The Adventurers and the Kingdom of Two Sides

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Returning home has given the four adventurers new opportunities and magic. Using these they must defeat V.I.L.E and their terrible creatures. But an accident costs them their time. Now can the four defeat V.I.L.E before it plunges the world into darkness or has their accident doomed them all?

Fantasy / Children
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Chapter 1

Once upon a million years,
There were four courageous adventurers.
They were royal descendants of King Tracent, the king of Two Sides. Their names and ages were: Cameron, 14; Silver, 16; Shadow, 18; Azari, 21.
These brave teenagers were caught up in the battle in Two Sides 10 years ago and have survived the many dangers that have been thrown at them. Now 10 years later they return to Two Sides with their new professions and their pets.

When they arrived to the ruins of their former home, they tied their beautiful horses (Rainbow, Midnight, Bullseye and Raven) to a sturdy oak just outside the kingdom. Silently, they went walking in. There were marks of great fires in some parts but no live ones. After all, this happened a decade ago.
“Guys this is creeping me out!” whispered Silver, “Remember the battle?” Everybody nodded, “Well while I was in the cage I saw some strange mechanism that activated their weapons. I want to see if we can find it.”
“That’s a great idea!” whispered Azari, “You go South, Cameron West, Shadow North and I will go East.” Everybody nodded in agreement and they set off
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