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The Protectors Trial

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War, famine and carnage is all that was known before the Council was formed over 50 years ago. They consisted of the elders from each faction; Werewolves Vampires Witches And Fae. But to protect this Council from danger is a group of Protectors called the Protectorate all hand picked through multiple trials. Chelsea Frost has grown up living by the rules that the Council has established. As the oldest daughter to her father Alpha Eric Frost of the Amber Moon Pack, she knows she will never be the Alpha. So what started off as a rebellion to being sold off to become a Luna for another pack, she has turned into training to become a Protector. The Protectorate only come around every 5 years and it’s two days away. How will Chelsea’s years of training pay off? Will she meet her mate? Will they be a mate that can give her all of her needs? What other trials will she face? A tale of trials, sex, order, werewolves and a forbidden love. - MATURE THEMES

Fantasy / Romance
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There are a few rules we live by no matter the circumstance; even in death. After hundreds of years of war and famine between the factions of werewolves, vampires, witches and fae. We knew it couldn’t continue, we were inevitably going to die out. Many of the elders from each faction came together to form the Council.

Once the Council was established nearly 50 years ago, they pulled everything into order and aligned all of the factions. They created a set of rules for all of the species to live by to keep everyone safe and alive.

Rule number one, exposing your abilities to humans. We live amongst humans so we have to share the world with them. But don’t get caught changing in to your wolf, using any magic, or feeding in front of them. Seems pretty obvious I’m aware, but you’d be surprised how many times a year it can happen by mistake.

Two, no injuring, maiming or death towards any species. Any disagreements are to be immediately reported to the council to manage it accordingly.

Three, any and all deaths, births and mateships must be reported to the council for documentation. They followed all bloodlines very close every child, every faction. The more they know the more they can protect our way of life.

Four, all children from the age of 13 to 17 are schooled together to build amity between the factions. After you turn 17 you must choose a profession to train in. It can be anything from a nurse, a mechanic even a warrior.

Last but not least, no crossing of bloodlines. There were no writings or documents on cross-breeding or any mateship’s so it was safer to just control those horny emotions and steer clear.

Breaching any rules is a serious offence, if reported you would find yourself with a definite council visit a probable trial and potentially death. In order to maintain these rules a group of warriors was formed. This crew is called ‘The Protectorate’ or ‘Protectors’ for short, they consisted of chosen fighters from all factions.

Protectors dedicate their lives to the council they are given Protector titles and brands. In order to be eligible you must choose to be a warrior in your final year of schooling. Each year they would send the Head of the Protectors with his subordinates to pick and choose new members for the cause. It was an honour to be chosen, and in all of the years only two members had been chosen from our pack. They would rotate which pack they would run trials at our pack was included every 5 years.

The Protectors would become a part of an honoured society sectioned off into areas for certain districts and cities. That is if you survived the training, it was strenuous but in the end entirely worth it for the title. You would be entirely protected by the council and lived as a part of the council, you get a special title depending on your … let’s say personality. Most of the honour came from representing your pack and maintaining harmony and peace for all. Everything has been peaceful and harmonious, for the most part.

I grew up learning about the council from my grandfather, being on the council you are able to mate and have offspring. However, being a Protector you are strictly not able to, because love causes distractions and becoming a Protector is dangerous. No mated species would be accepted as a Protector the Council is the priority.

My grandfather was one of the first members on the council to represent our species, Alpha Edmund Frost of Pack Amber Moon. Being female I can’t take up Alpha in our pack, but my brother Darcy certainly would be when came the time. If I could take it I would, I love my pack and I’ve already spent so much time keeping it safe from rogues.

So I decided I was going to be chosen to do the training to become a part of the Protectorate. I wouldn’t take no for an answer, I wasn’t going to be mated off to another pack to be their Luna this was my pack and if I couldn’t stay to defend it. Then why not defend it all? I wanted to control my own path and this is what I want.

Protector or nothing.

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