The Adventurers and the Kingdom of Two Sides

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Chapter 4

The adventurers walked slowly and soundlessly towards their horses, Silver dragging the cart with the weapons and tools behind her. “I wonder what these do?” Cameron thought aloud, “They seem like communication devices…”. Everybody looked at him and he turned away blushing, “It’s just an idea…” he whispered. Azari looked at him, “No no! It’s a great idea! We just have to find out how to work it!”, Cameron turned around and smiled and they headed home together, pulling the cart along with them.

As soon as they reached home Silver collapsed onto the deep blue couch sighing at the sight of home. “I’m going to change out of these soaking clothes.” grumbled Azari, Shadow giggling, “I still can’t believe you fell into that mud puddle!!” Azari turned to him and growled, half silencing him. “Cameron can you please open the windows?” cut in Silver lazily, “I’m freezing and it’s too dark too see.”. Shadow nodded in agreement and Cameron headed to the windows.

Just before completely opening them he cried, “Guys look there’s someone outside!”
“I don’t believe you, just open the windows banana head!” replied Silver
“I’m not joking Sil, just look…”
“Uhhh fine but just in case there is someone I’m getting Shade and Aza!”
“Ok ok, hurry!”
Silver left and soon returned with a still wet Azari and a grumpy Shadow. Together they looked out the tiny window and quickly shut it after seeing what was outside. “I told you…” whispered Cameron.
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