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Blue River Academia

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“Okay enough with the act, what are you?" Jaylene asked. "A lesbian." Historia shrugged really having nothing else to say, she believed that was the most interesting thing about her at this moment. "So am I, but what powers do you have?" "Being...really...gay," Historia smiles awkwardly at the vampire. Jaylene facepalms. "Historia seriously. Can you fly?" "No." "Are you sure?" "I'm 22 years old I'm pretty sure I can't-" Historia's sentence was cut short when Jaylene threw the girl over her shoulders. "Um, what are you doing?" "Trying to see if you can fly." Jaylene jumped up many feet off the ground so that she was higher than most of the buildings surrounding them. "This is nothing personal Historia," "Wai-" and just like that, Jaylene threw Historia off her shoulders. Historia began to plummet to the ground at an alarming speed which made Jaylene realise that she might not be able to fly after all. Historia a human, at least that's what she's been told all her life. Then when her life hits rock bottom she's recruited and taken to the other die of the world to a private school full of lesbians, oh and also supernaturals to master a dangerous power deep inside her.

Fantasy / Romance
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one ➳ recruited

➳➳➳➳~chapter one ~ recruited~➳➳➳➳

"Mother, have you lost your mind!?"

"No, I believe it's you who has!"

"Mum, I told you it I've known it for years now! I-I'm gay...I like women whether you like it or not!"

"No, you're not! Do you have any idea how dangerous that is? How can you choose a lifestyle like that-" The mother screamed back, tears brimming her eyes.

"Why in gods name is it your decision to oversee what 'lifestyle choices' i make you're not even my real mum!" The girl uses quotation marks over the phrase lifestyle choices as she screams back at her mother.

The mother froze in her spot as the girl realised she may have taken it a bit too far. The girl, Historia believed it was somewhat justified; her mother was freaking out over nothing, acting as if she was caught committing murder when all Historia did was...make the unwise decision of coming out to her french and strict catholic mother at a family dinner. She had no choice but to return home from university for the holidays despite everything bad that could go wrong, this included. Historia wasn't an idiot, she knew how conserved her mother's views were but you could say she was a bit of a dreamer, an optimist. Somewhat dangerous things to be in a world as cruel as this.

"How dare you use the lord's name in vain!" Her mother gasped.

"Don't 'how dare me' me. You are ashamed of me! Don't ever talk to me again!"

Historia quickly grabs her backpack and runs out the door, she ran as far as she could. Kayla's car was still outside the house thankfully, and she opened the passenger door and slammed it dramatically getting into her car. She figured the best place to stay for the rest of the season would be hers, Kayla was Historia's sister, older sister and thankfully she had managed to escape her monster of a mother at an early age and got engaged. Kayla would be spending the holiday with her husbands family, Historia figured it wouldn't be a problem because Kayla's new family were extremely understanding and once they explained what happened, there would be no problem.

"Wow, you've gone rouge now huh?" Kayla first engaged in conversation.

"Pfft, no why'd you say that?" Historia scoffed.

"You've become a rebellious lesbian daughter running away from a traditional family holiday dinner"

This made Historia laugh, she was the complete opposite of rebellious, she had stayed in line her whole life, despite some disagreements with her mother when she began to realise she was gay. Even in the presence of problems, she managed to stay civil and calm, it seemed to be a superpower of hers, no matter what seemed to happen, Historia would never be angry.

"If anything I'm not running away from family I'm finally going to my real family." Historia countered.

Historia's words were true. She had only ever been close to her sister probably because she was the only one who has a decent head on her shoulders. It came to Historia's mind many times that it would make complete sense if she was adopted too.

"You're getting sentimental now?" Kayla mocked.

"C'mon Kayla you of all people knew it was gonna happen eventually."

"I always thought it would be more...explosive."

"Maybe I'll put on a better performance next time, but every actor needs a few practice runs."

"Yeah yeah, we're almost home."

Kayla didn't live far from their parents, but it was still a pretty secluded area in France. If Historia had enough money to move out she wouldn't hesitate to move to the other side of the world just to be away from them. Some could say it was a miracle she survived so long in a house so toxic. A few minutes of comfortable silence and dumb pop songs later they pulled up in Kayla's driveway. The very fancy driveway might I add. I wouldn't say their house is a mansion, but it was certainly massive. Think of it more like a modern castle, I'm pretty sure there were about 10 rooms, but all justified. Kayla and her husband Mike were treasure hunters: I'm sure there's an official word for it but that's a dictionary's job. The pair exited her Tesla and walked towards the house in the dead of night.

"If you're gonna have sex tonight then can I have a room on the other side of the house? I don't wanna stop you guys enjoying yourselves but like...Ew hets you know?" Historia stated her terms for staying in the holidays.

"Believe it or not yes I know."

"Are you sure you're not bi?"

"I'm very sure."

Kayla opened the double doors and reached inside to flick the lights on. The room illuminated instantly and all of her treasures were set around neatly in glass cabinets on the first floor. The older sister took pride in her work and had raging OCD, so if anything was one centimetre out of place you wouldn't hear the end of it. Walking in there was no classical 'living room' just a hall where they held their most prized trophies. Various Roman and Greek statues, the couple definitely held favouritism of Greek and Roman history. Historia wasn't really the greatest at history but she knew some myths and something about that gay caesar guy.

Historia looked up following the sound of footsteps and Mike was making his way down. Historia was a million per cent gay but she believed Kayla really hit the jackpot with Mike. His features were beginning to age but he wasn't ugly, he was right in the middle and that made him even more attractive. He had a lightly shaven beard and a very defined jaw the last time Historia saw him she remembered his eyes being a deep brown. Behind him excitedly came their 5-year-old Husky, Snowflake. Despite the name, she was a vicious dog when it came to the right situations but was always a softie around Historia. She bends down opening her arms in anticipation for the dog. Snowflake ran into her arms almost knocking Historia off balance. Historia embraces her stroking every inch of her silver coating. She loved dogs so much and had constantly begged for one her whole life but you know, her mum. Snowflake tried her best to lick Historia's face multiple times but she declined the content. Historia held her close to her as Kayla and Mike talked, probably discussing how her staying here would work. They didn't take long, A smile formed across Mike's face as he turned to address Historia.

"Hey, Historia." He embraced her in a tight hug which she didn't hesitate to return. "You're welcome here for as long as you need it, and you get the Greek room, it's our favourite."

Historia's eyes lit up at the acts of his kindness. "Thank you," she said hugging him back tightly. She sighed in relief as she breathed in his expensive aftershave.

"We'll let you get settled now because I know it's late," Kayla said to her sister, walking upstairs

Historia nods stroking Snowflake. "I guess it's just us huh girl?"

She looks at the dog which was oblivious to what she had just said. Historia turned on her heel and headed towards the set of stairs on her right. Kayla did indeed listen to her request about having a room on the other side of the house, Snowflake followed up the stairs and past the various room doors to what seemed like the furthest room. Historia pushed the door open and stepped into the room after Snowflake, who made herself comfortable and jumped onto the double bed in the corner of the room. Historia looked around at the miniature sculptures of gods on the wardrobe and paintings of naked but beautiful women in the clouds on the wall. The walls mimicked stone and highly decorated walls of Greek temples, Historia walked over to the wardrobe hoping there would be clothes that could fit her and luckily there was. She took out an extremely large tee and some shorts for bed and decided that was good enough. They were rich enough to afford it so she figured they would have a walk-in bathroom, so she walked around the room making sure not to touch anything because she didn't trust herself and if she broke anything here she sure as hell wouldn't be able to afford it even if she paid them all her salaries for the rest of her life.

Historia breathed out loudly as she looked at herself in the mirror. In the nicest way, she was a mess, Her blood-red hair was slightly messy making her natural deep wavy hair become chaotic. The girl's eyes were red and puffy, her hand came up and wiped the tears in confusion because she didn't even realise that she was crying when arguing with her mum. She laughed to herself, turning the tap at the sink off and trying her best to wash her face. As she looked up at herself again and could've sworn that her eyes glowed a blue for a split second. Historia scoffed at herself for thinking stuff like that, as much as she wished she had blue eyes her's were a light hazel colour. It was just one argument Historia thought to herself, it wasn't an unusual occurrence between them (well in her head to avoid real conflict) its been like that for 22 years now. Historia shoved the feelings of regret and pain that were building up inside of her back down as usual, after so long it had become second nature; she didn't have time to deal with those emotions. To her, they didn't matter, especially because it was about her mum something that was out of her control. Historia looked back at the mirror and faked a smile.

"Fake it till you make it eh?" She spoke to herself, which was sometimes therapeutic.

She ran her hand through her hair attempting to make it somewhat neat. Pushing everything sad and pathetic down wasn't always the best choice when it comes to coping with emotions, because in some people it would only cause anger to resurface. Historia didn't realise it was there until now, hiding, sitting dormant in the depths of her mind, another part of Historia that was also hidden didn't want that massive ball of anger to disappear. It was as if after 22 years she had unconsciously decided she had enough and she didn't want the anger to go away, now out of all times it bubbled up from her stomach and out of her mouth.

"If she wanted a perfect fucking daughter then she should get one genetically fucking engineered," Historia muttered to herself gritting through her teeth.

She leaned over into the bath and turned the tap on and somehow managed to rip the nob off completely. The tap continued to squirt water out making Historia panic, she cursed multiple times trying to turn the screw that the nob came off thinking it would solve her problems but it only made it worse. Water spouted from the top of the tap now making Historia realise that she had broken the pipe to a point beyond repair. Water sprayed onto her clothes and her face, soaking her and increasing her anger at an alarming rate. Her fist clenched and she focused all her energy on the tap. "For God's sake stop!" She said in a voice she didn't recognise as her own, looking around the room she saw that her plea had worked. The tap stopped.

Historia looked down at her hands and saw that her veins were black, and then grey and then back to their original colour. Around her hands was a dark red aura, like blood. She attempted to touch it and it was warm, not a comforting warm but an evil one. There was power there, a power that seemed somewhat consuming and addictive, and then just like that she snapped out of it as she heard Snowflake barking in the other room. Historia groaned in annoyance as she realised she had broken a really expensive part of Kayla's house. She picked the broken nob of the tap from the floor and threw it into the bathroom her hair was still soaked along with her clothes and she realised that might have been the closest to a shower tonight. Historia pulled off her soaked clothes and used the spare towel that was on the sink to dry herself off before putting on the new clothes. She walked out of the bathroom with the towel around her neck, attempting to dry out the water left in her hair by squeezing it onto the towel. Snowflake's barking hadn't let up and it was beginning to anger Historia even more. Historia looked around the room and saw nothing.

"Snowflake! Down girl, there's no need for you to be barking."

Snowflake directed her barking to Historia now who assumed Snowflake was showing resistance to her orders and with how angry she was feeling she wasn't going to stand there and take it. Little did Historia know, snowflake had a reason to be barking, a good reason at that. There was someone in the room with them, two people to be exact, who were hidden by magic; magic which the dog could somehow sense.

"Dammit snowflake," Historia grabbed the dog by the collar and led him outside the door. "When you stop barking like a madwoman you can come back inside."

Snowflake began to whimper but Historia didn't let up, she sighed closing the door on the dog who continued to bark and growl scratching at the door.

"That won't help Snowflake. You're just going to wake up Kayla."

Snowflake persisted, Historia ignored it and carried on brushing her hair with the towel hoping it would dry quicker, if there was one thing she hated it was her hair staying wet for longer than it should. She thought back to what had happened in the bathroom and looked at her hands again to see if the warm red glow had disappeared and it was slightly still there if she looked hard enough. The girl walked back into the bathroom and looked into the mirror again, her hair was still wet and so she held her hands to her hair, hoping the warmth would do something and slowly to her disbelief, it did. Her hair began to dry and gain volume and before she knew it there was no and her deep curls had returned.

"What the fuck." She breathed out smiling slightly.

She moved closer inspecting her hair and noticed that her eyes were a different shade; they had changed from their natural hazel colour to a dark red shade. Historia jumped backwards in shock and her hands began to glow red but more intensely. She looked down moving her hands around and see that they not only glowed red but left a trail of red matter. Historia laughed slightly moving her fingers and watched in awe as the matter moved with it. She walked forward and placed her hands on the sink causing it to crack and fall to the ground making water blast out at her again. In a panic, the girl held her hand out in defence and watched as the water bent away from her until there was no water left spraying from the broken pipe, unfortunately, the floor of the bathroom was beyond soaked and everything was pretty much broken.

"What the flying fucking fuck is happening!" She barely whispered.

All she could think about was how badly she wanted everything to go back to how it was before she started messing things up and she closed her eyes trying to push back the tears of what seemed to be anger. When she opened them again everything was...fixed. Her head snapped left and right as she tried to wrap her head around what was happening but she couldn't. She ran into the other room ready to run for the hills but was stopped in her tracks when she saw two women in suits standing by her bed.

"Miss Knight?" The beautiful woman on the left began, at first, Historia was terrified, two girls had managed to sneak in under her nose, if Kayla found out she'd be dead for sure. The girl who approached her was very tall, maybe almost 6ft which meant she towered over Historia, her hair was blonde and straight stopping below her breasts. Historia under normal circumstances would get carried away with the more inappropriate parts of any beautiful girl she encountered but this time she couldn't tear her stare away from the woman's eyes; a cold and emotionless gaze left the woman's icy blue eyes and Historia could swear it made her freeze in her tracks. Her hands were behind her back and her jaw clenched while waiting for Historia'a answers but the girl was too focused on the mysterious woman's features. Her cheekbones were high and defined on her face, her jaw was the sharpest shed seen and her nose was small and perfect.

"Y-Yes?" Was all Historia could breathe out, still mesmerised by the woman.

"I'm Liana, you have to come with me now." The woman on the left walked forward holding Historia's arm. Her grip was exceptionally tight and it seemed to knock Historia out of her trance.

"Hold on a sec. You can't just show up out of nowhere and expect me just to follow you like that."

"Excuse my friend, she's not a people person." The girl with friendlier features steps forward extending her hand. She wasn't as tall as her friend, maybe a few centimetres smaller. Her skin was more tanned than the previous girl, her teeth were on show through her friendly smile which made me notice her adorable dimples. Her hair was a deep brown stopping at her shoulders as she continued to look at Historia the red head noticed her face was straight but still looked so much friendlier. This calmed Historia, then the friendly girl steps forward, "I'm Victoria, Or Vicky, you must be Historia."

"Yeah, how do you even know my name?" Historia takes her hand noticing her dark brown eyes.

"It's a long story, but it'll make sense if you come with us." Vicky smiled.


"The destination isn't important yet Miss Knight," Liana stated firmly.

"The destination is important. For all, I know you guys could be serial killers taking me to your evil lair in the deep dark woods or something! I might joke about it or whatever, but I'm not ready to die!"

Victoria laughs at Historia's rambling," Have you heard of Blue River Academy before?" She asks.

The serious girl on the right whispered a spell to herself as Historia answered, "No. should I know?" Was the redhead's answer.

Victoria looked to Liana who nodded. "No, which is good." Vicky clarified.

"Why did you need to ask then?"

"To confirm you're who we're looking for." Vicky continues by explaining it carefully. "It's a security measure. You've been recruited."


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