The Adventurers and the Kingdom of Two Sides

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Chapter 2

While looking for the mechanism, Silver discovered a tiny, rusty sword. She picked it up and almost chopped off her hand, for it was very, very heavy! ‘How am I meant to bring it to base if I can’t even carry it?!’ she thought gloomily, ‘Maybe I can lower it into a horse cart, using my super strength, and tie Rainbow to it later!’. So that’s exactly what she did.

Things were not going too well for Cameron. He had found a snare trap and was experiencing it a bit too well. As he hung there, upside down, he viewed the kingdom from a tall redwood that they earlier had named The Midnight Howler. ‘I wonder who made this trap? I’ll check the rope, it should say who made it!’ he thought quickly. So he tried and tried to grab hold of his ankle but gravity was against him. ‘Uhhhh! How am I meant to see?!’ Instead he just hung there upside down worrying about the others. ‘My Invisibility won’t help me now…’

As far as Shadow could see there was only forest, forest, lake, ice and more forest. He sighed, and thought, ‘Why did I have too choose North?! It probably would have been easier South or West! Uhhh!’ Shadow started looking through all the alleys and old shops, finding only a broken hairbrush, one of the only V.I.L.E Creatures left and a blacksmith’s tools and weapons (including a weather sword). ‘That I can use!’ He thought, fingering the weapon like it was a jeweled crown. He head off back to the entrance of the kingdom, where they said they would all meet again at midnight.

Azari was also not having the best luck but at least she wasn’t stuck like Cameron, not that she knew he was hanging upside down from The Midnight Howler. She walked through Apple Avenue, Cake-time Street, Cliff Avenue, Dove-dale Street and Tress Street, finding absolutely nothing of value. However, turning onto Carly Avenue, she spotted four glowing gems in the jewelers’ shop and crept in after them, trying not to ring the bell when she entered.

She followed the pulsing glow of the jewels to the corner of the shop, behind a shelf on a small platform labeled ‘Antiques’. Azari tiptoed closer but right when she was about to snatch them a thought occurred to her, ‘Pressure platform…’ She grunted the returned outside with a woven sack, gray with age. She filled it up with sand and returned inside the shop. Azari prepared herself, grabbed hold of the sack and the leather strings connected to the jewels and made the switch. She waited there a second but nothing happened. Sighing, she dropped the mysterious gemstones into one of her many pockets. She then ran to the meeting place, knowing she was quite late.
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