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To Olympus

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Chapter 1, the assignment

18 years have gone by since they adopted Christine Pevensie as a baby and she’s now a senior in high school. Long blonde hair with brown highlights, blue eyes (that change different shades of blue as the seasons go by) 5ft 2in… her friends say she’s fun-sized which Christine thought was funny… while in her college-bound English class they were learning about Greek myths late in the school year… around May counting down the days until graduation in early June.

“Alright I want you to choose 2 gods or goddesses or one of each and give me a PowerPoint on them which will be due at the end of the month, bell rings, class dismissed see you tomorrow:” said their teacher Mrs. Fishy everyone calls her fishy cause she’s always curious about something…an older teacher in the school, and everyone thought she was always in some student’s business trying to spread gossip about someone.

“So Christine what are you going to do for your project?” asked her friend Sapphire who she’s been friends with since they were little kids in elementary school and was born in September

“I’m not sure, but I’m thinking of choosing Aphrodite and Apollo. They sound so fascinating to me…what about you Sapphire?” Christine smiled as she was confident about her decision on her project and went up to Mrs. Fishy’s desk to write on a sheet of paper who she was doing for her project.

“I’m not sure either so many to choose from… maybe we can both go to the library during study hall and work on it together!”

“Sure why not I can use the time there, anyway.” So they went to the library, first Christine helps Sapphire decide on her gods, and once she finally did 30mins later she finally got to her research and realized some similarities to them and herself… she thought it was weird and shook it off and went to her work… but some of the personalities between herself and them were kind of similar. She loves music and Apollo is the god of music and sun and an excellent archer… she did that for school, and she’s in the band, choir, musical, show choir pretty much anything music-related.

She had a certain glow to her. She thought it was a natural tan… since her adopted parents were tanned… and she had this birthmark on her back near her left shoulder and it looked like the mark of Aphrodite which kind of looked like a heart and the mark of Apollo was an arrow, so it looked like a heart with an arrow through it.

Aphrodite, goddess of beauty and love... Guess she got her looks from mom. Her eyes too…both of them had blonde hair. Well, the streets of Olympus are very bright and shiny. As she kept doing her research, she noticed in some of her research said they had an unknown child. So when she got home from school, she decided to talk to her parents to see what was going on…

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