Queen Luna

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Chapter 2

Victoria POV

Wake up victoria
Just let me sleep a little more rose
Wake up sleepy head it's your birthday today
mmm yeah birthday
Did you seriously forget that we are finding our mate today

Hearing that I jolted from my sleep and kissed the floor just great why didn't you tell that sooner rose
I tired but you wouldn't wake up I could hear her chuckling how could I forget damn I'm so stupid today I'll get to meet the only person whom I have been living for. I made a silent prayer to the moon goddess I quickly fixed myself and decided to wear a simple dress the only thing that actually looks nice on me I could see my eyes sparkling. I rushed down the stairs and made breakfast for the pack and clean the house my excitement to meet my mate caused me to finish faster than usual I grabbed my own plate and made my way to my room.

Are you excited to meet mate v
I'm really excited rose do you think he would like us the thought of our mate not liking us caused my heart to sink
Stop thinking like that mate will love us he was made to love us and only us now finish up so we can find him
I love my wolf she always manages to put a smile on my face and keeps me positive what would I've done without her. Today I didn't wait for the pack to finish I just couldn't wait to find my mate I bolted down the stairs I could see the shocked faces of my pack members they don't see me a lot. I ignored them and did the dishes and suddenly I smelt the most amazing scent ever GOO Victoria that's mate go find him im going relax
I made my way out of the kitchen and followed the intoxicating smell the moment I saw who my mate was I could feel my heart shredding into a million pieces this can't be happening why him out of all people. I saw him glare at me the hateful glare I've received for this past few years but this time around it only caused me heartache my mate doesn't want me I took a few steps back and run out of the pack house I could hear his angry growl but that didn't stop me

I ran until my feet ached but I still pushed myself further and when I felt I was far away from the pack I sinked on the ground and sobbed why moon goddess haven't I suffered enough. I cried until no more tears came out I could feel my wolf whimpering in the back of my head she's hurt by our mate rejection and questioning the Moon goddess choice why would she paid us up with someone who has caused us nothing but pain why him

I could hear someone's foot steps I didn't raise my head until I smelt him. I forced myself to look up only to see him with chole clinging on to him he knows this will hurt me but he couldn't care less when did I start to have expectations especially when it comes to him

Eww why did you bring me here just to see this filthy mutt come on babe let's go back ~Chole
I peaked through my lashes and stared at his cold grey eyes filled with nothing but hate and disguste for me why Moon goddess why

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