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Chapter 5 Promises


Mitch- Alpha had to reschedule, but we get to speak with him today so, chill.

Heath- you are putting off spending time with her until we speak with him, so, no, I will not "chill."

Heath growls, and I roll my eyes as I get dressed. Yes, it has been hard distancing from Lorraine, but I think it has had a positive effect. Yesterday she was excited to see us and sad when I said we had to go. Her side of the matebond seems to be growing, and I'm not being clingy.

Her emotions are constantly irritated when we aren't around, and part of her longs for us when we aren't there. In my eyes, my idea has been a success.

I finish tying my shoes and head out. My tiny cabin definitely looks more like a home now. I even went and purchased furniture that is similar in style to the furniture in her house. Alpha King gave us all a limitless allowance when he sent us to the human realm to search for our mates, so I'm not concerned with money. I will get her anything she needs if it convinces her to stay with me.

I get close to Ethan's office, so I decide to mindlink him. It would suck if I show up and he forgot we were going to talk today.

Mitch- Alpha King, I am outside. Are you still available to talk?

Ethan- Yes, come in.

Alpha smiles at me as I enter, and my nerves drop a little. My family has never been among the top, and I don't think any of us have ever been inside Ethan's office, but I guess there is a first time for everything.

"Afternoon Alpha, thank you for seeing me," I say as I sit down in one of the chairs facing his desk.

"Call me Ethan. We are brothers-in-law. What can I do for you," Ethan says, and I almost drop my mouth in shock. I hadn't even thought about the implications of being Lorraine's mate. I am the Alpha King's Brother-in-law....Me.

"Oh, umm, okay. Well, Ethan...I need some relationship advice," I blurt while trying to refocus on the reason I'm here.

Ethan's eyes widen, and he looks as surprised as I felt not half a second ago......then he laughs. The Alpha King, laughing. I never thought I would see the day. He is acting entirely out of character, and like me, asking for relationship advice is the funniest thing in the world.

"You came to me for relationship advice," he asks while wiping his eyes and trying to control his chuckles.

I just nod. I have no idea what I said to make him laugh, but I feel like I'm not in reality.

"You came to the wrong place, brother. Miranda is the only woman I have ever been with, and so far, I wouldn't suggest taking pointers from me," he explains, and my brain explodes.

He begins to laugh again, and my mouth falls open. I can't tell if he is trying to play me or not. He is the living, breathing symbol of sex, and he is trying to tell me he has zero experience.

"No way, man. You walk around, and the she-wolves drool. You are almost a century-old... You are trying to tell me you have never been with anyone before, your mate," I ask suspiciously, trying to read him.

"I swear on the Goddess above," he says while raising his hand and smiling at me.

Realization dawns on me before panic begins to set in. If he was a virgin and his mate is my mate's sister....she will expect the same from me. She will expect me to be untouched because I am a werewolf too.

"Holy crap, man, I didn't even wait for my mate, and I am seventy years younger than you. Lorraine is going to kill me," I shout as I jump to my feet, completely forgetting I am speaking to the King.

"I doubt it. I am mated to her sister... My mate was not a virgin. Humans are different, Mitch, and while I do not support your actions.....they shouldn't harm your bond," he says, and I nod while not really listening.

Even if I was a virgin, I don't think she would like me. She hasn't once let me touch her. The bond is making her miss me, but does she find me attractive? Maybe she had a boyfriend before I brought her here..... A big tall, and dark human that she loves. My heart falls as I move to stand behind the chair I jumped out of.

"I keep trying to get to know her, but she is closed off. I don't get it? Her emotions are conflicted almost 24/7.....Ethan, I don't think my mate likes me," I whisper with pleading eyes.

"Really? What emotions does she have exactly," he asks, looking truly invested in my answer.

"Umm, well, sometimes happiness...frustration when I tell her to wait a few more days before going home...and umm, she feels uncomfortable when I try to touch her in any way. Even just holding hands. I think she might have someone she cares for in the human realm...I did mark her before finding out if she was actually attracted to me," I explain with my emotions in plain sight.

"Hmm. My advice is don't touch her. Get to know her. Maybe teach her how to block her emotions...I have heard in the past that human mates can often feel like their privacy is being violated when their mate knows everything they are feeling... Umm, maybe spruce up your appearance," he says, and I nod.

I didn't think about her not liking the invasion. I'm not even sure if she knows I can feel her emotions.

"Alright. Fair enough. Thanks, Ethan," I say before smiling and making a break for it.

This was awkward enough, and I need to quit wasting his time. He probably has a crap ton of work to do, and here I am, burdening him with my overly sensitive feelings.

"Wait. I need to speak with you as well," he orders, and I freeze.

I walk back to my chair and sit.

"I want to speak with you about your combat abilities. Where do you think you stand," Ethan says, and my back immediately straightens.

"Adequate at best. My father didn't really push for his pups to learn anything past basic defense. The past two months of training has definitely helped," I explain honestly, and he sighs with open disappointment.

"That's what I was afraid of," he mumbles, and I shift uncomfortably in the seat.

He stands up and turns away from me. I can feel his Lycan pulsing just below the surface. And it makes Heath whimper inside our mind.

"You will begin immediate training with me. Every day at 5 AM," he says without even looking at me.

"May I ask why," I ask while trying to keep my voice submissive.

He turns towards me, and I want to gulp. The laughing easy-going Ethan is nowhere to be seen. All that stands before me now is Alpha Ethan.

"Your mate is my mate's sister. A target will always be on her back. And as the weakest royal...she is the most vulnerable. As soon as Miranda was marked, your mate became Princess Lorraine. Now the differences in their appearance should help keep Lorraine safe, but enemies can be anywhere, Mitch. You need to be stronger. Your mate's life will depend on it," he states, and I drop my gaze to show respect.

"Furthermore, think of how she would feel if you died in battle. She is human, Mitch...she won't be gifted a second chance if you die. And I have witnessed many human widows grieve, both male and female. They take the loss as hard as a wolf does. You need to protect her from all dangers and all pain. You mated up. You need to step up in return. My great-great-grandmother saw something in you. Now it is time to prove it," he says after a second, and I feel my blood run cold.

"I'm not the strongest or the fastest...I didn't think about how vulnerable she will be...always. She needs someone better...I will never be enough," I whisper in pure panic.

"Now wait a minute, Mitch. I'm not saying you aren't good enough. From what I've seen, Lorraine needs your humor and easy-going personality. She hasn't had the best impression of us. Especially when it comes to overly aggressive wolves. Your even temperament is perfect. You just need to up your game. Training will do that," he says in a softer voice meant to comfort my new fears.

"Will you promise me something," I ask quietly after a few moments, and he nods cautiously.

"If I ever fail...if I fall before my time. You have to swear to protect her," I order while staring him down as an Alpha would.

"I swear. I will always watch over her...her and your pups. Miranda and I will watch over your descendants for the rest of our unnatural lives...You have my word," he swears, and I stand back up.

I stick out my hand, and he instantly copies me. We shake briefly, but I know his promise is good. He means every word.


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