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Lorriane's Forever//Sample

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As soon as Lorraine thinks her life can't get any crazier, it does just that. Not only has her big sister been mated to a prince, she has been mated to one of the Prince's young warriors. Can Lorraine accept all the new changes and her unexpected mate? Or will the thought of being mated to someone she doesn't know be too much?

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Chapter 1 Rescue


"My King, I must mark my mate. She is unconscious and can not give her consent....but her home is too dangerous for her to return to," I explain as I go back and forth in my mind about what's best.

King Ethan looks torn as he glances down at my mate's sister.

"Miranda...love, he is right. I pray we captured all the members of this group, but I can't be positive. Returning to your house will place both of you in danger. I can vouch for our pack member. He is young but reliable and trustworthy. He was a member of Riverstone before the veil, so I have witnessed him growing up," he explains to her and my breath catches as I wait her decision.

"Okay," she whispers after a few tense seconds, and I exhale before looking back down at my gorgeous mate.

Even with her sister's consent, I know marking her is risky. But being able to watch over her is the most important thing right now. I lower my head, and Heath's glee makes my heart flutter as we both try to gently mark our mate.

As soon as I lick the wound, I smile. Nothing in this world will ever matter to me more than this beautiful woman....and I haven't even seen her eyes yet.

Heath- we don't need to, Mitch. Look at her. She is flawless, and her honey oatmeal smell is heavenly

Mitch- Couldn't have said it better.

I mumble back to my wolf as I step through the veil. My legs immediately take me in the direction of the makeshift clinic we made about a month back. Lorraine needs medical attention. Her heart rate is steady, but the fact she didn't even flinch when I marked her is concerning.

"Dr. Bayle," I call as soon as I enter the large tent that is mostly empty.

"Yes, I'm in the back," he replies, and I head towards a small sectioned-off portion he is using as his office.

"Hey doc, my mate here has been unconscious for at least two hours. I'm worried," I say the second I am in his view.

He looks up from the book he is reading and sniffs.

"Human," he says, and I nod.

"She was just rescued..along with our new Queen. A disgruntled pack member was holding them both hostage as leverage against the king. I dont see any blood....but she didn't even flinch when I marked her," I admit a little hesitantly

Dr. Bayle raises his eyebrow but doesn't comment on the fact I just admitted to marking an unconscious human mate.

"Alright, well, let's get her looked at," Dr. Bayle says as he stands to his feet and begins leading me to a medical table.

My heartbeat quickens a bit as I think about the limited resources we have here....there isn't even an x-ray machine. For wolves who heal quickly, the make-shift clinic has been enough. Human mates have been able to cross over for their regular check-ups. A couple have even gone to the human realm to check on their new growing pups inside of them. I brought Lorraine to our ill-equipped clinic...and marked her without consent to get her here.

Heath-we should have taken her to a human hospital. The doctor isn't equipped here.

Heath growls as my panicking thoughts begin to cause him unease. We were so focused on wanting her near us we thought this was the best option. But our first decision for her well-being doesn't seem to be a good one.

I squeeze Lorraine's warm body closer as I think over my options.

"Calm down, boy. I know what you're thinking.....Trust me.....if she needs more medical attention than I can give her, we will get her back there. Just let me take a look," Dr. Bayle says, breaking my mental struggle.

I look the older doctor over before finally nodding. He is reliable. I've known him my whole life. He wouldn't fail in making sure Lorraine gets what she needs.

"Sorry, I guess I'm just panicking," I admit as I slowly place Lorraine on the crinkly paper.

"Marking your mate while she is unconscious....Boy, you better be panicking. I have been mated for going on thirty-one years, and let me tell you....you are in trouble," Dr. Bayle says as he gently begins to look over my stunning mate.

Heath actually whimpers in my mind as my eyes widen in fear.

"That bad," I ask while grimacing, and he shoots me an "are you kidding" look.

He refocuses on Lorraine's check-up, and my eyes fall to my mate's face. Each time I look at her, I get the urge to pinch myself. My mate is gorgeous with her milk chocolate-colored skin, healthy shoulder-length black curls, full curves in the front and the back, thick, powerful legs......Everything about her is show-stopping. I'm honestly concerned that when she wakes up and sees the average-looking wolf that she is paired with, she will be disappointed. She is a female of quality and me...I come from an average family—nothing special about us. For a werewolf, I am barely considered cute. Pair that with me marking her without consent......

"It looks like he drugged her with chloroform. He probably didn't know how much he should use and overdid it. She will wake up with a headache but nothing else. Especially since you marked her," Dr. Bayle says, and I nod.

"Hey, umm, are you okay? You look kinda green there, pup," Dr. Bayle says, and I quickly glance at him before looking back at Lorraine.

"Yeah, umm, could you mindlink me when she wakes up. My wolf is a little antsy. I'm gonna let him run for bit," I say before looking her over one more time.

I turn and rush out of the tent.

Heath- We aren't ugly!

Mitch- We aren't high enough quality for her. I can tell you that.

I snap back before blocking him out and heading for my cabin I was able to build with the help of my uncles.

What am I going to say when she wakes up? "Hey, my name is Mitch...I'm your mate. I marked you while you were passed out. We are mated for life."

Bile rises in my throat right as I get to my door, so I bend over and spill my last meal everywhere. Never in my life have I been this scared. Never have I felt this inadequate. She-wolves have never really shown me any interest. Why should they, with all the male wolf hunks running around? And human females have always called me cute. Never handsome or sexy like the other males of my species. But I haven't been around that many human females—just the ones who visited Riverstone........maybe Lorraine will find me attractive. Doubt it.....but maybe.


"Good morning," a male voice says as my eyes adjust to see the room I'm in.

Well, tent I am in... Where am I?

"Who, who are you," I manage to ask even though my throat feels like I just survived three months in the sharara dessert.

"My name is Dr. Bayle. You are in Riverstone and under my care. Your Sister Miranda is also in this realm. The two of you were attacked in the wee hours of the morning. Your mate brought you here to make sure you were safe. Don't worry, I mindlinked him. He will be here shortly," the doctor explains, and my eyes feel as if they left my head.

"My what, will be here shortly," I ask in a stronger voice.

He gives me a smile and steps closer to my bedside.

"Your mate. Give him a chance to explain before letting him have it..... Please. He only did what he thought was best for you at the time. And if I have heard correctly, Queen Miranda okayed his actions," the doctor whispers, and my mind feels like it is being put through a blender.

Nothing he is saying is making any sense. I don't have a mate. Miranda has a mate. What did he do to me that would require being okayed?

As I try to piece together what has happened, I hear footsteps running towards the open flap at the front of the tent. My breath catches as I wait to see who my supposed mate is and when a medium build white guy pulls back the flap, I almost roll my eyes.

He can't be my mate.

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