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Chapter 2 Strangers


Dr. Bayle- Mitch, your mate, is finally waking up.

Mitch- Be right there.

My nerves over meeting my mate have lessened due to how long Lorraine has been sleeping. I never thought I could miss someone I've never actually met, but I do. Heath and I haven't been able to focus on anything really.

Heath- Run

I begin to jog at my wolf's request, but I keep the pace slow. I'm still not sure how I'm going to explain marking her. I don't want to wait and have her feel it or are it before I say anything. So this first meeting between us will include me telling her and her probably getting mad. Great.

As soon as I pull back, the tent flap, and my eyes land on my mate's beautiful face. Pure joy explodes through me. But my happiness only lasts a moment because Lorraine's emotions mirror my earlier fears.

Surprise, disbelief, and denial wash over me from her as her facial features settle on a polite but cold expression. Heath whimpers, and my heart practically cracks in half.

"Umm, hi...I'm Mitch," I say with my hand out after stopping next to her hospital bed.

"Lorraine," she manages to whisper before shaking my hand.

I smile when the small gasp leaves her in response to our bond tingles.

'Here, Lorraine," Dr. Bayle says as he approaches with a bottle of water.

She gives him a gracious smile before twisting off the cap and downing half the bottle. My eyes can't help but travel over her neck as she drinks. And when they land on her mark, pride fills me.

"Aww, thank you so much," Lorraine says when she finally stops downing water.

Dr. Bayle nods and smiles before walking away.

"Umm, so you are my mate," Lorraine asks, and my muscles tense.

"Yes. Yes, I am. I smelled you when King Ethan sent us out to save Queen Miranda. Your scent was all over her house and entangled with hers as it left the house," I answer, and her eyes get a somewhat frantic look to them.

"Where is my sister is she okay," Lorraine asks, and I nod.

"Yes. The kidnapper did hurt her during the kidnapping, but she healed. Ethan shredded him the minute we found you......Umm, I have to tell you something else," I say previously as Heath whines for me to wait.

"What," Lorraine asks while letting her eyes flick over me.

I gulp a little while, looking away.

"I, umm. When we rescued the two of you I made the decision to bring you through the veil. And in order for you to pass through....you had to be marked. Your sister weighed the options with me and said okay.....And I umm, I marked you," I explain as her eyes widen with shock and anger.

"You marked me," Lorraine whispers as she raises her hand to graze her neck.

I nod while trying not to flinch at the level of anger beginning to build within our new bond.

"You marked me as yours.....before I knew your name," Lorraine asks as she slowly begins to move to the edge of her bed.

I nod again. Heath is whimpering in my head loudly as we watch her move towards me. I already know what's coming. All her emotions are saying the same thing.

I take a step back as she slowly stands up to face me. I almost smile at the difference in our heights, but I refrain; my mate is furious.

"You thought it would be best if you marked me as yours before we had spoken one word to each other," she says, and I again nod.

As soon as my head stills, Lorraine lets her hand fly. Her soft palm cracks across my left cheek, and my face turns to the side.


I keep my face turned in the direction she slapped me and wait. She can hit me as many times as she needs. I have already came to the conclusion I acted irrationally. My mate and I could have gone to a human hospital. Then we could have stayed at her home. I could have protected her there. I'm not the strongest fighter, but if it came down to her safety, I would fight to the death. Shoot, we could have even rented a motel. I had other options; I chose to go with the one that stole her choice and tied her to a stranger.

"SAY SOMETHING," she screams, and I drop my head.

I keep my eyes down in submission. My wolf and I are not upper-level wolves, and Lorraine's aggression is pretty imposing.

"I apologize for not choosing correctly at the time. After marking you and bringing you here, I came to the same conclusion.....I understand your anger," I say while restraining Heath, so he doesn't show our neck.

Lorraine stays quiet for a few minutes, and I don't dare move. She deserves to express her rage. At least she hasn't rejected me.

'Hey, umm, I'm sorry I slapped you," she says after another moment, and I nod again.

"Can you look up? I feel like I'm scolding a really tall child," she snaps, and I cautiously raise my eyes.

"What you did wasn't right....but I do appreciate you, I guess caring. And thank you for being a part of my rescue team....I feel awkward. I just hit you...and we don't really know each other," Lorraine ends up mumbling, and I smile.

"You can ask me anything you want. My name is Mitchell Yates. I go by Mitch. I'm twenty years old. Both my parents are living. I have two younger sisters. One was of mating age, so when all the wolves came together, she found her mate. She is in the South pack. My other sister is still a minor, so she is still at home. I just became a warrior, so I'm not the best fighter yet, but I am working on it. I do have my own cabin. I have been hoping to find my mate, so my uncle helped me build it. Umm.....what else....I'm six foot three. I'm on the slimmer side for being a werewolf. My wolf is tan with brown. His name is Heath. He loves you already. I think you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen........I," I rattle off before she holds her hand up.

"I won't remember all that. I just woke up. Umm...I would like to go home. Could you possibly take me," she asks, and my heart drops.

Fear and longing stab me as hope begins to flow from her side of our bond.

"Umm. I don't think it is safe. I would say yes if you were to allow me to stay with you...but I dont think you will agree to that right now. Why don't you stay in the Royal mansion? Miranda is staying there too. That way, I know you are safe. I will go to your house and pack you a bag," I explain quickly as her frustration begins to grow again.

She sighs and rolls her eyes a little before muttering, "fine."

"Umm, I can take you there now. I bet you need something to eat," I say softly before reaching for her hand.

She pulls it away and glares at me.

"Sorry," I mumble before turning and heading for the tent flap.

Lorraine follows behind me quietly while going through several different emotions that throw me for a loop.

Heath- we need help

Mitch- what do you mean?

Heath- we need advice from an older wolf. Mate is confusing me.

Mitch- okay, yeah, that sounds smart. Good idea, buddy.

Heath gives me a happy yip at my praise, and we refocus on leading our gorgeous mate to her new home. Hopefully she will be happier after seeing her sister and me bringing her some of her personal items.

I hope.

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