
Noah looks to his watch and realizes that it is 11 am, and he is about to miss his lecture at college, so instead of changing his heroic clothes and waiting for hours for a bus to come, he used his newly discovered powers to reach his college faster. Noah started to swing around the city at a low height. It was tough for him to get used to flying using his web, but he was getting used to it over time.
People started to notice day by day that a guy is just swinging around the city. They thought he was a rich man who created a suit but every time someone captures a video for wonder man while he is swinging, they realize no machines are attached to the swinging guy.
Controversies started to rise in the news toward the wonder man. Some people believe he is a hero, while others think he doesn't have the right to swing around like that. Videos started to be released online daily, showing the heroic acts of both wonder man and the marvelous girl.
New York Crime rates started to decreases incredibly since wonder man and the marvelous girl first appeared. They are known to be merciful since they have never killed any thug or thief during their heroic acts. Wonder man would just basically stick them to a wall or the ground by his webs until the police come. His webs would remain sticky for about six hours, and it can only be removed by the marvelous girl or wonder man since they are so strong.
Noah and Jasmine never left each other. They were always together, even in fighting crimes. Sometimes Noah fights crime alone because Jasmine is busy, but that is so rare to happen.
Noah and Jasmine finished their first year in college. They decided to have a mini trip to a museum as a part of their vacation. Their backpacks have their superhero clothes in case something happened near them.
They decided to go to the' Tenement Museum' to discover some historical events. There were several museums other than Tenement Museum, but they wanted to visit this museum for years.
The museum is five floors, and it would take them 2 hours max to check each room. They liked the place so much, and they took more than the given time in each room because they loved to capture and write notes about each room they visit. The last room they entered was weird. It was just full of hanging pictures and two beds from the 1800s.
The pictures were not understandable, but overall that room was the weirdest. They found an image that has a single long sentence. The sentence is, "when the devil rejects the orders of the almighty and wanders the universe, then death, chaos, and corruption must come."
Noah took a picture of that phrase and saved it along with the other images while Jasmine was repeatedly thinking about the phrase.
Noah looked to Jasmine and says: don't worry, this is just some old written phrase, people in the past believed in many fake things. We are centuries since this has been written, and nothing has happened. Don't worry, sister, the devil, will never hurt us physically, this if he exists…
Jasmine replies with a confused face: you were never religious Noah, the devil exists, and he just wants us to go away from god's path. I believe in the devil and his selfish desires to lead all of us to hell, but I guess I can agree with you that this writing right here is maybe someone else's fantasy.
Noah and Jasmine returned home after a long tiring day in the museum. While they were eating with their parents, the daily news of New York has started. They listened as every day waiting for any crime to solve but this day was different because the news talked about the "wonder man and the marvelous girl. "
An old man who was in the army decades ago says to the news that those two heroes are the product of our country and that they should be thankful for the army. Without the help of the military and the hard work of our beloved scientists, those two wouldn't be there. The question is, who are they? We did various trials decades ago, and most of those babies were dead, and the others were just normal. I guess we have been thinking wrong all those years. In my own opinion, those two heroes need to expose themselves and come back to the army. We need their help; we might change the world by studying their bodies. They can't reject what I am saying because this is an order, and after all, they are just like lab rats for us. Their parents are the ones who gave us permission in the end.
Chris closed the tv and says: I couldn't have kids, and we visited several hospitals back then. They told us about a place where we can have hope to have kids. So don't listen to the news nowadays. Your mother and I will always love you. This old man must have lost his mind. You are my children, not lab rats!
Noah, with a smile, replies by: father, I know that. You don't have to explain anything. Jasmine and I are aware of everything. They are desperate that their project is really working and we are the only ones to be alive from their experiments. Probably they just want us for more experiments and trials. They will never have jasmine or even me.
Stacey hugged Noah and jasmine so tight and says: I will never leave my children to those animals and murders. They can say whatever they want on tv, but for me, you are my heroes.
Chris says with a tearful smile: If anyone is destined for greatness, it's you, my children. You owe the world your gifts.
Noah and jasmine learned that they must keep their identity secret to save their parents from trouble and danger. They wanted to dig deep about the facility that did the experiments, but it would cost them many days and hard work, so they just left it and kept fighting crime every day.
After the increasing popularity of wonder man and the marvelous girl, Benjamin Tyler, the president of (BT) a Biotechnology company that changed the lives of millions of people, wanted to put his hands on this duo to improve his product for the better.
He was interviewed on the news about the future of medicine and how science can help improve every living person's life. Benjamin Tyler was so confident that he could change the world and cure all types of illness if he just had the chance to catch the marvelous girl and wonder man.
Benjamin Tyler's Father was the one who suggested the idea of creating superhumans by manipulating genes and DNA. He was the one who kept supporting the scientists financially until he died of brain cancer. Benjamin hated that his father died while his projects were still alive.
Benjamin Tyler told the news several times that his father could have been alive if his project didn't get closed, cancer killed his father, and it will kill millions of other people, so why those lab rats are just having all the fun instead of being trapped in the lab.
Benjamin recorded a video and posted it on all media. He says: I can cure all diseases if I just catch the marvelous girl and wonder man. These two are the only hope for mankind, but since they hide their identity like thieves, I could never catch them! These 2 are the only proof of the hard work that my father has spent almost all his life doing. My father died of brain cancer, and I hate that he died sooner because he would be happy to see his dreams of creating superhumans did come true.
Since that moment, people have been divided into two groups: those who love and support the heroes, and the other group just wants them to be like lab rats for the scientists to create more medicine.
Noah and Jasmine were aware of every video and rumor spread about them, but they were just living with it like they are just Noah and Jasmine, not Wonder Man and The Marvelous Girl.
No one could ever guess the real identity of Noah and Jasmine because they were working hard on hiding any trace that leads to the truth of their identities.
Noah and Jasmine's college days were the best. They made tons of friends, and they would play various sports; they would go to all parties and watch all the movies with their friends. Their friends would never doubt that they are superheroes.
Noah and Jasmine decided to do a group project about the myths that humans created throughout history with their friends.
Noah presented the picture that he took in the museum and asked his friends, what do they know about the devil?
Most of them believe that the devil is Satan and that people were always scared of the devil, so they wrote this phrase.
One of jasmine's friends is a complete nerd. He did complete research about anything related to the devil and its stuff. He found that people would call anything evil "the devil, "for instance, Loki was called "the devil "and sometimes "the evil serpent" since he was always against his brother Odin. Hades was also called the ruler of the underworld since he loves to burn everyone in fire, and surely he was named the devil, so in conclusion, the term "the Devil "doesn't mean exactly Satan.
Jasmine's friend says: the phrase that Noah captured by his phone doesn't mean Satan himself. Maybe it meant something else, and anyway, it would have been about an evil ruler during the 1800s, so don't bother about it and live your life. I am sure several people have read this phrase before you, and indeed if they found something, they would tell the whole world about it.
Noah and Jasmine, along with their friends, took about two weeks to research anything related to the phrase in the museum. Still, it was all in vain, nothing was clear, and they ended up agreeing that this phrase is just a warning for people who lived in the past about an evil ruler or maybe just a myth created by delusional people.
After five years of hard work and studying, Noah and Jasmine finished college with a great degree. They have matured enough to be in a relationship, but both chose not to engage at all since high school because their identity would be revealed, or their partner would get hurt in the end. Fighting crimes during the day was their best thing to do. The several videos posted by Benjamin Tyler didn't affect them. They treated his threats as baby threat level because he will never know their real identities.
Noah and Jasmine's heroic acts have been much better now since they know what their bodies can do. They are the perfect duo. Movies and comics didn't create.
They have plans to create a unique dress for themselves when fighting crime in a new country to show respect.
New York has been a safer place for any citizen since wonder man, and the marvelous girl started their heroic acts. Companies have created toys for them, and they are almost in everything you see in New York. Their popularity is increasing more and more every day, but unfortunately, they are not known very well to the other countries.
Noah decided to work as a professor in college, while Jasmine chose to open her own shop and sell the dress she creates.
Noah and Jasmine's life is a complete success. The way they can handle things together is the only reason for their great success.
They will always put their parents' words in their heads when they feel desperate and tired…
Evil never stops, and crime will never sleep. That's why Noah and Jasmine will always be there to protect the weak and rise the flag of truth and power in the face of every evil person.
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