The Adventurers and the Kingdom of Two Sides

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Chapter 3

Everybody had been waiting for Azari and when she finally arrived she was panting like mad and everyone else let out a breath of relief. They then shared stories about how their walk was. Azari found out that Shadow now had a weather sword to match his magic, Cameron had been stuck in a snare trap this whole time and Silver had found a sword only she could lift.

Azari then showed them the necklaces she had gotten but to their surprise the gems each rose up and each flew to a different teenager connecting them together. As soon as it started it stopped and each jewel dropped into the palms of an adventurer. The pulsing stopped abruptly, the gems all taking on a different color. Azari’s turned crimson red like her fire magic, Cameron’s turned transparent like his Invisibility, Silver’s turned purple and pink like her super strength and Shadow’s turned black and red like his black magic. The team stared at each other and slowly tied the necklaces around their necks.
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