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The Bubble

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There was a barrier surrounding the entire city of New York. People outside the barrier called it The Bubble. Then there was multiple kids going missing around the world. They vanished in the middle of the night. Where could they have gone? Did they somehow enter the Bubble or did they just simply disappear? WARNING: This story is for mature audiences only. It will involve gory scenes, murder, and suggested sexual scenes.

Fantasy / Thriller
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December First

Noise. A lot of noise. Bren realized, Shut up already! Why are people so damn annoying? Bren was in class and the teacher, Mrs. Hightower, let her students goof around for the last five minutes of class.

"Yo Bren, wake the hell up man! What you sleeping for?" One of Bren's obnoxious friends said that while trying to shake him awake. Ugh, shut up Jerome. Leave me alone.

"Dude, leave the guy alone, if he wants to sleep let him sleep." A girl who Bren rarely even talks to but she still talks to him. Oh dang s'that Bailey, never thought I would love her more.

"Why though," Jerome asked, "Sleeping's so boring, besides ain't he gonna have to get up anyway when the bell rings."

"So," Bailey questioned, "Let him have a few minutes of sleep until then!"

Bren opened his eyes, just enough so he could squint. The first person he saw was Bailey. She was a small girl with the height of 5'2 and with a thin body she always looked like a stick no matter what clothes she wore. She had strawberry blonde hair and her eyes were brown. She was wearing a yellow blouse with white flowers on it. For pants she was wearing navy blue jeggings and shoes were the checkered white and black vans that everybody has been wearing lately. Bren honestly thought her personality was annoying. She was clingy and she always hung around Bren like a stalker. In all their time together Bren has probably said two sentences to her yet she doesn't seem to get the hint to leave him alone. It was obvious she liked him but Bren would always physically shiver at the thought of dating her. The only thing he probably liked about her is that she practically kisses the floor he walks on. He likes being praised like that although he didn't like how she would stick to him wherever he went. There were even times where he wanted to punch her and tell her to leave him alone but Bren knows how to control his temper, especially when it comes to annoying people. He has a lot of experience with that because of his parents.

"Jesus Christ would you calm down a bit Bailey," Jerome laughed, "What you yelling for anyway?"

Bren shifted his gaze to Jerome. He was the cliche athlete. Loud, annoying, and stupid. He was a 6 foot football player. Jerome has black curly hair, black skin, and all his shirts were the color black. The only thing about him that isn't black is his eyes and jeans. He has crystal blue eyes and the only pants he would ever wear is blue jeans. Jerome is the type of guy who's loud, has a big mouth, and acts before he thinks. He has such a big head you'd think there would be enough room for a brain in there but apparently not. Bren couldn't help but chuckle a bit at his own joke.

"What're you laughing at Bren?" Jerome noticed him just staring off into space and then out of nowhere he saw Bren smile for no reason.

Bren looked at him, still slouched down over his desk with one hand on his cheek and the other lying on the dirty school desk that old chewed up gum on the bottom of it. Bren simply shrugged his shoulders, he never really talked to these two. Why are these guys so annoying? Bren sighed and got out of his seat and walked towards his teacher.

"Bren! Where are you going?" Bailey asked him but Bren just ignored her and kept walking.

He stopped right in front of Mrs. Hightower's desk and she was typing something on her laptop. He was able to catch her attention by just standing there.

"What is it Bren?" She gently asked, looking at Bren with her sweet eyes.

"Can I go to the bathroom Miss?" Bren had his hand in his pockets and he was staring somewhere else, not looking at his teacher but examining her desk.

He noticed a picture of a little girl in a picture frame smiling and she was missing two of her teeth. She looked around six or seven and she shared a lot of features with Mrs. Hightower. Must be her daughter. He noticed how all the books were neatly stacked on top of each other. The biggest one on the bottom and the smallest on the top. She had a mug where she would keep all her pencils and pen and it was right beside the white projector box that most teachers tend to use however Mrs. Hightower never used them because she had no clue how they worked and she never bothered to figure it out. She was sitting with one leg over the other in an office chair that had wheels and it could spin. She had her laptop on the desk right in front of her.

"Class is about to end in three minutes can't you hold it?" Bren could see the desperate look on her face that was practically screaming, "I don't want to write a pass just go during the passing period!" Though Bren didn't really care if he was making her life hard so he asked again.

"It's an emergency, can I please leave?" Now Bren was looking at her staring into her eyes.

Mrs. Hightower was never really uncomfortable with any student but for some reason whenever she chats with Bren Adler she would always get this uneasy feeling about him in her gut. She would always try her hardest to not judge but Bren seemed like he had no soul whatsoever especially when he spoke. His voice was so dead as well as his eyes. It was as if he had no feelings or empathy and he didn't even bother to try to hide it.

Mrs. Hightower forced a tight-lipped smile and said, "Alright then, you may as well take your bag with you. I won't bother writing you a pass since it's almost passing period anyway."

"'Kay, thanks," Bren nodded and he went back to his seat to go get his bag so he could leave this hellhole of a math class. Jerome and Bailey were asking where he was going but he kept ignoring them while he was packing his stuff. These two seriously don't understand social cues, Bren thought. Then when he packed his bag he just left so he could finally get a break from the two morons.

Bren was working right now but he wouldn't call it working since he wasn't getting paid. His father was his boss and he believed that Bren didn't need the money. Cheap Bastard. Bren's job was simple enough. All he had to do was sit and wait for a certain someone to come walking out of his office building.

His father told him a name and an address but he didn't need to give any further instructions since this isn't Bren's first time. Bren was waiting for a man that goes by the name Anderson Rodriguez who works in a Biotech Company. He was one of the big men on top and somebody caught him doing shady crap that could jeopardize the company's reputation. Now thanks to Anderson, Bren has to work right now instead of being at home in his comfy bed. Bren closed his eyes and he leaned his head against the cold concrete ledge and he just breathed in and out. This is so boring. Bren slowly opened his eyes and he glanced at his watch. 5 more minutes. Bren was hoping the guy would just come out of his office already so he can get this done and over with.

The location where Bren was waiting until Anderson came out of his office was on a rooftop across the street. He was fourteen stories in the air and he was leaning against the ledge of the roof with his rifle right beside him. Bren was wearing black jeans, a black turtleneck, a black cap on his head, and he was even wearing a black face mask, this is all so he could blend into the night. He checked his watch again. 3 minutes. Bren glanced over the ledge he was hiding behind and he was watching the door that Anderson Rodriguez was supposed to come out of.

Although Anderson Rodriguez was a bad guy and Bren couldn't help but be just a little bit impressed by him. Anderson worked at a pretty damn good company, and he was smart enough to run a drug rink in this area. He was smart enough to evade the police and keep it a secret from everyone he worked with for 9 years. It wasn't until one of his coworkers somehow found out that Anderson was a drug lord. The coworker who paid Bren's father to make Anderson Rodriguez disappear didn't even bother going to the police since Rodriguez has enough money to pay his way out of prison. Such a wonderful court system we have. Thanks to that I have to be here instead of at home. Goddamn this is so boring! Can you hurry it up, Rodriguez! Bren glanced at his watch for the hundredth time that night. One minute left to go. Bren thought.

He readied his rifle and he put it on top of the ledge and he put his eye on the scope so he pinpoint exactly where Anderson is when he exits that building. 30 seconds. Bren kept his breath even and focused. He isn't nervous, he's done this a thousand times before but he doesn't want to waste his time having to shoot again. 5, 4, 3, 2...

A few seconds later, the wonderful Anderson Rodriguez came out of the building. The door which he came out of was the exit to the parking lot and right now he's walking to his car which is a red Mercedes. Anderson Rodriguez was oblivious to the bullet that was about to be in his head. Bren waited until Anderson was at his car door unlocking it and as he was about to step in the car, there was a loud bang.

Anderson fell like a sack of potatoes into his car with a bullet ingrained on the side of his head. His blood dirtied the leather seats in his car as his eyes were wide open as if he was staring the reaper in the face and his lifeless body reacted to that. Anderson Rodriguez's life ended at 11:28 pm on December 31, New Year's Eve. I have to admit; the guy was pretty committed to his job to be here on New Year’s Eve instead of with his family.

Bren packed up his rifle acting so calm like he didn't just shoot a man in the head. He put his rifle in a guitar case so he can pass off as a musician coming from a late night gig. What a way to spend New Year's Eve. Bren sighed and he didn't take off his mask until he left the building he was hiding out in. He left Anderson to rot in the car after all his job was to finish him not do the perfect murder.

Besides he knows he won't be caught since the rooftop didn't have any cameras and the cameras in the parking lot where Anderson died, he was hiding in the blindspot of the camera. Also even if he did miss any sort of CCTV or if there were any witnesses, the only thing they'll be able to tell the police is a man who was wearing all black and he had a guitar case. He was fine. This kind of stuff always came easy to him.

Bren walked into his home which was a huge penthouse that his parents own. It had six bedrooms, a bathroom in each bedroom plus an extra one next to the kitchen, a living room, and a kitchen. One of the bedrooms was an office and the other extra one was a home-gym. Bren always did wonder why they needed so much space since they were only three people. When he walked in, it was quiet. There weren't any sort of sounds of talking or anything. By the time Bren came home it was 12:38 am. So now it's New Year's Day huh, Bren thought.

He wanted to watch a bit of TV before heading off to bed since his parents aren't here, he doesn't need to talk to anyone. In the public's eye the Adler Family owned a winery and they were pretty damn rich considering they live in Las Vegas, Nevada and almost every bar had some kind of alcohol from them.

Bren walked towards the bathroom that's open to guests and whenever he's too lazy to go all the way to his bathroom which is in his room. He opened the bathroom door, closed, and locked it behind him.

He went towards the tiled wall and he pushed on one 90 by 90 centimeter marbled black and white tile. It had a little dot marked at the bottom right corner with a sharpie so it's not noticeable at first glance. In fact, most people tend to not even see it. When Bren pushed on the tile, it shifted a bit forward, no longer acting as a wall. Then Bren grabbed the tile on its right side and he swung it open revealing a very deep secret hole in the wall. He took the rifle out of the guitar case that was never used for its original purpose. He put the rifle in the gap behind the large tile. Then he swung the marbled tiled door closed and pushed on the tile once again and it went back to pretending it was a regular wall.

As he was about to walk out the bathroom, he caught himself in the mirror that was hanging above the marbled sink. He looked at himself and he sighed a sad sigh. Why is everything the same? Everyone would think that someone like Bren would have the most exciting life but it really wasn't that different from everyone elses. This 'secret' life was exciting in the beginning but soon enough it just became a part of the routine. He wants something fun, but apparently that was too much to ask for. He would wish for this every single night but it never came true. Been scoffed as he stared at himself in the mirror. Then Bren just started laughing and laughing and laughing. He laughed until he teared up a bit.

He ran his fingers through his light curly brown hair, he was still staring at his eyes that were now glistening. It's the same every-damn-day. Bren thought it would be fun to be a lawyer, he liked to prove people wrong, or maybe a doctor, you get a new surgery every day it's never the same routine. Was it really so wrong to want something different?

Bren examined his eyes that always looked so empty. People always complimented his eyes since he had central heterochromia. His eyes had the color brown surrounding his pupil and he had ocean blue eyes surrounding the brown.

It was strange, the brown in the middle of his eyes sometimes looked a bit yellow whenever the sun hit them at exactly the right angle. Kids when he was younger would call him a witch since he was always so quiet and his eyes were an unnatural color. He was actually lacking in the height department. Bren was 5'9 while others guys his age were 5'10 or 6 feet. Bren did have a handsome face to make up for it, though right now his face could resemble a dead person. His face looked a bit pale and he had horrible eye bags under his eyes. He was sick of it, sick of it all. It always made him exhausted but this was his life, his stupid boring life.

What's even worse about it was his parents. If they found out that Bren would rather do a different profession, they would throw him to the dogs. His parents are psychopaths, they never cared for anyone not even for each other or their children. The only reason that they're together is because of free publicity. His mother's family was actually the one who owned the winery and his father was just one hell of a rich guy. It wasn't until Bren was 6 that he learned why his father was so rich before he meant his mother. For some reason Bren's father wanted Bren to be exactly like him. His dad liked the feeling of controlling people but he wasn't that good at it.

The only thing he was good at was killing people for money. Bren's mother was always smart enough to evade his father's control. She had a few tricks up her sleeve that she would always pull. For example, if they ever got in a fight she would never yell no matter how mad Bren's father made her. While Bren's father would get so angry he would break furniture, she would be sitting calmly on the couch waiting for him to quiet down then she would speak.

That small little action would always give her the control. Bren uses a few other tricks he uses to use against his father, a few he learned from his mother.

Bren realized that he was just staring at himself through the mirror and that was when he decided to leave the bathroom. Bren went upstairs and he walked to the second door on the left. He wandered in his room so he could change from his clothes to some black sweatpants and a dark blue baggy shirt. His room wasn't really anything special, he had no posters hanging up, the walls were painted white, and there weren't any sort of pictures. This whole room looked like no one lived in it. He had a bed but all it had was plain white sheets. He also had a desk in there but the only things that were on top of his desk were school supplies and his own Macbook.

Bren went back downstairs and he strolled all the way to the living room. The living room and the kitchen were connected and Bren wanted to turn on the TV while he made dinner for himself. He picked up the remote and he turned on the 70 inch TV then he went to the news channel. He's been interested in the strange phenomenon that's been happening in New York City half way across the country. It just happened a week ago and it's still all over the news. Bren went to Fox News and he walked to the kitchen as he listened to the reporter talking.

"There has been this strange occurrence that's been happening in New York City. For an odd reason, a strange yellow dome appeared and it is hovering over New York City and that's not the end of it." The reporter announced. Bren decided to make some ravioli. He was too lazy to make it from scratch so he decided to make it from a can.

"Because of this dome, that is being constantly referenced as the 'Bubble', it has removed every man, woman, and child from New York City. Many citizens have said that they were just going through their daily lives then all the sudden they just disappeared from their offices and homes and they all reappeared outside of New York City. This just caused millions of people to be homeless and jobless and there are families who have nowhere to go." The reporter said that in a sad voice, "We are going to be interviewing one of the victims from this tragedy. Her name is Elizbeth Cooper." Bren started to stir the ravioli he was making in the pot.

Elizabeth popped up on the screen and she started describing exactly what happened. "I was at my college during a class and it was like any other day. I was taking notes from the professor's lecture and then it all happened in a second. I blinked and I popped out of class and I was sitting in the middle of a highway that was leading out of New York as well as a few other people except they didn't make it. They got hit by cars going 60 miles per hour and I barely made it to the side of that highway with my life." Elizabeth started to burst into tears because of her traumatic experience.

"Now we can't find my brother. He's been missing since the beginning of this whole thing. His name is Cayden William Cooper, please if anyone can find where he is notify me and my family." The news showed a picture of Cayden Cooper on the screen. He looked like any other ordinary boy. He has dirty blond hair and he had brown eyes. He didn't look a day above 18.

That was when Bren went to the living room and he once again picked up the remote to switch from the news to netflix so he could watch Supernatural. He finished his ravioli and he was ready to eat it quickly while watching an episode from his show then he'll go to his room and sleep. Luckily he didn't have school tomorrow since it's already one am. He sat down in front of the TV and he ate.

He was midway through the episode when he heard the front door open. He already finished his ravioli, it was now just an empty bowl sitting on the coffee table in front of the couch. He quickly paused the show and he turned and waited for the people who were about to walk through the living room. He saw his father, Andre Adler, and his mother, Carrie Adler, walk into the room.

Bren's mother saw him sitting on the couch and she asked, "You still awake, how come you aren't in bed?"

"Not a school night," Bren shrugged his shoulders. His mother just nodded her head and she put her coat on the coat rack.

"I almost forgot today was New Year's," She simply chuckled to herself a bit.

The Adler's never really celebrated New Year's nor did they celebrate Christmas or pretty much any holiday. They never cared much about that kind of stuff, for Halloween the most they would do was put a bowl of candy outside the door to their penthouse and by morning usually every single piece was taken.

"Nevermind that, did you finish the job son?" Bren's father asked. He was talking about the assassination earlier today.

"Yeah," Bren pushed himself from the couch and he walked in the kitchen and put his empty bowl of ravioli in the sink.

"Did you make sure there weren't any CCTVs or witnesses catching you?" His father asked another question. Bren sighed, he always got interrogated whenever he was sent out on a job. He's done this a million times already, doesn't his father understand that?

"Yes, I made sure. Would you quit worrying this wasn't my first time dealing with this."

"Excuse me for just making sure."

"Well you don't need to make sure I got it handled, it's kinda hard to mess up at something if you've been doing it since you were 14." Bren glared at the sink but he avoided his fathers gaze. He could never glare at his father. If he did then Bren would risk breaking a bone. It's happened before.

"Don't talk to me like that young man, I was the one who taught you everything you know! Treat me with some respect!” His father shouted.

"Like hell I would ever respect a man like you," Bren gripped the edge of the kitchen sink.

"WHAT! Say that again, I dare you." Bren rolled his eyes in annoyance, his father was always so quick to anger. Bren's only said 4 sentences to him and he was already threatening to kill him. What a healthy wonderful family dynamic.

"Calm down, both of you it's late. Let's just go to sleep." Bren's eyes snapped to his mother and he realized just right then and there what she was doing. She was using one of her tricks that usually calms down her husband except now she was using it to calm down both her son and her husband.

Bren's father always thinks he's running out of time so her mentioning the time just makes him realise that the fight he's about to cause would be entirely pointless. Bren's eyes lingered on his mother and they fell down to her hand. It's balled up in a fist. Even she got angry but she's just trying to get everyone to settle down so there won't be an argument at 1:42 in the morning.

Bren scoffed and he walked past the both of them and he stormed off into his room. He washed up in his bathroom then he covered himself up in his sheets. Bren was disappointed in himself. He was upset since he got angry just because his father got angry. He's usually great at controlling his anger but whenever it comes to his parents he just couldn’t.

His father's anger is like wildfire, it spreads around and it infects everybody else in the room getting them just as angry. However his father may be more explosive than a volcano his mother is so much worse.

When she's upset or irritated with you she becomes as cold as the tundra. She starts to act manipulative and cunning so you can do whatever she wants. Jesus Christ, we are so messed up.

At this very moment Bren remembered the Bubble that was surrounding New York City and he smiled. That was something that wasn't boring, something where he could go and he would experience a new thing everyday. There wouldn't be a routine, he would do whatever he pleased.

That was when Bren made the wish he usually made every night although this wish was a little different than the other ones. He wanted to know what it was like inside there. It could be interesting. Bren closed his eyes so he could sleep peacefully not even knowing that his wish is about to come true.
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