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As an ordinary teen-age girl, Cordelia had never wanted anything she didn't have in her life . With lovely parents, amazing friends and a goal to achieve, she was as happy as you can be ....... Until , after receiving a tirara that shines emerald green on her eighteenth birthday, her life turns upside down. She's far more than the avarage girl , who's life goal is to be a successful dancer-choreographer. She's the a princess and the only heir to throne of a faraway kingdom named Lucerne . She's rumoured to be a gift of nature, she's destined to be master of the powers, that - no human or any living soul could possibly imagine . Her fate is to be the beloved queen of Lucerne and save their world from the nearing danger. But is that what she wanted in life? ~~***** Life is far more than expectations and responsibilities; your fate is in your hands; don't let the world decide it *****~~ Torn between expectations and her own dreams , join Cordelia - as she finds out who she really is ....... Swim....dance....laugh....and fall in love.......

Fantasy / Adventure
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The magical border of two worlds stood there, alone. Nobody, not a single soul dared to wander around this place. Silence and darkness was the only company it had, for the past twenty years. But today- was going to be different.

As the light of the day died down, the border came to life. It produced a glowing greenish luminescence so strong that could hurt the eyes of any possible watcher, if only there was any. Covered by the light, the partition turned into a solid blue wall, which was so high that any living being could not see where it ended.
The light went off as suddenly as it came. Then the wall started to part in two halves, creating space between them. The water in the middle turned from green to light blue, and became still. Dying rays of the setting Sun still could be seen faintly around there …

Zarya jerked awake and gasped, thinking of the dream she just had. She got off her bed and fetched a servant.
-"I wish to see the queen"

The servant bowed and left. In a while , Rialta, the Queen's personal maid came into view. Zarya adjusted the off white fabric around her body and brushed her giant fins lightly. Then followed Rialta to the royal garden, where the queen was sitting, busy staring at a white delicate pearl intently.

"Anything important?", she asked, not looking at Zarya. Her white dress reflecting a pure silver glint, making her beautiful face look heavenly, melodious voice adding in to compliment her beauty.

"My queen", Zarya bowed her head in respect, "for the first time in twenty years, nature opened the gateway of the other world."

For some reason, the statement made queen Sedna look up at Zarya, her pale blue eyes holding the emotion no one knows except her. "Are you sure?", she asked, her voice trembling as she proceeded to change her position so that she could pay her full attention to the royal priestess before her.

Zarya bowed again, "yes my queen. I had a vision not so long ago."

The queen looked down at her lap and sighed deeply. No one noticed the tears welling up in her beautiful eyes. She blinked those away quietly, before facing up at nothing in particular, "I wonder how they are living in the other world!", she mumbled to herself.

Zarya nodded, heaving a sigh herself. Though she does not express it to anyone, she knows what the queen has been through. She has been there , witnessing as the tragedy took over their kingdom. While she was too powerless to oppose it. She bowed a final bow to the queen, who kept on looking at the distance and didn't acknowledge her presence, Zarya took her leave, wishing King Dylan was there, the kingdom needs a strong hand to protect the people.


I giggled as my dad twirled me around, holding me in a way that I felt this was the safest place in the world. I looked at my mom, smiling at the dance from a distance. Her loving eyes say she wouldn't be anywhere else than here.

I turned six today, and was having the best day of my life. In the morning, my mom gifted me a cute yellow dress. I loved it. Because my parents said it brought out my blue eyes nicely. I've had a blast with my friend Maya while playing at the beach with our families. I loved the beach, we always go there twice a month , because my parents love looking at the sea. So do I, but it'd be nice if I could see what was on the other side of the sea. My dad always says it's another world. I've told that to my classmates, they laughed. But I know it was the truth, dad promised that I'll be able to go there when I grow up. I can't wait for that day.

In the evening after my dance lesson, my dad picked me up. Now we're at home, my parents decorated the living room with blue lights and baked me a cake. That's how we celebrated my birthday twice. My dad and I were dancing now to the music playing loudly on the television. Mom promised me a story after she's done cooking dinner. I love it when my mom tells me stories, they are always unique. You can not find them in any story books.

"Alright! Come on up", mom's voice filled the house as she switched off the television, beckoning us to the dining. My dad picked me up and made his way to where mom was standing, giving her a kiss on forehead. I pretended to close my eyes with my little hands, peeking through my fingers. I smiled.

"Story?", I demanded as soon as we settled down on the table , dad serving us dinner. Mom pinched my nose and giggled, "Patience Cora, I promised it didn't I?" I puffed my cheeks when she took a good amount of fried rice with a spoon and held it in front of my mouth. But complied quickly as my mom started,

"Today we are gonna go to the kingdom of Lucerne--
I clapped my hands loudly making both of my parents beam. I loved hearing about this kingdom. My mom sometimes tells me the story of the faraway land, which happened to be under the sea. There were kings, queens and castles in that place, which caught the interest of the six years old me. Mom continued-
"But our little Cora already knows all about it. What should we do?", she raised her eyebrow playfully, looking at my dad.
-"Well, tell her about the other things then", my dad said, rolling his eyes, no interest in the conversation. But I nodded enthusiastically.
"Do you know about Guadalupe?", mom started again, running a hand on her chin dramatically.
My eyes widened, I've never heard this name before, "no ! What is it?"
-"It is another world , beside Lucerne", she answered. I threw my hands in excitement, "wow there are a lot of kingdoms. Why can't I live in one ?"

My dad choked on his food. We ignored him.

-"but this one is not like Lucerne. They don't have a good ruler and happy people. But the people living in Guadalupe are always trying to harm the folks from different worlds."
"They are bad", I concluded.
-"Yes. But not all of them. Some of them are kind people, but they are in a bad influence", mom's voice sounded heavy. I wondered if she had met one of them. I looked at my dad for the assurance that everything was okay. He just gave me a thumbs up and kept eating his dessert. Mom continued after taking a breath,
-"the people from those worlds are always at war, which makes it dangerous for visitors to travel to both of those places. But one day my little one will travel there", she said looking at me, her eyes shining, "she will end the war and bring happiness to her people."

"Wow! I will be a hero", I was in heaven after listening to her last statement. I can't wait for the day to come. I'll go there and tell my friends all about it. I'll even take my camera so that I can bring the pictures with me. I grinned as I imagined how wonderful that would be.

"Off to bed now", my dad's voice rumbled, cutting into my fantasy. Knowing that he never liked mom's fairytales, I stuck my tongue out at him before running away to my bedroom. The sound of my mom's giggling ringing in my ears.


I hope you enjoyed the prologue. Thank you for reading my story

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