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The Elemental Race

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When I came too I felt a bright light caress my face, opening my eyes I find myself in a dilapidated room filled with a murky air. There was a window and the sun shined brightly through. I felt an energy run through my body, making me feel vigorous and energised “I’m still alive?” He muttered to himself in amazement. Aaron woke up and found himself back in his first life, that ended after a fall from a tree when he was 9.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Cantalenium Planet

Cantalenium Planet, a planet with 10 continents, and they are all split into two sections... The Random Species and the Elemental Species.

The random species side has 4 continents: Avalon, Crescent, Endevora and Zumu.

Avalon Continent/Human Realm, where the Human species resides. It has 4 Kingdoms, and they each practice martial arts or magic. Out of the all Random Species continents, this one is the second strongest.

Endevora Continent/War Realm, is a war zone between the demons and angels, who once used to coexist, but due to a romantic scandal, many many long years ago, they started hating eachother and war has been going on ever since.

They once had a truce for 200 years but another romantic scandal happened and they never agreed with eachother again. Although there is always war, and the urge to get stronger is big, Endevora Continent is the weakest continent of the Random Species, for they only fight each other and can’t tell how high the sky is.

Crescent Continent/Beast Realm is what you would call a peaceful continent, it’s filled with nature and War, Demonic, Divine and Mythical beast of all kind. The reason why it’s so peaceful is because all the beast keep to themselves, they each have their own territory and usually don’t bother with the other beasts territory. Crescent Continent is no less then Avalon Continent, but since beast can be subdued by other races and used as pets or weapons of war, their rank went down to third strongest continent even so, no one dare act arrogantly in front of them...

Well the Avalon and Endevora doesn’t dare to anyway...

Zumu Continent, it’s different from the other three, instead of being filled with families and certain species, Zumu Continent is filled with sects, for all races and species. Every species elite children are required to go to Zumu Continent to learn and select their path in life, sects range from alchemy to beast taming, even things as music sects exist, Zumu is a paradise for the young species. It can map their path in life possibly making it brighter, even giving them the chance to enter the Elemental Realm.

Zumu Continent had been an empty land until 50 years ago when the Elemental race took over it, due to the background of Zumu continent, no one dares act audacious there, thus Zumu continent is the strongest continent.

The last continents are labelled as Elemental Realm, the realm where the overlords of the planet reign, Elementals.

Elementals are lifeforms bred from cantalenium it’s self.

Cantalenium a planet with its own consciousness was arrogant, when it first awakened it realised that strange lifeforms were on it’s self, hurting it and fighting all over, as an arrogant soul it couldn’t handle it.

Who did these lifeforms think they were? Destroying it slowly!

It had to get them into control, and thus thought of the idea to make its own lifeforms, using the useless elements that were taking up space on its planet.

Thus, made were elementals.

Though, when the elementals first came to be it wasn’t as smooth sailing as cantalenium had thought it to be.

What Cantalenium didn’t know was that, Elementals were extremely precious to the other life forms on the planet, when killing an elemental it turned into a physical form of its element and could be used.

A metal elemental would turn into ton of metal, it would be the same for a fate elemental as it would turn into a spirit ball of fate and if one consumed it they would be able to tell the future for a short amount of time, or see the past.

Elementals were heaven sent and when the word got out, all the different lifeforms even the beast tried to get their hands on any of the elementals Cantalenium had made.

Cantalenium’s mistake was that he was too arrogant and decided to create the elementals around these other lifeforms to command them immediately, and failed to realize that the small elements were far to weak to go head to head against these lifeforms that have been around for a long time.

So after all the elementals it had painstakingly made died out, it decided to move them to a far away land and make a border so no lifeforms could go in and no lifeforms could go out, it also re directed all the elements in the air to that area, weakening the other lifeforms a bit while at it.

After doing so it even decided to make a hierarchy among the future Elementals.

All these elements it sees too frequently it’ll move them to one part of the land and name it Common Continent.

For the elements he also sees to often but no as much, it’ll move them to another piece of the land and name it Uncommon Continent.

For the elements that like to hide about but are many it’ll put the on a piece of land it’ll name it Rare Continent.

For the elements that are quite hard to find and are few in number it’ll shove it aside to Super Rare Continent.

And for those very odd never seen before elements it’ll cast them aside to Unique Continent.

And for it’s personal lifeforms, the lifeforms that will truly dominate not only those random species but also the elementals… It’ll make a sacred land that all will envy and die to go to and name it Legendary Continent.

Here lies the end of Cantalenium’s 10 Continents.



Common: Fire, Air, Water, Earth, Yin, Lightning.

Uncommon: Metal, Wood, Yang, Light, Darkness, Gravity, Plant.

Rare: Illusion, Sound, Space, Shadow, Evil, Moon, Sun.

Super Rare: Poison, Magic, Mind, Acid, Soul, Time, Fate, Life, Death, Dream.

Unique: Glass, Elastic, Energy, Necrotic, Blood, Insect.

Legendary: Order, Elementalist, Reality.

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