The Vampire Peasant: A Sinister Heart Novel

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Chapter 3


I didn’t realize second period had gone by until the bell rang, signaling third period.

“Have we been talking this whole time?” I asked Leo and Eva.

My heart started beating fast once again because I couldn’t afford to miss class. I needed every bit of information I could get. My future depended on it. My future status depended on it. They simply nodded, confirming my fears, causing me to start to hyperventilate. Eva started shushing me, trying to soothe my racing heart. I was just about relaxed until she came over.

When I saw her—and let me tell you, I see this woman a lot—when I saw her stalking over toward me like I was her prey, my heart started pounding against my rib cage. I was almost positive it’d stop. I saw her sinister smile once again and shrank back in my seat, hoping, praying that the floor would open up and swallow me whole just so I could get away from her. Nothing good ever came out of my meetings with her. She started to chuckle as she saw me cower in fear, and I knew that she knew the effects she had on me.

“Hey, Vanni.” Her voice was smooth like silk, very deceiving but also very sinister.

If you hadn’t met her before, you would say she was an angel. But once you got to know her, you would start to notice just how sinister that seductive, smooth, angelic voice of hers really was. It fit her personality perfectly. She was a demon from hell. She was Delfina Abello. I heard Leo and Eva growl an inhuman growl as a warning to her. They were trying to protect me from her because they knew how she was toward me. I could only thank them for that.

Delfina!” I heard Nathalie yell.

When I heard that coming from her, I froze not from fear but from shock. She was a royal. She would never stand up for the likes of me. Just as I was pondering, I heard a growl rumble from Delfina’s chest this time, snapping me back to reality. Delfina was warning her not to get too close. When I saw Nathalie still running toward us, I saw Delfina get even angrier because she too had noticed that her warning growl wasn’t taking any effect on her and her cousin. Finally, she snapped.

What?” Delfina growled out.

She was furious with her for stepping in and stopping her before she could do any harm to me. She growled even louder as Nathalie and her cousin Veronique Roux stepped in between her, blocking her from getting to me, although I knew it wouldn’t work any since they were just humans getting into a vampire fight. They were practically suicidal, taking on Delfina, and they knew it too, but still, they did it for me. I couldn’t understand their reason for this, and I was determined to find out why. I had to ask. Even if I didn’t get my answers, I promised I’d thank them, for I was grateful to them. This was the second time today that they had saved me from harm.

“Leave Vanni Bellini alone,” Nathalie demanded, bringing me from my thoughts.

I looked at Leo and Eva with a face full of confusion, hoping Leo would have an answer, but he only shrugged. He was just as confused as I was. Neither of them could figure out why this was happening, why the royals were stepping in and protecting me.

“Excuse me? Who’s gonna stop me? You? You’re just a pathetic human. I don’t listen to pathetic beings such as you. Royal or not, you’re still human, and I’m your superior. I can kill you in the blink of an eye, and you can’t do anything about it,” Delfina threatened. Her tone was low and soft, making her all the more deadly.

Then I saw her start to head my way, and her eyes turned black. She had done this to me multiple times. So I knew what was coming, but this time, I wasn’t her target. Nathalie and Veronique were. I suddenly grew afraid, not for me but for them. They wouldn’t survive the kind of torture she was about to perform on them.

I could only barely stand it because I was a vampire. They were human. She was going to kill them. When I saw that sinister smile, I knew too well I grew even more afraid for the girls. I wouldn’t want to wish that kind of torture upon them no matter how much they hated me. I wouldn’t stand for it.

It was in that moment that I had somehow overcome my fear of Delfina. I went into protective mode. I then flung myself between Delfina and the girls at supernatural speed. It was like my body had a mind of its own.

“You will not hurt them,” I said with a growl. I felt my own eyes starting to change color—from lavender to black.

Delfina snapped out of her trance, her eyes changing back to their original color, the color all purebloods had, ice-blue eyes with red specks in them. She suddenly grew confused. My five-eleven frame towered over her five-foot frame. I wasn’t going to allow these sick, twisted bastards to harm these girls, not when they had protected me twice. It was about time I quit getting scared and stood up for myself.

“How on earth are your eyes black? Only nobles and purebloods can do that. You’re just a peasant. Vampire peasants can’t do that. It’s unheard of,” she asked, confused, unfazed by my warning.

I growled again but this time louder. She flinched in fear, in fear of me. I was shocked by her movements, but I didn’t let it show. Just like her, I was also confused by how my eyes could change from lavender to black. It was true, what she said. Only purebloods and nobles were able to change their eye color because they had powers that the rest of us vampires didn’t. So how mine had changed was confusing to me as well. I thought that was why she was afraid of me now. She didn’t know why I could change my eye color.

Go now!” I yelled.

She scampered off like a dog with its tail between its legs. Her friends Cristofano Guerriero and Antonio Di Stefano, more purebloods, met her at the door. I didn’t fail to see their glares toward me before they left. I growled loudly one last time, watching them scurry off like scared rats faster than you could blink.

“What the hell, Vanni?” Eva yelled when they left.

I turned around, letting them see my eyes before they changed back to their lavender tint. I heard Nathalie and Veronique gasp. I looked away, not wanting to scare them off. I felt a hand gently touch my shoulder. When I turned to see who it was, my mouth dropped in shock. It was Veronique’s hand.

She stared into my lavender orbs with concern as I looked down into her brown ones with sadness and hurt.

“It’s okay, Vanni,” Veronique said in a soft, calm, and caring tone, making me smile.

“R-really? You’re not scared?” I asked with a stutter.

She smiled up at me warmly and shook her head. I looked up to see Nathalie, and she slowly shook hers too. Nathalie wasn’t smiling. I knew she had just lied to me. My smile faded just now. I dropped my head in shame.

“I know you’re lying,” I said sadly.

They should have known by now that I wouldn’t hurt them, but Nathalie looked like she still didn’t like me or trust me. Even though I had saved her life just now, she didn’t look grateful. It didn’t bother me that she didn’t thank me, but it bothered me that she still didn’t trust me. I thought I had proved myself trustworthy when I protected them from Delfina—obviously not to Nathalie. She still hated me.

“He stood up and protected you. The least you can do is show the man a little gratitude and kindness.”

I would’ve expected something like that to come from Leo and Eva, but never in a million years would I have expected anything like that to come from Veronique, a royal. I looked up, shock clearly written on my face once again. I was in shock not only about Veronique defending me but also from the fact that she had called me a man and not a peasant like everyone else did. I gasped, making her turn my way to look at me.

“Y-you called me a man,” I said, barely over a whisper. I would’ve said it louder, but I simply couldn’t. I was in so much shock that I could barely speak.

She smiled warmly at me and nodded.

“Yes, I did,” Veronique said to me in a gentle tone.

It’s like she knew that I’d break with one small word. She could tell how broken I was, how lonely and sad I was. I could see in her eyes that she cared for my well-being. Why did she care about me when I wasn’t her mate? I didn’t know.

How was one not supposed to stay joyful and happy when they had lived a couple of centuries alone?

“Why? I thought I was just some dumb, ugly peasant,” I asked, my voice breaking at the end.

I was looking down just in case I started crying. I didn’t like anyone seeing me cry.

For one, they laughed at me, and two, they took advantage of the situation and tried to make me feel worse so I would cry more.

She placed her soft warm hand on my cheek to turn my head toward her to look at her. I was on the verge of tears. I was holding them back as hard as I could.

“You’re not just some dumb, ugly peasant. You’re so much more than that. You’re a man. A strong man with a soft heart, a caring and loving man. Don’t believe what anyone says about you.

You’re not dumb, and you’re not ugly. You’re a very good-looking man, even with all your bruises. Look, why don’t we finish this at lunch? Fourth period is starting to come in,” Veronique said kindly with her hand still on my face.

I smiled at her kind words. Whether she had meant them or not, I didn’t care.

She was the first person besides Eva and Leo to say such kind things to me. I placed my hand on top of hers and leaned into her touch, closing my eyes as I pondered her words over and over. I could still see that warm smile of hers in my head. It was forever engraved into my mind. I wouldn’t ever forget it. I didn’t want to.

“Thank you,” I said softly, my eyes still closed.

I opened my eyes to see that warm smile across her face again as she nodded. She took her hand off my face and placed her arms around my torso for a quick second. It was too quick for me to realize what had happened. She let go to look up at me. She went to wipe the stray tear that I hadn’t even known fell from my eyes.

“You’re such a kind and gentle man, Vanni. Any girl would be lucky to have you. Come on, let’s go before it gets too crowded in here,” she said kindly.

As we exited the classroom, I parted ways with Leo and Eva, who were grinning like idiots. I shook my head at the two. I didn’t know why they were grinning like madmen, but I was sure to ask them later. Then I noticed that the two royals were still walking with me, on either side of me at that.

“Aren’t your classes the other way?” I asked them with my soft voice.

Nathalie kept quiet. That was typical of her.

She didn’t like peasants. So why would she go out of her way to talk to one? The only reason she was walking with me and associating with me was because of Veronique. She was walking on my right side, with Veronique on my left. I recalled having two different royals in my class: my love, Filamina, and her cousin Vivienne Roux, Veronique’s sister.

Perhaps they wanted to talk to them, or maybe they were trying to protect me again. They could’ve wanted protection from me as well. As these thoughts went through my mind, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I looked down to my right to see Nathalie looking up at me. I looked at her, confused, waiting for her to continue, so she did.

“We’re walking you to class, and before you go, I want to know if what the nobles said is true,” she said bluntly.

She had a blank expression on her face, so I couldn’t tell if she was mad at me for liking her or not. I tilted my head, acting confused like I didn’t know what she was talking about when I knew exactly what she wanted to know. I just didn’t want to answer. For one, Veronique was by my side. I don’t know why I cared if she knew or not, and two, I simply didn’t want Filamina to know. She might hit me again for liking her. I didn’t do anything for her to do that in the first place, and I really didn’t want a repeat. My luck ran out on me this time though because Nathalie wasn’t wavering.

“Do you like Filamina?” Nathalie said in a more forceful tone, but hatred wasn’t detectable in her voice.

I relaxed only a little because Veronique was also there, wanting to know. I swallowed hard out of nervousness. I took a couple of breaths before answering. I saw from the corner of my eye that Veronique had noticed. However, Nathalie didn’t.

“I . . . uhm . . . I . . . uhm . . .” I said, nervous.

I simply couldn’t get the words out. I was scared of what Nathalie would do to me. I knew Veronique wouldn’t let her hurt me, but she still scared me. It was force of habit.

I suddenly felt a warm hand on my left shoulder. I knew it was Veronique’s. I turned to look at her just to see that she was smiling at me once again. That smile of hers, I could never get enough of.

For some reason, it calmed me. Once she knew I was calm, she nodded for me to continue. However, she kept her hand on my shoulder, probably for support.

I looked back at Nathalie, whose expression had never faltered. She demanded an answer. She probably wasn’t going to let me go without one.

So I took a deep breath, ready to answer. For some reason, this was hard for me. It confused me. I made a mental note to tell the others at lunch before the royals got there.

“I . . . uhm . . . Y-yes, I do,” I answered. I knew this conversation would make me late to yet another class if it dragged on.

“Why?” Nathalie asked.

The way she had asked me made it seem like she hated the idea. My face dropped. I knew I would regret answering it, but I had no choice this time, not if I wanted to make it to class on time. Veronique took her hand off my shoulder to fold her arms across her chest as she glared hard at her cousin for being rude about it. Nathalie just rolled her eyes. She wasn’t fazed one bit by her cousin’s glare.

“Uhm . . . well . . . because Filamina is my mate,” I said quietly, looking up to see her looking back at me with a shocked expression.

I heard both of them gasp. This meant something to them. Both of them and I knew it wasn’t a coincidence. I furrowed my eyebrows, confused. They looked at each other before nodding.

“Are you absolutely sure?” Veronique asked me. She looked desperate.

I didn’t know why, but I was determined to find out. Something was going on—hearing that someone was going to get eliminated by the nobles and purebloods and now this.

“Uhm, yes. Why?” I asked, confused.

Veronique looked serious and glanced at her cousin before looking back at me. She shook her head. She wasn’t going to answer me. I didn’t want her mad at me, and the seriousness on her face told me she was mad about something.

“We’ll finish this at lunch. Go find your seat, and don’t worry about lunch. We will find you. Just continue as normal. Okay?” Veronique said before practically pushing me through the door and inside the classroom.

I looked back to answer her, but they were already gone. They probably ran to their class since it was on the other side of the school. I shrugged, brushing it off. I went to find my seat in the back of the class and waited for the bell to ring to start fourth period, history.

I couldn’t help but notice what Filamina was wearing. She was wearing a loose dress down to her knees that flew with the wind. She had on black flats and a black shawl to match. She had her hair curled down her back, as she normally did, and an all-natural, beautiful face with no makeup. She was truly beautiful no matter what she wore. My love for my mate was growing stronger as each day passed.

Then all of a sudden, Veronique’s warm smile popped up in my head out of nowhere.

Why am I thinking of Veronique when my mate is here? Damn it. That’s another thing I’m gonna have to ask Leo.

Fourth period passed by quickly with me trying to take notes, but with Filamina in here, it was getting hard to concentrate. As the bell rang, I looked down at my notes. I noticed that I was only able to get half a page of notes. I sighed heavily. With Filamina in my class, there was no way I was going to be able to concentrate enough to pass with an A.

I heard someone whispering, trying to get my attention. I stopped packing my things to see who it was. It was Lorenzo Voltolini. He was a noble and one of Mariano’s friends. I swallowed nervously. Nothing good could come from this.

Nothing good ever came from nobles or purebloods.

He must’ve been informed about me. Damn it.

“I hear you like Filamina.”

Lorenzo was pushing me for information. I just didn’t know why. It confused me, why they wanted to know so badly and why they were after me. I didn’t do anything to get noticed. If what Leo had said was true, then they were going to finish me off one way or another. It all rode on what they knew about me and how much they could get out of me.

I didn’t say anything, for I knew better. I simply ignored him and went back to packing. I wasn’t prepared for what he did next.

“I asked you a question. Now I’d advise you answer it,” Lorenzo threatened as he yanked back my hair, giving me a whiplash. Him being a vampire made it hurt ten times worse, and because he knew I was a vampire, he didn’t hold back.

Again, I didn’t answer, pissing him off even more, which, in my case, was probably the worst thing you could’ve done. I heard a rumble come from his chest before I heard him whisper, “Filthy peasant.” It broke me every time I heard those words.


He yanked back my hair so hard that he broke my neck. Tears welled up in my eyes, unable to stop. For once, I was glad that I was a vampire because if I wasn’t, I would be dead, and knowing the nobles, they wouldn’t have cared. Having a broken neck couldn’t kill a vampire. Having your head ripped off could, but it took about twenty minutes to heal if you were a peasant.

Lorenzo dropped his hand from my hair and walked away but not before growling at me again. This time, it was a warning. Once he was out of sight, I quickly finished packing. I was grateful that there was no one in the class anymore, not even the teacher.

I looked up at the clock and noticed it had already been ten minutes into my lunch period. I held my head up so it wasn’t dangling as I peeked out of the classroom to see if anyone was outside. I was lucky this time because the halls were empty. I used my supernatural speed to race to the boys’ bathroom. I thanked the heavens once again because it was empty. I didn’t want to get made fun of for having a floppy head. I decided to sit in one of the stalls until my neck healed.

Yes, I remembered Filamina was supposed to meet me, but I couldn’t have her seeing me like this. It was embarrassing. I didn’t know if she would get scared and run off or get mad at the person who had done this to me. There was also the possibility that she wouldn’t have cared, and that was what really scared me. I didn’t want to see that face. I sat in my stall for about twenty to twenty-five minutes, waiting for my neck to fully heal. Silent tears were pouring down my face. The pain was out of this world. Once my neck was healed, I cleaned the tears off my face, and right as I was exiting the bathroom, the bell for sixth period rang.

Damn. Looks like I’m going to starve today. I didn’t even have my blood, and the blood at the blood banks is too expensive for me,

I thought as I walked to my locker to exchange books. I may have had no marks or evidence that I just had my neck broken, but I still had the pain. It was still there but not as bad because it had healed. That didn’t give me any excuse for Filamina. She was my mate. I should’ve trusted her with my appearance, but I didn’t. Instead, I ran and hid because I was too embarrassed to see her like that, when she looked all beautiful and I did not.

“Yo, man. Where were you at lunch today?” I heard Dino ask from behind me.

I shoved my French book in my backpack and stood up to face my friend. I sighed heavily and looked down. He must’ve seen my face because I felt him place his hand atop my left shoulder. I looked up to be met with sympathetic eyes. Right then, I knew he understood. He figured out what had happened.

“What happened?” Dino asked me in a more serious manner.

I ran a hand through my hair and took a deep breath to hold back the tears that were threatening to fall.

“It’s okay, man. It’s only us,” he said gently.

“Lorenzo . . . he . . . he s-snapped my neck . . . because I wouldn’t . . . t-tell him that I liked Filamina. It . . . hurt Dino. It hurt so bad that I wanted to die.”

The tears that had threatened to fall were now flowing like a stream down my face. Dino didn’t say anything for a long moment, just consoled me as I tried to stop myself from crying once again. I couldn’t help it though. Having your neck snapped and still being alive to feel the pain made someone wish they were actually dead. A bone was one thing, but this was the neck. It was on a whole other level than a regular bone snapping.

“Lorenzo Voltolini? The noble?” Dino asked, concern laced in his voice.

I nodded as I wiped my tears. When I looked back at Dino, I saw that he was lost in thought. So I waved in front of his face to catch his attention.

“Huh?” he asked, confused as he snapped out of his daze.

“Why do you ask?” I questioned. He knew something, and I had a feeling I wasn’t going to like it.

He shook his head, frustrating me.

“Isn’t he one of Mariano’s friends?” he asked me as he guided us toward the boys’ bathroom, I figured so we wouldn’t get caught ditching class. If he was allowing us to ditch class, then I knew it was serious. That just made me more uneasy. “Mariano was one of the other nobles who had stopped you earlier today, right?”

That was more of a statement than a question. I only nodded, curious as to where he was going with this.

“Well, they also stopped by our table at lunch. They were looking for you, but they weren’t the only ones. Veronique and Angelique dropped by, looking for you too. They wanted to talk to you. Any idea why?”

“I don’t know why the nobles would be looking for me, probably only to threaten and embarrass me again, but Veronique was probably wanting to know more about me liking Filamina. I think. I’m not so sure,” I answered as casually as possible.

“Wait, how do they know you like Filamina?” Dino asked curiously. His eyebrows furrowed in thought. It looked as though Leo and Eva had kept him in the dark.

“They didn’t tell you what had happened?” I asked. It was more of just getting confirmation that he didn’t know.

Right as I was going to say something, the bell signaling the end of sixth period and the beginning of seventh rang, meaning I had ditched yet another period. I sighed and ran a hand through my hair as I thought about the person I was becoming.

“Come on. I’ll tell you in seventh. Leo can tell you his thoughts too, and while we’re at it, why don’t you tell me what exactly happened at lunch?” I said as we exited the bathroom and headed toward the locker rooms to start our last class of the day.

We started for the locker rooms to dress up for PE. I glanced around, hoping I wouldn’t run into Mariano or any of his noble friends. I was also trying to avoid Delfina and her crew of purebloods.

“So how did they find out that you liked Filamina?” Dino asked me, making me look toward him.

I waited a couple of minutes before I answered, thinking back to what had happened.

“So no one said anything, huh?” I asked, unsure of where to start.

Dino shook his head. He was probably mad.

He hated to be left in the dark. I sighed once again, thinking of where I should begin when a smile popped into my head, making me smile in return. I was staring at the ground as we walked when Dino snapped me out of my thoughts.

“Yo!” Dino yelled as he snapped his fingers in front of my face.

I blinked a couple of times to snap back to reality.

“Huh? Oh yeah . . . hmmm . . .” I started but got cut off by Dino.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold up. Rewind. What the hell happened back there? Why on earth are you smiling when you just got your neck broken?” Dino asked. He was so confused with my sudden mood change.

It was not like I could help it.

Veronique’s smile popped up randomly. Her smile could change my mood in an instant.

I can’t help it. Her smile is just so beautiful and warm. Wait, what am I thinking? Filamina’s my mate. Why am I thinking of Veronique? I need to tell Leo about this.

“Well, I should probably start from this morning,” I said.

He only nodded, of course, understanding my point of view. He would only get lost if I told him without explaining what had happened before. I sighed for what felt like the thousandth time today. I ran a hand through my hair and opened my gym locker and started changing.

“So it started in first period,” I started when we were done changing and heading out.

I wanted to tell him without my fellow classmates in the room. I knew if I said anything and they overheard, they would most likely use it against me.

We started playing basketball to wait for Leo since it was free play today. Leo finally joined us after about ten minutes of us playing.

“So, Vanni, what happened at lunch? You weren’t there. The girls came up and were looking for you,” Leo chimed in as he made a basket. He smiled as he made it.

He seemed relaxed, but I knew once he caught on to us, his mood would change immediately. I was right about him because when Dino and I exchanged looks, his smile faded.

“What’s up, guys? What’s with the look?” he asked casually.

Dino sighed as he looked at the ground to collect his thoughts before answering Leo’s question. I had an idea of what he was going to say because I could tell he was irritated. I could sense it. It was Leo’s turn to get serious. He knew something was wrong by the way we were acting.

“Leo, why didn’t you tell me about Vanni?” Dino asked quietly. Irritation was clearly written all over his face.

I was right when I thought of Dino. He was irritated, and that was because Leo hadn’t said anything about what happened. Leo sighed this time. It was as if he had predicted this would happen.

He calmly walked over to us and placed a hand on his shoulder. He was most likely trying to calm down his friend.

“Dino, I was actually waiting for Vanni to tell you. It’s his story to tell, not mine. That’s why I didn’t say anything,” Leo explained. He gave Dino an apologetic look before looking at me, giving me the lead.

Dino calmed down in an instant, understanding where he was coming from. Yes, he was right.

It was my story to tell, and if I didn’t want to share it, then I shouldn’t have to. I sighed again.

“Well, it started in first period. Iacopo started it by calling me an ugly peasant. He told me that I wasn’t wanted in there. Then Poalina said that just because I changed my appearance, it won’t make me look cute. So basically, I’m ugly no matter what. She told me to go die. Guys, why do I always get made fun of?” I asked, getting depressed.

I felt a hand on my left shoulder. It didn’t surprise me to see it was Leo’s. He didn’t say anything, just smiled. I gave a weak smile in return.

“So anyways, after that, the rest of the class started making fun of me as well.” I had to pause for a moment to breathe before continuing. “On my way to second period, I got stopped by three nobles—”

What? Which nobles?” Dino asked, interrupting me. He was impatient to know who and also irritated. It was most likely because they had already started picking on me.

“Well, there was Emiliana Abbatelli, Mariano Rocca, and Efisio Cassano. Anyways, they started teasing me for dressing up,” I said with a sad and depressed tone.

Leo and Dino gave me sympathetic looks. Leo started rubbing circles on my back in a soothing manner to comfort me. I took a deep breath before continuing.

“Anyways, they found out I was dressed up for Filamina. Well, they are nobles, and they can mind-read. It wasn’t a matter of telling. It was a matter of finding out themselves. So that’s how they found out. They blurted it out loud for whoever was standing by to hear. They knew damn well Filamina was close by, and they said out loud that I was dressed up for her. They made fun of me for it, saying I don’t have a chance with her.

“That’s when she showed up with Angelique and Nathalie. It was embarrassing because she showed up and saw me almost crying. She stuck up for me, trying to make them leave, which was shocking to me. When they didn’t leave, Angelique pulled out a poster saying us peasants can’t be harmed. That’s when they left, but they made sure to threaten me on their way out. They left telling me, ‘We’re not through with you, Vanni,’ and they made sure to say it low enough so the royals couldn’t hear.

“Guys, why is it always me? Why is it only me who gets treated this way? It seems that I’m the only peasant who gets bullied like this. Is there something wrong with me?” I said, almost in tears.

They didn’t say anything, and for a moment, I thought that they agreed with me that there was something wrong with me.

“Vanni, dude, I don’t know why you’re the one everyone seems to bully and get hated on the most, but don’t listen to them. They are just jealous. You have a great personality, and you are amazing and kind. We might be peasants, but we have power too. Okay?” Dino said to me as he placed his hand on my other shoulder.

I looked at him and back at Leo and smiled. I was grateful to have friends like them. I might not have had a family or a mate, but I was glad to have them as my friends. These guys were my family now.

“Thank you, guys, both of you. I’m glad to have you guys. I’m thankful for you guys for coming into my life. I may not have a family or a mate, but with you guys around, I don’t need them,” I said with a smile.

Just then, the bell rang. I sighed and ran a hand through my hair. I was kind of mad for once because it meant I wouldn’t be able to finish my conversation with Dino. I didn’t get to finish telling him what had happened to me today.

“Hey, guys, I didn’t finish,” I said as I caught up with them as they headed for the locker rooms.

They had gone ahead of me when I was thinking to myself. They turned to look at each other and then at me. There was that incident with Lorenzo that Leo didn’t know about and the incidents with Delfina and Veronique that Dino still didn’t know about.

“Yeah?” Leo asked casually.

Dino was watching me also and waiting for me to answer as well. I sighed, knowing there wouldn’t be enough time to tell them both. It was worth a try though.

“There’s been incidents that happened that you guys don’t know about yet,” I said, glancing between both of them.

They glanced at each other with confused looks before looking back at me. I took their hint and continued.

“Leo, the reason I wasn’t there at lunch was because I was getting bullied by Lorenzo. Dino, there was an interesting incident after third period with Delfina, Nathalie, and Veronique,” I said as we entered the locker rooms.

Leo nodded before walking off to his own locker to get changed.

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