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Chapter 4 Sister love


A few knocks sound on my bedroom door, and I grumpily push my covers down. Yesterday was so dull. Mitch only popped in for a few hours, and Miranda was out with Ethan handling some Royal duties. I haven't even seen her since before we were kidnapped.

I am over hanging out with Louise and the other omegas. I have read all the books I want to read in Ethan's library, and I officially have cabin fever.

I open the door and smile instantly before yanking my sister in for a hug.

"Oh my God, you are a sight for sore eyes," I mumble while squeezing her right.

She returns my hug with just as much enthusiasm before pulling back and looking guilty.

"I'm so sorry I haven't seen you. I got catch up in the matebond, and then we had to go handle some pack business for another pack. But I'm here now," Miranda says, and I give her a knowing smirk in regards to her matebond comment.

"Oh hush," she giggles, and I smile while following her to my messy bed.

She sits down, and I sit in front of her.

"What pack business did you have to go handle," I ask to start a conversation that doesn't involve Mitch.

"One of the Alphas, Alpha Andrew, was being challenged by five members of his pack. Supposedly the five were rogues before the veil was put up and not the good kind. They ran gangs and used their werewolf abilities to take advantage of humans. So basically, they wanted control and power....... It was awful. Ethan ended up fighting the last one because he got cocky and accidentally issued a challenge against the throne. I was so scared. I didn't watch any of it. I held onto Ethan for most of it," Miranda explains, and I raise my eyebrows.

"You seriously didn't even watch," I ask, and she shakes her head.

She looks ashamed of her actions but slightly traumatized also.

"I am so over blood. Even if it isn't mine being spilled," she explains before shivering.

"Okay, well...Ethan handled it, so no worries," I say, trying to push her past the uncomfortable thoughts.

I stand up and walk over to my hair supplies Mitch brought me from our house.

"I think I need a vacation. My stress is through the roof, Raine. My hair is falling out...If I'm not in Ethan's arms while sleeping, I dream about Marcus and Bryan hurting me. I just need a break from everything werewolf for a few days," Miranda says, and I pause before turning towards her.

"So let's go visit mom and dad. You haven't seen them in forever. We could do some sea turtle watching and introduce them to our new men," I say excitedly.

Bryan kept Miranda from visiting mom and dad for so long. They will be so happy to see her, and it will get me out of the boring mansion.

"That sounds good. I will run it by Ethan. But speaking of men...Who is this Mitch guy? What have you learned about him," Miranda asks, and I realize I did mention Mitch as my guy.

I grin a little before shrugging.

"I didn't really see him the day you were gone because they had me in their makeshift clinic place. And yesterday we only spent a few hours together. I've mostly been hanging out with the omegas that run your mate's mansion. Mitch seems to work a bunch," I explain, and she smiles at me with sparkling eyes.

"You are punishing him, aren't you," she says with her all-knowing big sister voice, and I stick out my tongue at her.

"Yes. The guy bit me and marked me as his before I even knew his name. He won't let me go home for anything. He did bring me some of my stuff. But he says it's too dangerous for me at home," I rant before grabbing my comb to tame my bedhead.

"And I guess this is when I talk some sense into you like you did me....right," she says, and I laugh as I remember telling her that she should give Ethan a chance.

I section my hair slowly as I work up the courage to explain my shallow reason for being a little hesitant.

"I get it, I do. We were in danger, and it was the only way I could enter this realm. I just...," I mumble before pausing and looking down in shame.

"What," she asks, and I meet her eyes briefly before whispering, "I never thought my soulmate would be a white guy."

I hold my breath as I wait for my sister's reaction to my old-fashioned thinking, but when Miranda starts laughing, my nerves immediately vanish.

"Pulling out the race card. I am appalled, sister," she says before placing the back of her hand to her forehead.

"It's not that I have a problem with it. I love you, you dork! It's just surprising......I've never dated a white guy," I explain quickly, trying to reassure her.

Being the adopted white kid in an all-black family has never seemed to bother Miranda, but I don't want her thinking I see only color. I love my sister. She could be purple with green polka dots, and I would love her.

"Has he mentioned it," she asks, looking only curious and not at all hurt by my statement.

"No, and he looks at me like I am Miss America. He definitely doesn't seem to mind... it's just weird to me. I always envisioned myself marrying a black guy. Of course, I never thought I would be mated to a wolf either," I explain while placing the rubber band in my hair.

"Just take it in steps. Making a trip to mom and dad's will be good for both of us. I could take the mental break I desperately need, and you could bond with your " white guy," she says jokingly, and I shoot a hair tie at her.

My nerves ease a bit as I watch my sister's happy face.

"Can you imagine Dad's face when we get there? Both his little girls mated to werewolves....he is going to need a blood pressure pill on sight," I joke, feeding off of her happy energy.

"Yeah....and he doesn't get to walk us down the aisle....oh man, mom is gonna be so mad," Miranda says, and a stab of sadness slices through my heart for our parents.

"Yeah...maybe we can convince our wolves to give us our big weddings. Our parents deserve to see us walk down the aisle," I say as I sit back down in front of her.

"Well, I better go see what Ethan has going on. He has been calling Alpha James quite a bit. Apparently, he is Ethan's like great-great-nephew or something. But the packs are still having some minor problems when it comes to organization and how their new barter system is going to work. It sounds like Ethan wants each pack to master a skill or produce a specific product to trade. Like maybe the South could grow wheat or learn how to weld...stuff like that," she says, and my eyebrows shoot up as my mind explodes over what they have to work through.

"That sounds stressful—a complete world do-over. I am happy to remain in the background for this one," I say, and Miranda laughs while nodding.

"Me too, I don't really know what my role is, but Ethan seems to have a system," she says before giving me one of her small hugs.

Miranda is the best at giving hugs and feeding me her warmth. As far as big sisters go, I wouldn't trade mine for the world. I am so glad Bryan is gone, and Miranda is safe. Ethan seems to be a great match.....maybe I should give Mitch a chance.

"Love you," I say, and Miranda smiles with knowing eyes.

"Love you too," she says, and my heart squeezes.

My day went from mopey to happy, and all it took was twenty minutes of small talk with Miranda. Thank Goodness for older siblings.

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