To Olympus

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Christine Pevencie thought she was a normal 18yr old, high school senior. Until an English project on Greek Gods and Goddesses changed everything! She decided to do hers on Apollo, the god of sun, music, and medicine also Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. What will happen when she goes to Greece and digs deeper to find the truth about herself...

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So if you’re not up to speed with Spanish, I wasn’t either when I wrote this but for some reason, I thought there had to be some Spanish (I think the heroine and friends go to Spain so it makes sense) if these aren’t accurate translations sorry I probably used Google translate and 17/18yr old me me thought this was accurate (I wrote this about a decade ago and nobody has ever read it til now so thanks for reading!) if ya want to make sure my Spanish is right great, if not you can skip this part and just go back to the story. Try not to be too harsh on this I did a lot of editing and rewriting to clean it up some since I originally wrote this. I'm also going to slowly add more stories here, and one is already added! Wild Forest Pack is already uploaded and complete so if you liked this one you can check that one out (that one is more recent so it won't be the same style as this one.)




Mi Español Rosa-my Spanish rose

I feel so loved-me siento muy amada

I just wanna be with you-yo sólo quiero estar contigo


Ella es bonita-she is pretty

Aqui por favor-here please

Por qué -why

Su nombre-her name

Mi Español es puqueno-my Spanish is small

Qué? -What?

Hola mi nombre es Christine donde estoy? - Hi my name is Christine where am I?

Oh estás en España- oh you’re in Spain

Pero usted habla inglés?-but you speak English?


Gracias-thank you

Perdón-excuse me

Vamos-lets go

Baila conmigo-dance with me?

Sí por supuesto-yes of course

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