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When Cass is left orphaned, she is transferred to Forfax Boarding School. There she meets the mysterious Zach, who tells her that everyone at their school is keeping a secret. So what are her classmates keeping from her, and will Cass sacrifice everything to find out?

Fantasy / Romance
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I’m standing in a dark plain with nothing visible apart from the never-ending darkness. I don’t feel any panic though, it’s almost as if I have been here before. I look up, and slowly falling down are white feathers, I can’t look away from them, I even reach out for them; needing to feel their softness against my skin. They touch my face and I can feel the smile grab at my cheeks, I love them. So much happiness fills my body that I twirl around as the feathers continue their descent around me. I imagine what the sight must look like, a girl lost in complete darkness as these fluffy feathers fall from nothing and dance around her. Something changes and I stop twirling. The feathers are turning black, and they fall much heavier. No longer do they softly glide around me; they pour down with no end in sight. Fear grips me as my body soon becomes engulfed with the dark feathers, I call out for help but there is nothing and no one. The white has disappeared, leaving me with only black. I couldn’t see and soon I couldn’t breathe. The feathers were suffocating me. I begin to scream but it’s useless, I breathe in the dark feathers and they choke me. The only thing left is the sound of my desperate need for air, but it never comes; the darkness consumes me.

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