To The End

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To The End is a system that gives you a ending to every story.

Fantasy / Romance
Lady Have A Heart
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Chapter 1

Have you ever dreams that you were someone else? A person who you never met or seen in the world like another reality just not one you are familiar with a world that look like your own but isn’t.

A recurring dream that only repeats every night ever since you could remember sometimes I wonder why do I keep getting the same dreams since I was a child.

The dreams are starting to feel real that face is starting to imprint in my brain and I am slowly losing sense of my own reality as I sat up from my bed and look to my standing mirror my reflection.

I saw the same woman again in my world it shock me to my core I closed my eyes hoping it was an illusion and when I opened them back the woman faded away.

I touch my face while staring at the mirror as my light grey eyes slowly turned to black this isn’t real I repeated in my head when I felt as if someone took a hammer and pounded me in the head.

My vision started to blurry them complete darkness with silence surround me when I could hear I hear someone shouting and I was roughly dragged while me eyes started gain sight.

My head hurt as I feel my hair being tug I reach with my hands to stop the person from dragging me with my hair as I shouted loudly “Let go of me you bastard.”

The man didn’t stop until he opened a door the he dragged me into slightly lite area that coldness is extremely present when he let go I thought he might have pulled out some of my small curls.

He bend down and says to me bitterly “You tried to kill my baby this is the last time I want to see you Ailee. I swear to the heavens if you ever show up infront of me and my family again I will kill you. Do you hear me you damn wench!”

I look at him and say happily “I want my baby now Jung Min you and Sumi don’t love him like I do give me my baby.” what the hell am I talking about since when did I have a baby. I never dated anyone in my entire life and now these words are coming from me so naturaly.

He scuffs and walks back into the room and shuts the door as I stand up with my painful body parts I look around to see I am currently outside of a big mansion.

And it is snowing since when did it snow here as I put my hand to my head I felt smooth and silky hair that made me realise this isn’t my body and then the memories came back.

The woman who I saw in the mirror I took over her body she is the first wife of the man who just drag me out but he doesn’t know because he was blind at the point in time when she or is I took care of him.

Now those dreams are starting to make sense damn it so currently this woman became the second wife because her sister told her that she stole her husband from her and wanted back the man she clearly didn’t want in the begin because he was blind.

So I became a foolish woman who fell for her sister tricks doesn’t she know tricks are for kids so she just got set up again by her for trying to kill her I mean my own baby.

Damn it this seems weird okay so I want my baby and to leave with him because clearly Sumi will kill that baby any chance she gets since he isn’t her child.

Being someone who doesn’t believe in bs that can be deal with just words I know exactly how to deal with a situation like this because clearly that house has cameras inside. Since he couldn’t see and he kept them because he doesn’t trust his second wife which is mean over his first wife which is me but my sister is pretending to be.

I open the front door and head inside I walk to the security room in the backyard and sit down and start looking for the videos that I will need to deal with this mess then I will get a divorce from him and go with my child too.

I have never felt so disrespected in my life while I get the vidoes I turn to the security guard and say “Give me your phone now.”

He hands over his phone as I take the videos and send it to the phone while I back them up on ten different servers.

I send the videos to my surely soon to be ex husband while I head back to the inside of the house to my baby’s room she never got to name him but I will Ian is the perfect name for my angel.

I open his bedroom door to see Jung Min holding him while looking at his phone he looks at me and says “I am sorry I misunderstood you Ailee.”

I look at him and say “I already over now can I get my baby and go please.”

He puts Ian down in the crib and walks over to me while he kneels infront of me.

That’s when a large screen appears in front of me.

‘Congratulation On Passing The First Test’

‘Welcome to Host’

‘I am To The End System’

‘I make dreams come true and happiness is everlasting’

‘The test given to the host has been successful.’

‘Now host this system is very simple all that is good and bad isn’t really what matters, what matters all stories must have an ending.’

’So To The End System provides this however there are some guidelines the host must follow.”

I look to see Jung Min completely frozen as the rest of the world around me I say “Well whatever your selling I am not buying send me back to my house in my cozy bed where I can continue my day.”

‘Oh no no, host you have died in your world already from over sleeping.’

I chuckled a little “Wait a minute people can die from over sleeping stop lying and what makes you think I am going to follow anything you have to say.′

‘Host, as confusing it is let’s start with the guide lines.’

‘1. The Host must finish every story no matter what.’

‘2. The Host isn’t allowed to talk about the world like it isn’t real.’

‘3. The Host can not and will not kill anyone accidently or there will be consequences.’

I say slowly ” I Am Not Playing With Your System!”

‘4. The Host can only have one person child in each story no cheating this is only broken if the host’s lover dies.’

I shout out angrily “I am not playing with you dude if I am dead then my time has reach and I will like to rest in peace!”

‘5. The Host doesn’t have a choice about whether or not she lives or dies only the system can make that choice.’

I felt like my head was going to fall off my body I drop to the ground in pain.

‘Host it is not wise to provoke the system because the system has many ways of making the host feel pain and never ever escaping the pain as well.’

I grab my head in agony but I still whisper bitterly “I don’t care if I feel pain you can’t make me do anything I don’t want to do.”

The sarcastic laugh echo throughout my head increasing the pain and making my ears ring loudly this isn't the first time I felt pain like this it remain me when I was a child and I got hit by a truck on the way home from school.

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