The Protectors Trial

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Minds In Check


You know that feeling in your muscles when you haven’t worked out in a while and you just don’t want to move? Multiply it by 5 and you would be getting close to how I feel. I laid in bed staring at the ceiling trying not to move.

Two days till they got here, I was ready. I mean I’d been training from the age of 16. I remember the day I stood up to declare my profession. All of the males thought it was a joke the Alphas daughter chose Warrior as a profession. Little did they know I’d been training with our Beta and my father for years.

Our first assessment was 3 years ago when I was 18, in floor combat human form. I was partnered against Jake the largest most misogynistic piece of shit ever from our pack. It was a challenge that’s for sure, he landed a few blows on me breaking one of my ribs. I like that he didn’t go easy on me, especially when I used his own weight against him tripping him allowed me to slip him into a choke hold. He tried to gouge my eyes out so I dislocated his shoulder which made him immediately tap out. His entire view of me changed that day and he is now happily my best friend.

A knock on my door pulled me from my thoughts, I rolled over to check the door as it creaked open and my mum ducked her head through. She peeked her head through the door and upon noticing my movement she burst into the room and opened my curtains opening my room to the world. She then turned clearly frustrated with her hands sitting on her hips, I sat myself up on my elbows waiting for the bombardment.

I side-eyed over at the clock 1 hour until training, “well, get it over with,” I sighed and waved her to continue.

“Chelsea Ignatius Frost,” Ah using the full name clearly upset, also yes Ignatius I have my grandfathers middle name. “You we’re supposed to help the women at the nursery this morning and you didn’t attend… again.” I know where this is going, I pushed up from the bed and moved over to my wardrobe. She huffed in frustration following after me, I started to get changed into my workout gear. “You need to take your Luna training seriously!” She threw her hands to my cheeks to make me look her in the eyes, she was tearing up.

I sighed wrapping my arms around her pulling her close. “Mum trust me I won’t need the training I’m going to become a Protector, you know I’m ready for this,” she went tense though as I was trying to reassure her. She didn’t want me to get it, she classified it as a death sentence. My uncle had previously become a Protector and he was incredible but the work is difficult and we know the risks. He ended up losing his life during a intelligence mission in London. My mother couldn’t seperate that I wasn’t going to end up like my uncle.

She sobbed tightening her arms around me, “what if you don’t?” I held in a sigh. I slid out of her arms and placed my hands on her shoulders. “Let’s make a deal,” I tried to speak calmly, she wiped her eyes and sniffled keeping my eye contact. I crossed my arms I know I was delaying my Luna training but if I didn’t get Protector I am going to have to start making some hard decisions. I tightened my jaw and locked eyes with her challenging her wolf, she looked away in submission I had Alpha blood she did not. “If, I don’t get the position I will stop trying, and I will start attending all Luna training you see fit.” Her eyes lit up and she smiled hugging me again, “Deal,” she whispered happily.

“Alright, I’ve got to get going Jake’s waiting for me to do some training,” I pulled back rubbing some heat treatment on my sore muscles. She smiled “Thank-you Chells, whatever you become you will be perfect,” she kissed my temple and left me to get ready. I sighed pulling on my shoes I rolled my shoulders doing some quick stretches.

I checked the mirror quickly on my way out. I fixed my hair up into a ponytail. My hair was down to my waist with a light wave it was a dark brown with blonde highlights from all of the sun I’ve gotten. I should probably get it cut again it’s too long and can become an issue in combat. My icy blue eyes held my gaze in the mirror, a fleck of grey rippled through my iris. I could feel Aria my wolf was just started waking up.

As werewolves we live as one being with 2 minds our human and our wolves. Each an individual personality we have the ability to talk to our wolves through a mindlink and we can switch between each mentality. Sometimes in dangerous times my wolf can force herself to the front to protect us. We also have to split time for our wolves to be themselves otherwise shutting your wolf out can cause you to lose them all together.

Good morning Aria. I smiled watching my eyes change from blue to grey.

Chells! Morning it’s nearly time! Two days!

Oof thanks for the reminder.

I chewed the side of my cheek my lips are quite full and really well shaped. My nose however, I sighed, you can tell I’ve broken it a few times. Slightly off centre but still it’s cute in a weird way, I think it shows my strength. I was wearing black tights and a turquoise sports bra, I could see some bruises on my ribs.

I smiled wider shaking my head, I looked over at the clock. Shit! I ran down the stairs of the pack house trying not to run into anyone. Fuck fuck fuck! I am so dead. I rounded into the kitchen of the packhouse grabbing a bottle of water and I poured some cold brew coffee to bring with me.

I ran out the front door and instantly noticed the rain groaning in frustration, I pulled my water bottle and coffee close to my body as I started to lightly jog to the gym. I knew today we were only working through some stretches and light floor work, we didn’t want our bodies to be entirely destroyed for the test. Jake was going to give me so much shit about being late.

I finally made it to the large modern concrete building and slipped inside all of my senses were immediately met with the smell of sweat a little blood and heat at this time of year in Vermont it gets cold, late October it’s so dreary. I took a deep inhale closing my eyes briefly this is my place of solitude and sanctuary.

The gym was separated into 3 different courts, one for private hire which is where I was heading. Two others used for warrior training and school classes. As I passed through hall 2 there were a group of 16 year olds practicing some light hand to hand combat. I stopped in my tracks when I saw a boy pull on a girls long blonde braids from behind. I went to go and help when she jabbed her elbow back into his sternum and bringing her fist back up to punch I’m in the face. Blood starting blasting from his nose, I stifled my laugh but it was too late as all eyes turned on me. I smiled at the young girl and gave her a nod of acknowledgment, she had large brown eyes and she sent me a wide grin. I’d seen her around the pack house sometimes hanging out with my younger brother, Amelia was her name. I nodded my head in appreciation as I turned to head to the other hall. I stepped through the doors into hall 3 and looked over people working out. I started looking around for Jake taking another sip of coffee. I sat my beverages down on the far side of the hall next to a large training mat, it was our usual spot.

I went to turn to the mat and I was picked up in a hug.

“Jake!” I giggled as I tried to wrap my arms around his back.

“The princess has decided to grace me with her presence,” he softly spoke into my neck.

I could feel eyes on us as he swung me around, “please don’t throw me on the mat,” I groaned.

His deep laugh vibrated through my body, he had thought about it. He set me back down slowly releasing me fin the hug. I stepped back to take him in, he always smelt so good fresh cologne that blended with his natural musk. He stood 6 foot 4, Dark brown hair windswept and mossy green eyes with a light stubble. His smile could easily light up a dark room, other she wolves had their eyes on him. Ever since we turned 18, we quickly noticed that our mates weren’t apart of our pack. It made life so easy, if we were mated we couldn’t become Protectors. It opened us up to having fun elsewhere, no connections just fun. He could have any she wolves in our pack, but after I dislocated his shoulder he never left my side.

I could see wanting in his eyes, I shook my head he couldn’t get enough. I stepped around him to the mat where I started to stretch.

“Sorry I’m late,” I mumbled as I sat cross legged stretching my neck and arms. He sighed turning around and came into a sitting position in front of me.

“What’s on your mind?” He said lowly assessing my facial expression.

“It’s two days away, I’m a wreck,” I shook my head looking up at him. “What if I’m not chosen?”

He shook his head placing his hands on my knees, “we both know what happens when you underestimate someone, especially you.” He flashed me a smile and patted my knees standing back up.

“It’s all going to be okay, we will find out in a few days anyway.”

I nodded I know he’s right but I still can’t shake it, I’m anxious everything seems heightened and Aria was tense too. I looked back up at him “Can we?”

“Run?” His eyes widened a little as he spoke, it must have been a while since he’s been out too.

I jumped up crossing the mat to my coffee as soon as I hit my lips I finished it instantly. I made my way to the back exit, Jake was already there holding the door for me.

We made our way to the pack change rooms we had many around the boundary for pack members to store their clothes when they went out running. The change rooms were like a little wooden shack with multiple dressing rooms. I stripped off and packed my clothes away as werewolves we don’t have issues being naked. Jake slipped into my change room wrapping his arms around me. I sighed “I do need to go for a run,” his lips met my shoulder. I felt his teeth elongate against my skin, I moaned lightly turning around placing a hand on his chest pushing him back.

“We have to keep our minds in check, Jake?” His eyes had gone black with lust. I needed to get out of here, I growled looking into his eyes letting Aria come to the front. He tried to challenge my Alpha after a while he looked away defeated.

“I’m sorry, we can’t get distracted.” I placed my hands on his cheeks, he tried not to look at me. I placed a quick kiss to his lips, “we talked about this, the last time was it.”

He nodded grabbing my hands on his face shifting away from me to leave. He was still my best friend regardless of everything we have been through. A smile returned to my face as I ran past him slapping him on the ass. I glanced back to see frustration and embarrassment cross over his face as I ran out the door to shift.

Aria was a black wolf with a few white patches. Racing off into the tree line she glanced back to Jake’s dark brown wolf, his name was Jackson. Aria did not like Jackson at all he was too childish.

We ran around for a few hours hung out at our favourite waterfall, it was late afternoon when we got back to the change rooms. After we changed back Jake wrapped me in a hug, he was calmer now. He placed one hand around my waist and the other one in my hair.

“I won’t see you again until the trial.” I knew what was coming, I could feel tears well in my eyes. He pulled back placing his hands on my face, his eyes were misty. “You’ve trained for this, you’re going to make it, don’t take no as an answer.”

He smashed his lips to mine, I wrapped my arms around his neck pulling me closer. I bit his lower lip as he slipped his tongue into my mouth, I moaned lightly pressing my body against his. Aria was growling in my head she didn’t like us being with anyone that wasn’t our mate.

I sighed pressing my forehead to his, “we’ve got this, we will both get in.” I knew it was a lie but he wouldn’t be able to tell, they never would take two from our pack. His eyes lit up a little, “I’ll see you soon,” I pressed a final kiss to his lips as I turned away. I got dressed and headed back to the pack house. I shared one final glance at Jake I could see his shadow walking back to his packhouse.

I took in the packhouse as I approached, I grew up here in this 4 story wooden house.
It had a beautiful green roof and awnings. Large bay windows as I got to the front steps I felt my stomach rumble. I missed out on food today and I was starving, the smell of food hit my nose making me walk faster. I made my way to the kitchen, Nylita had outdone herself today. The food spread was amazing steaks marinated in garlic butter, lamb chops, chicken kiev, mash potatoes, so many greens and vegetables. I grabbed a plate and started to pile food onto my plate.

I turned and noticed my parents eating at the head of the table. My father Eric Antonio Frost, he had dark brown hair and strong features looked 30 but was in his mid 50s. What can I say? We werewolves are well. I quickly made my way over to sit across from my mother, her eyes flicked to me as she beamed. Clearly she’s still excited about our agreement I made earlier.

“Hello Dad,” I smiled at him as I started eating.

He looked over from my mother smiling, I know parents can’t have favourites. But I knew I was my fathers favourite; my sense of duty and respect exceeded my brothers. The only issue was I was female I couldn’t take his place, I have Alpha blood only a male could become an Alpha.

“Hello Chells, how is training going?”

My brother Darcy came over and sat beside me digging into his food, he didn’t say much but we all turned to look at him.

“It’s going well, I’m excited to get it over with.” Darcy looked up and over at us with his mouthful. “Wh-ut?” He looked around at us raising his eyebrows. His dirty blonde hair was up to his shoulders and his icy blue eyes were almost comical. I can’t believe this guy was going to take over the pack in 7 years time. He had just turned 18 I was 3 years older than him being 21, it was tradition the first male heir of the Alpha become the head of the pack. Within saying that he wouldn’t choose a profession he would have to only train to be an Alpha.

“Excited to finish school?” I smiled brightly, he rolled his eyes.

He swallowed and rolled out his shoulders, “I guess, finally get to start real training,” he smiled back at me. I slowly continued with my food in silence, until my mother’s voice pulled my attention.

“Eric, we have all of the decorations ready for the arrivals tomorrow, was there anything else you need me to help with,” he shook his head smiling up at her.

“Everything has been organised, I’ve got a meeting with other surrounding alphas to bring their members that want to do the trial again.” He looked over to me “I don’t think they have a chance though,” I smiled back finishing my food.

I said my good nights, heading upstairs to prep a hot epsom salt bath for my sore muscles.
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