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A world where things aren't as they appear. A girl struggling to compile with the order of her life

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1

The sky was a battle of darkness and light, that created the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I am mesmerized by its bewitching looks. The bright blue hues stained the pastel pink sky as the yellow beams slip into darkness. The tides gently crash against the soft silky smooth sand. The wind gentle kiss blessing our skin. The warm midnight grains grace our feet. I turn my head to face my brother and his friends. My brother and I stare intensely at each other speaking more than words can express. We knew we need to talk. So I dismiss our friends by telling them that we would catch up and that whoever gets to the house first would decide what we are going to do for the next two days.

“What do you want to talk about? or am I missing out for nothing, well, I’m waiting?”I say impatiently. “Don’t disrespect me!” Jacob says softly yet firm “I am older than you and you know better” “Yeah, Yeah,” I say in retaliation. " so Jac, do what you want to go first or should I?” we were silent for 30 seconds before he spoke again and the crashing waves and talkative seagulls are once again erased from my mind. ” good news or bad news what is your news and then we will pick,” he said without thinking that there are more ways to communicate.” Jacob my need to talk to you was for a question not news” I reply. Jacob’s face seemed to be trying to figure out if I was telling the truth or trying to joke with him. Jacob starts to open his mouth while I start playing with my football, kicking it at the stone wall by the private and secluded beach entrance. The wall is a meter behind Jacob it has the same stone pattern going along it with big black and white rocks placed in a way that almost makes a diamond if it wasn’t for that red marks on the wall stain that patterns. My ball is narrowly covering that hideous mark that was made all those years a reminder of why I must obey. I keep trying to hit that mark off the wall while he was talking about how hard it is to be my brother and how hard his job is, the rest gets drowned out by the bouncing of the ball. It’s relaxing just kicking it to the wall and watching it bounce back. kicking the ball watching it fall and land back here. The kicking of the ball. It hits the wall and falls to the floor in a nice pattern. I kick the ball again..........

But Jacob steps in front of me trying to get my attention and the ball hits his leg and I hear an “ow” escape Jacobs’s mouth. I have done it now he can only be nice for so long.” ISABELLE ROSA DE LUCA I AM NOT IN THE MOOD DO NOT TEST MY PATIENCE,” Jacob yells while coming closer to me wrapping my hair in a ball in his fist to remind me who’s in charge. I’m shaking. He loves my fear. “S...s...sorry, what did you want to tell me”. “Sorry for what?” he says expectantly.” s..so..sor..sorry for hurting you b..by k..kick...kicking a football at you” I manage to get out the apology.” And what else?” what else did I do wrong um " f..for di..disre...disrespecting you,” I say in a hush almost whisper “lounder baby sis I can’t hear you” Jacob order pulling harder on my hair bringing me to the verge of tears. “Jacob I’m sorry for di...disre...disrespecting you, It was wrong of me and I should not have done that I also shouldn’t have kicked the ball at you or play with it while you’re talking to me, please forgive me”.I say with tears streaming down my face. Jacob let go. I land on the Dark Green sand yet it feels as I landed on concrete I try getting up when I hear ” stay down, girl”. I obey. He smiles”see was that so hard? no it wasn’t, was it?” it was but I know better than to say that right now “no sir it wasn’t difficult” I know that this might appease him”I promise to do better next time and stay out of trouble”.I hope he clams down oh by the Gods I hope he clams down.

"He’s back and He wants to see you” Jacobs state nonchalantly. ”He can’t be back. Why does he want to see me? What did I do? What type of trouble am I in? JACOB RAPHAEL DE LUCA WHAT DOES HE WANT? AND WHY NOW? OUR BIRTHDAY IS ON THE 22 JUNE THATS TWO WEEKS AWAY” I burst out all the Questions and thoughts racing through my mind.

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