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"fuck" I run hands through my hair; it's saturated with sweat, what the hell was I dreaming about?. Damn, I need to get out of bed before someone come looking.

Todays the day, I know everyone is loitering downstairs I can scent their excitement....and is that frustration?
One last appraisal in the mirror and I'm ready; stonewashed ripped jeans gripping my curves, my black fishnet stockings peeking through the tears and my trustee green day crop top.
Bring on 18!

I attempted to put my hair in a messy bun although most of it kept falling out, I huff in annoyance giving my traitorous hair the evils.
I wish my hair wasn't so silky it would be more manageable, it's a dark amethyst and it's the only thing I love about it.
I think my hair colour and eyes are my best traits.
I have sickly pale skin and a big pouty mouth...... I'm not receiving any awards But my eyes! I used to wonder if my birth parents had them.
A dark pupil that bleeds amethyst into my silver iris edged in a deep navy blue, imprisoned by long full lashes I wouldn't want for any other eyes I reckon they're perfect.

"Morning bonbon, happy birthday"

"Goddess Dad knock !" I feign outrage

" I needed to be the first to say it, so don't tell the others?" he chuckles snatching me to hug him tight and to my utter humiliation, I start crying.

"Sorry dad" looking up I try again "you're the best dad" I pause to wipe my nose on his shirt

"we could ever have" he helps to wipe my tears away "I'm just so thankful" I finally gasp out.

" Warrior!" Jackson sighs staring at the roof to fake he doesn't have tears in his eyes " you're all so special to your mother and me, you are a gift an incredible gift from the goddess herself, all of you are!"

Is there anything better than dad hugs?? If you disagree you're a total liar!. I treasure every hug, for a long time I had nothing and no one.

It took a few years to trust Kathrine and Jackson after they adopted me at 10, they were the last hope for me in all honesty, Sheila my caseworker was on her last leg with possible placements for me after the last one ended so fatally.

After everything, I didn't believe in this goddess everyone worshipped..........
until she sent Kathrine and Jackson to me, they truly saved what's left of my soul.

Found as a stowaway aboard a fisheries ship, Nude but for smudges of blood and dirt, feral enough to kill two crew members who were only attempting to help me, the crew named me Loviatar. I don't remember killing them but I live with that remorse..what about their families!

Heavy sedation was used to move me into a community care centre, officers were hoping my family members would show up, but after a month I was placed in the foster system.

I was introduced to Sheila as a caseworker and psychologist they were hoping she could help me overcome my amnesia and as she's mentioned more than necessary, my anger issues.
I'll tell you this much for free that woman is a saint, if I was lumped with a deranged, feral Lycan pup can't say I'd stick around (sorry not sorry past me you were batshit).

"Bonbon are you even listening!?" Jackson shakes me slightly.

"What? I mean, of course, I am?"

His blue eyes bleed to gold his wolf catching my lie....damn too deep into my mind whoops

"Pup is everything okay?" His voice is gruff with his wolf, concerned eyes stripping away my barriers

"Sorry dad don't worry I was just thinking" I lean into his warmth

"And you know what, I'm such an old lady now I'll never make it down the stairs in one piece"
A laugh so bright and comforting surrounds me
"well then let's not keep everyone waiting for you, old bag"

Snickering I take his outstretched arm " Better get my walker" my smile reach's ear to ear. This is going to be a great day.

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