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The Vampire Peasant: A Sinister Heart Novel

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Vanni Bellini is an Italian vampire. He was turned into one by a pureblood in the early eighteen twenties at the age of seventeen. His parents died in the mid eighteen hundreds leaving him alone. It is now the year two thousand and twenty, with all the high end fashions and modern day technology. Since he makes four hundred dollars a month to live off of, he has no extra money to be spending on new things. He is stuck living with the possessions he has had since the eighteen hundreds. There are some upsides though. For one the Royal family passed a law for the peasants to go to school. He’s now a junior in school with hope for a better future. He wants more than anything to lift his peasant name. Peasants in his day and age are looked down upon. They get beaten, spit on, and called names such as worthless. Some even say that they just shouldn’t be alive. Vanni is different somehow. He has a knack for always finding himself in bad situations. Since he is mateless there is no one there to save him. No one there to protect him. What would happens when he finds himself at the castle with two uninvited guests? They are offering him a better life. A better life with no beatings or suicide comments. What's the catch? Nothing comes free. Everything comes with a price but what is it? Will his mate ever come for him?

Fantasy / Romance
Eileen Aiyana
Age Rating:



In the year 2020, we have a little something called the vampire rankings.

It starts with the purebloods. They are at the top, but we would say level A.

Vampire purebloods can trace their blood back to their original ancestors. This means that their blood is pure, without any human blood contaminating it. Some purebloods also possess powers. It’s usually the males that get them though. There are some powers that all purebloods possess, and those are enhanced senses, which include sight, hearing, and smell. They also have incredible speed, which allows them to move up to ninety miles a minute. Not just purebloods but all vampires are very strong.

Purebloods are able to perform a spell on any vampire with human blood in their system. The spell they perform seals away their vampire side, turning them into normal humans. The spell also erases all their memories of being a vampire. After so many years of being under the spell, the vampire that was converted into a human would eventually have to turn back to their true nature of being a vampire, or they will descend into madness.

Another power all purebloods have is they are able to control the lower vampires physically. All vampires are considered immortal beings. One can only die if one cuts off the head or stabs the heart, but who wouldn’t die if they were stabbed in the heart, right? Anyways, vampires can heal these deadly injuries by drinking the blood of a pureblood.

Purebloods are also known for their ice-blue eyes with red specks in them and their tendency to not show any emotion.

Purebloods also have the ability to turn humans into vampires; however, it’s rare of them to do so. They usually only turn humans if they want slaves to do their bidding.

That’s another perk for the purebloods; if they turn humans into vampires, then they can retain complete control over them, creating level E vampires. Level E vampires are considered the lowest in the vampire ranks. Purebloods usually marry within the family to keep the bloodline pure. If a pureblood were to breed with a human, they would create weaker vampires known as nobles.

Nobles are considered level B, which is the second highest in the vampire rankings. That’s because there is a mix of pureblood blood and human blood.

Like purebloods, nobles also contain certain powers only known to nobles. Nobles possess great strength, speed, and telepathy as well as various other blood-related abilities.

Nobles also have the power to control your mind. They can also read your mind, so it’s best not to think of anything when you’re around a noble. Just like purebloods, nobles are also to be feared. When I say this, I mean they can also manipulate your memories, changing it to their will. They can also transfer information, create illusions, induce comas, and control your feelings, and they have ability to hypnotize a person. However, none of these will ever work on a pureblood.

Unlike their original powers, they also possess powers that all vampires possess. They include enhanced senses such as hearing, sight, and smell, durability, and their being immortal. When I say “enhanced durability,” I mean they have the ability to create new cells within themselves, healing their wounds automatically. Nobles are also known for their crimson eyes.

Oh, before I forget, when a noble breeds with a human, they create level C vampires, known as commons.

Commons are the third highest or the middle group in the vampire rankings. These are vampires with no significant powers. That’s because they possess two-thirds human blood and one-third vampire blood. The only powers they have are those of any vampire. As I explained before, they’re basically enhanced senses, speed, strength, durability, and immortality.

Commons are known for their yellow eyes. Also, when a common breeds with a human, they create level D vampires—regulars.

Regulars are the second lowest in the vampire rankings, but they are the lowest form of vampires with vampire blood. They possess the same powers as every other vampire; the only difference is that when they heal themselves, they can still feel pain. Every other vampire above a regular only feels a pinch or pins and needles. When a regular breeds with a human, nothing happens. As I said, they are the lowest form of vampires with vampire blood in their veins, though regulars can be distinguished by their green eyes with their inner red circles.

Last but not least, there’s the peasants, level E vampires. Here’s where I stand. Peasants like myself have 100 percent human blood. I was turned into one by a pureblood, though I was turned by accident when she drank from me and didn’t finish the job by killing me. By the way, only a pureblood is able to create peasants like myself. The rest of the vampires who try to turn humans only end up killing them. Like I said, purebloods can retain complete control over us peasants. We are slaves to purebloods. They can force us to do their will whether we like it or not.

When we are turned, our blood feels as if it’s on fire.

The transformation lasts about an hour, but when it’s through, we gain all normal vampire powers, except we can’t heal ourselves as fast. Unlike regulars, we feel as if someone is taking a sword and stabbing it in a wound, twisting it till the wound is healed. Our eyes also turn a light shade of purple after the transformation is complete. We become immortal just like every other vampire. Other than that, our lives suck.

My name’s Vanni Bellini. I hail from Italy. I’m seventeen years old, and here’s my story.

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