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The Honeybees were well known around the world,they owned a pharmaceutical company that had branches all over the world and it was doing well ,so in short the Honeybees were filthy rich and very busy.June had everything she wanted and everything she needed,she just had to ask and it was given to her without a question...sounds like every child's dream right? Well her parents thought so too but little did they know that their child is keeping something huge about herself from them.Alpha Oracle of Protea Glen Pack was getting old and had to step down when his son Auckland comes of age,they kept to themselves avoiding human world at any cost because humans tend to hate/kill what they don't understand.Auckland hasn't been himself after his first turnhe keeps having nightmares and they were starting to affect his everyday activities,it has been a little over 3years since his first turn so his parents thought he hasn't fully bonded with his wolf hence the nightmares but that was not the case.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter one


* "Noooo! Let her go you prick!" I struggle against the restraints of rouges "Oh you little alphas...it is quite sad that you all think you can command everyone" I don't understand why are they doing this to her.
"Who is she and why are you messing with humans it is forbidden" I try to free myself again from them to no use,I was powerless against them and this feeling of saving this girl was intensifying.

"Because...it's fun and we are rouges for a reason,see rules are boring young alpha" I couldn't even make out her face but I wanted to save her so much and rip these vile things holding her captive to shreds.

I know they won't try to mate with her rouges or not they won't be able to our moon goddess made sure of it after a human being betrayed her son, apparently mate bond means nothing to them but who can blame them they were never taught about the sacred of the mate bond. We all want someone who can be faithful and loyal to us human beings or supernatural beings.

"Hey hey look at me" they roughly tilted her head to face me instantly making me regret asking her,she weakly begged me "help me..."*

"Auckland! Auckland my child wake up!" my mom shakes me waking me from a terrible dream I keep having after every full moon since my first turn,the events changes but it's always the same girl and the same ending.I wake up sweating rubbing the back of my neck sitting up "Same dream?" My mom asks sounding concerned about me as any mom would be. I haven't been myself at all nothing excites me anymore,this girl and these dreams have taken over my life I need to find her but where do I start and what will I tell my parents? I'd be breaking the law over someone I don't even know if she even exist,so I quickly dismiss that thought and just nod my head looking at the window.

The full moon was yesterday and my friend and future beta has found his mate after a whole 6years of bachelorhood.He was 3years older than me and we both were sad that we couldn't find our mates because growing up we thought during the full moon of our first turn our mates will be right there waiting for us... boy were we wrong,our elders have to explore the fact that humans might be the mates of some of the coming generation,us included it's not impossible it happened before to the moon goddess son.

No matter what happened before the moon goddess can't be angry at the humans for so long and I believe this is a sign but I won't utter a word about this it's still a sensitive topic till this day,it's said that if you don't find your mate by the age of 40 you were allowed to have a chosen...see anything to avoid humans "Mom can I have some privacy I'll come downstairs after I've had a bath" my mom left me to my thoughts but I know we will be having this conversation later.

I took a shower and headed downstairs,I need to go and see my buddy to congratulate him,that's if he's available because newly mated mates are inseparable for atleast a month."Oracle it's been two years I can't bear to see my baby like this,we have to do something" I hear my mom talking to my dad "Betty he's not a child anymore he's the future alpha of this pack and our son, he'll pull through this he just needs to accept his wolf fully than all of this will be behind us" I tried to explain to my dad several times that am okay with my wolf and I have accepted him,he's the one with a problem.

When I first turned he hauled in my head in pain and said I should find her,after that he never spoke to me again I just shift but there is no communication between us.Sometimes I feel like he's angry at me over something I don't even know so,he's the one with acceptance issues."Mom I'll have breakfast at Mrs Jacobs" I take an apple and head out "Auckland we need to talk about this!" My mom yells behind me I'll apologise later to her.

"Ey yoh Luke my man" I hug my friend but that hug was more for me than it was to congratulate him "Auckly we missed you last night at the closing,where did you disappear to?" I left the party early when I realised that my mate was not there,there were over 100 packs from all over the world yet I still couldn't find my mate.

"Don't be so hard on yourself dude have faith that you will find your mate and rule this pack to greater heights,now come on mom went all out on this breakfast" I haven't told Luke nor anyone that even if my mate was right before me I wouldn't know...my wolf won't even let me smell her hell I don't even know his name.I tried asking Luke to question his wolf because I know our wolves communicate but that didn't go so well,the bloody alpha commanded Cory to not say a word "I thought you'd be busy getting it on with your mate I just took my chances coming here honestly" he doesn't have to ask because it was evident in my face.

"No man she had to go fetch her stuff and sort out the transfer papers,we will be meeting at varsity though and come back together during semester break so please have breakfast at your house dude.Anyway is the Alpha still insisting you haven't fully accepted your wolf yet"

"Yes man and these nightmares are not making it easy...I hate worrying my mom so much" my mom have been going around the world looking for healers who can help me but I knew no one can help me "No worries man you're always welcome here but try not to fight with the alpha in the next coming few weeks,I don't want to skip visiting home this semester break"

"Are you dumping me honey" I bat my eyelashes in a girly way "Come on you two ladies breakfast is ready" we both glare at Mrs Jacobs.

"Awwww!" We cry out in pain as Mr Jacobs punch the two of us obviously defending his mate "Serves you two right,now have breakfast it's your favourite" We quickly gather ourselves,we will get him for that and start eating.We started talking about pack matters,our lives,Luke finding his mate and we also spoke a bit about my nightmare problems I must say they are so easy to talk to than my parents.

"Everything will be okay and you will find her,human or not but don't tell your parents I said that you'll land me in trouble"

"What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas you have my word Mr Jacobs" they all burst in laughter and I followed suit.I feel at home here more than I've ever been at my own home for the past two years,I feel lost at home because I feel like my parents do not want to understand me and they are too old fashioned."Mrs Jacobs thank you for breakfast it was delicious,now we have to go on a perimeter check the rouges are getting bold these days"

"I heard there was an attack at the South gate boarder, fortunately the warriors got there in time saving the mom and pup.Pity they didn't leave atleast one for questioning"

"Dad you know protocol we kill on site because rouges never say a word even if their lives are hanging in balance" Luke was more like my father, brutal and unmerciful towards their enemies and leaves no room for apologies.He has found his mate which means he can take on his duties as a beta of our pack but knowing Luke he's gonna want to wait for me.

"Luke I know,I was there when those rules were made and implemented but times have changed son and we should keep up.Some rouges didnt have a choice in the matter while some were born into it, sometimes things are not as they seem.I trust you two will bring about change needed in our society even the moon goddess agrees,if not how else are we supposed to explain Auckland's dreams and wolves not finding their predestined?" He's right we are the new era it's our duty to unite these two estranged species but where to start? "Wise words Mr Jacobs".

"Honey please check on the twins" Mrs Jacobs yells from the kitchen,we could hear them from the garden and they are so adorable I remember when Luke's mom told him she was pregnant he was not happy about it.I think he slept at my place for three months but now he can't keep his hands away from them calling himself big brother and all forgetting how he used to hate them before they were even born... jealousy."I'll go check on them dad".

"Mr Jacobs am gonna leave now please tell Luke he'll find me at the south gate, I'll take your leave now"

"Stay strong and believe in your wolf...give him time,go now" I left the house and went straight to the south gate boarder passing members of the pack on my way training with the newly turned wolves.We run our pack quiet different than other packs,we don't have the Omega's or the weak noo here we believe in equality thanks to my mom.

We produce warriors,chefs, doctors,nurses, engineers,fire fighters,social workers, psychologists and teachers but make no mistake all these wolves knows how to fight.After their first shift they get into a compulsory warrior training to equip them with the necessary skills to defend themselves "What's the status Gamma Blue?"

"We still in the clear now but I've increased the security around the boarder,here and here and there" he points on the tablet he was holding.Blue is our tech genius not only that he's also the best general ever,he was only 19years when he took over from his father and he's been proving himself worthy of that position each and every day.We won the war a little over a year ago against vampires,his techniques are on point.

"Have them switch at night to allow the morning shift a chance to rest or go see their families" Family is important and we are all about family in my pack,that's the main reason we make sure to win the fights,it is so that we come back to them.We do of course lose some rendering their spouses mad with pain and shortly die too,the ones with kids usually holds on for the sake of them.If two parents are warriors than only one is allowed to leave that way children do not become orphans."Yes alpha"

"What's going Gamma,is the gate fixed yet?" The bride finally arrives "Yes beta Luke but it is just a temporal fix" they both turn to look at me.

"What?" They just stare at me and I already knew what was this all about "Okay okay I'll ask him happy?" They both smile.
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