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Victoria just wanted to be happy find a mate that will love and cherish her , she wanted someone who will care for her want her and only her is that too much to ask? Pain is the only thing she has felt ever since her parents left her will her mate bring her joy or will he crush the little hope she has. James the alpha king he lost his mate and vowed to never fall in love ever again what he didn't expect was to find a young she wolf on his pack borders What does fate have for these two carry on reading to find out

Fantasy / Romance
Rose is rosy
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Chapter 1

Victoria Pov

Today was just another day nothing different have you ever wondered why you were born into this world where your constantly abused and told your worthless. Well that's my life I'm Victoria Mars I'm 5foot tall short I know considering the fact that I'm a warewolf I've long blonde curly hair that has turned slightly dirty blonde since I haven't showered in a while forest green almond shaped eyes my body well if you consider what I have a body it um how can I say this let be realistic I have a tooth pick body with little curves my wolves name is Rose she's different from me short tempered,strong and fierce while I'm the opposite the only thing we have in common is that we share the same body

I woke up and stretched my sore body the pack usually takes out all their anger on me I'm the packs punching bag even the omegas get more respect than me its funny how they are also below the pack but still get treated differently from me. Staying in this pack I've learnt that the faster I get up and do my chores the less beatings I get . I dragged my sore body out my room and made my way to the kitchen and prepared breakfast for the pack which took longer than normal since I haven't healed yet when I was done I took my own plate and made my way to my room

When I was done eating I waited for everyone to leave the kitchen to wash up the plates no one usually comes here it's my safe heaven away from my pack members . I let my mind drift off to my mate I hope he will love and cherish us tomorrow is my birth day so I'll be able to sense him thinking about my mate caused my wolf to stirr inside my mind we are both excited about meeting him

I love him already my wolf said dreamily in my mind
I know rose I can't wait to find him
I hope his not from this pack so we can leave this worthless place

what if his here rose than what the thought of my mate being in this place caused my blood to run cold I hated this pack with every fibre of my being the moon goddess can't be that cruel to me now can she

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