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Calista: The Beginning

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Born upon the death of her mother, Cursed with looks that brand her a bad omen, Calista must be true to who she is. Even if she doesn't understand who that is. Join her on her journey to find out who and what she truly is.

Fantasy / Adventure
Cuffin Insane
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The circumstances of her birth

The animals within the forest searched for a place to hide as the leaves upon the trees shook and rustled ready to begin their dance upon the wind. Lightning flashed across the sky as the moon began its journey to the heavens, shadowing the world below in darkness and light. A storm was on the horizon, one the likes of the village hasn’t seen in many ages. A bad omen in the making.

The quiet before the storm was broken only by the screams of a woman, the life within her deciding that now was the time to come fully into the world around him. The delivery was a quick one considering the chaos of the night descending and the storm approaching the small village. Right before the night fully grabbed hold of the world, a small bundle was placed within the woman’s arms.
Hair as dark as a ravens wing, the spitting image of his father, the woman blessed him with the name Bram.

As the midwife took the child and cleaned him up to wrap the young child in a blanket to hand back to the mother, darkness truly fell. Screams filled the village as they watched the moon disappear from the sky. Seemingly stolen from the sky. Handing off the baby to his father, the midwife walked out of her hut to stare up at the moonless sky. The wind roared around her, the storm in the distance finally reaching them with vengeance. Retreating back into her hut, she turned around to tell the new parents about what was going on outside only to rush back to the mother’s side.

Blood pooled around the new mother as she screamed in pain. There was another child that was demanding its entrance into the world. As the storm raged around them , the mother was losing her life force to give birth to the child within her. Upon her second child’s first breath she took her last.

The midwife stared down at the child within her arms in horror. While the baby girl was seemingly healthy, she wasn’t normal. Where her older brother carried a head full of dark black hair, this child had hair as bright silver as the moon that was stolen from the sky. Her birth brought the death of her mother, the moon disappeared, and a storm fiercer than any seen in her own lifetime in the village. The child that she had helped birthed was going to be the death of them all. A demon hidden within the innocence of a new born babe.

Without wasting a moment, the midwife took the newborn infant and plunged the small body into the bucket of water beside the birthing bed. If she could kill the demon before it could cause anymore harm to the village, she could possibly make up for being the one to bring it into the world. She could redeem herself.

A growl left the man grieving the death of his wife, realizing what the old midwife was doing, he pulled out his hunting knife in one swift movement.

“I may have lost my wife, but I will not lose my child.”

Slashing the throat of the midwife, he dropped the knife to pull his baby from the water. Putting her next to her brother and the body of their mother, after making sure the child was still alive, he wrapped them both together in the blanket.

“I will call her Calista. For she is the most beautiful child you could have ever given me, my love. May you watch over our children from beyond. One day I will join you, but first I must care for those you have left in my care.”

He kissed the brow of his wife one last time before gathering his children in his arms and making his way out of the birthing Hut.

Once out in the raging storm, he made his way to what was once his home. With the birth of his newborn daughter and the death of the midwife, he would no longer be welcomed within the village. He would start anew with his children far from the villagers that would condemn them for allowing Calista to live.


Unbeknownst to him, the midwife’s assistant peeked out from her hiding spot in the hut. When the woman on the bed began dying the young girl had gotten afraid and hid herself from the sight, only to glance out in time to see her mentor perish and the silver haired babe. Gasping for air between her sobs, the young woman bolted past the body laying on the floor and the one on the bed to reach the door and the world outside. Without wasting a moment more, for she had been frozen in fear for atleast an hour, she ran to the village chief and told him all that she had seen.

The storm raged on, seemingly surrounding the village. A hunting party was gathered to bring the man, Rigel, and the new born babes in for the death of the villages only midwife. Five men were brave enough to step forward to hunt him down, but none made it out of the village. The storm became fiercer yet, lightening bolts filled the air and the smell of burning wood was hard to ignore. Most of the village burned down while the heavens poured forth in a vengeance.

In the minds of the villagers, the silver haired devil child was to blame.


It took everything the Rigel had to keep going forward. His wife was gone and he was left with the two children that they had created. He had no idea what the future would hold, only that life would be tougher than it had ever been.

The first thing he needed to do was find a place where he could raise his children away from any of the villages. Briefly the idea of going north to his family flashed across his mind, though he quickly dismissed the idea. Traveling that far with newborns would be impossible. Maybe after they got older, he could move back home.

A whimper from his arms brought his mind back to the wellbeing of his precious cargo. He needed to find a place so they would prosper, and he needed to get them fed as soon as he could. With no mother, they would need milk in one way or the other.

The silver haired beauty in his arms let out an ear piercing cry. Her hungry cries bounced off the trees around them. He would have to find something to feed them sooner rather than later.



The words flashed across her mind causing her to wake up with a jolt. Eyes wide opened she checked her surroundings. There was nothing out of the ordinary.


Again the words flashed in her mind.

All throughout the night he walked with his screaming child, trying his best to calm her down and keep her brother asleep. Finally reaching a place deep in the forest, he nearly collapsed against a large tree. He would need to rest before they continued their journey, and feeding his children must be done soon or they would start to dwindle in health.

To find plants that he could milk for them to drink, he would have to have two hands.

Laying his children down between the roots of the tree, he shrugged off the pack on his back that contained everything he now owned. Pulling out a blanket, he used it to cradle his two children and hid them from the world within the roots.

“Stay quiet and stay alive. I will return as soon as I have enough to feed you.”


She was hunting, for what she didn’t know. All she knew was that something or someone was calling for her.

It took longer than he wanted to find the right amount of milk thistle to feed his infants. After gathering the last plant he moved as quick as his tired body would allow to reach his children.

Upon reaching the tree that held his children he came to a complete stop. Laying underneath the large tree was a giant snow colored wolf. One the size that he as a hunter had never come across. Larger than a man of his stature, this beast was easily over six and a half feet.

He had left his children to find them food, only for them to be food for a monster within the forest itself. Fearing the worst, but knowing they were already gone, he crept closer to the tree. His fears were unfounded as he saw his son still sleeping soundly in the blanket. It took him roughly a moment longer to notice his Calista wasn’t beside her brother. He searched urgently with his eyes as he moved even closer. What he found, once more stopped him in his steps.

The large white wolf was wrapped around his silver haired angel. Said angel was drinking heavily from the wolf’s swollen teet. Calista was drinking the milk of a heavily pregnant wolf. A wolf that was glaring at him as though daring him to take the precious babe from her reach.

“It’s okay wolf mother, I won’t try to take her from you so long as you don’t hurt her. I must how ever reach her brother to feed him. Grant me safe passage.”

As a hunter, Rigel had seen many thing but a wolf feeding a babe was unheard of. He wasn’t stupid though, if she would feed his Calista he wouldn’t take his babe from her. The milk of any mother would help her more than the milk of any plant. He also knew the stories of the women in his family, many of them bonded easily with wild animals. None of them that he had heard of had bonded with a beast like this wolf, but who was he to turn down a miracle from the god of the forest?

And so begins the story of Calista, the infant that stole the moon to color her hair and took the life of another to be alive. Fed on milk from the Beasts of the forest and raised wild within the land itself, the child that tamed that which had never been tamed before.

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