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If you ask people about me the general consensus is "stay away from her she's fucking crazy" but I couldn't give two shits. Found feral, dirty and suffering from severe amnesia Loviatar has had no one most of her life until she finds a true home with a family of people who are as damaged as she is. Gilgamesh lost his whole pack to Rogues and was hidden in the foster system. If it wasn't for his chosen mate Loviatar would he have gone completely mad? When young boys start to go missing and their newfound family is targeted. The trail leads to answers for the past of both Via and Gil. This novel has fated mates and chosen. Both Werewolves and Lycan. It contains struggles with mental illness and loss, but also personal discovery and love not designed by fate. Sexual scenes and strong language 18+ This story has a strong female lead and if you're looking for an omg he's my fated mate! Story this is not for you this story is about true love that's forged through friendship and time...sometimes you need to give fate the middle 🖕

Fantasy / Romance
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11 years ago.

My eyes are closing to the sweet sound of my mother's lullaby. The curiousness of dads abscence during dinner and the rigid attitude my mother carried as she prepared us for bed lost to her Song.
Just as I'm about to fall under the comforting darkness of oblivion Arabella's irritating voice squeaks.

"You know I'm too old for lullabies and tucking in right mamaa!"

" You believe so my flower? Shall I leave then? " My mother retorts in a teasing tone.

Even with my eyes shut, I can see the gleam of laughter in her eyes as she stops tucking Arabella in.

"Huugghhmmppff well you may as well finish seeing as you're halfway through".

I tune out the rest of their chat, Earlier Arabella had sobbed at me for goddess knows what reason declaring; she wished I didn't exist and that being my twin was certainly retribution by the goddess for her past sins. We're only 7 what the heck happened? So I'm a little pissed at her.

We were born on a new moon I was born first at precisely 3 am my sister came after 10 minutes they said she had problems with her umbilical cord.
We're fraternal twins, maybe she wouldn't feel this way if we were identical I've heard that sharing the same birth bubble gives identical twins special mental powers or something.


I'm jarred from my inner musings to the blaring alarm


My eyes flutter open impossible our home is so well guarded this is ridiculous.

"Probably just a cat again....." I began to say, but there's fear on my mother's face that speaks of things I don't understand a reality I can't begin to comprehend.

"Get behind me girls and if anything happens run! Promise me you will run" I've never heard my mother's voice shake like this. joking yes, angry more than I would like, loving most of my life ...But never terrified. What was going on?... "Promise" we whisper.

The bedroom door is torn to shreds as five rabid Lycan blast through, leaving destroyed fragments hanging off the lingering hinges.
The first thing that registers is the horrendous smell flowing from the group, they look bestial their mouths drooling froth, eyes bloodshot and tinged yellow.

The first two storm my mother but she's quick to defend. I sweep the room keeping my promise to my mother first and foremost. It's obvious Arabella and I are no match for these grown adults.

my eyes snap to a Lycan choking Arabella against the corner of her bed, with no fighting skills she's rapidly losing consciousness. I'm not going to make it in time.

My mother's hands are claws tearing him away from her, the two who charged her are lying on the floor in pieces she has a few serious-looking injuries that are bleeding far too much, I'm not surprised she's come out on top she's the best among warriors we have. I've seen her spar before but goddess nothing like this bloodshed.

My eyes meet my sisters across the room. She's gasping for breath, there's two Lycan left and one sends my sister flying through the room striking the door frame like a ragdoll. Lycan scum! They're struggling to drag her out the door.
Idiot I need to think! Goddess, I'm not able but I need to do something anything Arabella lacks any skill whatsoever in combat, she's limp right now, she has far less of a chance than me.

I go to lunge forward as a loud bang sounds. I can't move....omg I can't move !! there's a burning pain in my side I look down at a large dart stabbing out of my hip.
Within seconds I'm shrieking, my blood is raging in my veins.
My bones are cracking, I feel something puncture and abruptly I'm drowning in my attempt at breaths. There's nothing but agony.
My mind doesn't feel right it's splitting in two, this suffering is too much.

"What the fuck are you doing that's all we have" the voice is gruff

"She got in the way, I'm not a fucken marksmen" that voice sounds vacant and bitter.

Mother tears a heart from its chest.......

All I hear are her howls......

All I see are her dull eyes.......

I'm fracturing, breaking like glass shattering.....




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