Liam Walters: A Friend From The Other Side

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Liam, the boy who seems to can't make friends. Especially now that he is going to his new school, well, the struggle is real. No matter how he tries, it seems like almost anyone wouldn't want to make friends with him. And, even if some will want to, he also would freeze in sight which would make it a bit awkward. Although, nonetheless, he seems like, no one likes him. All he wanted was just.... a friend. But then, his fate may change. Whilst walking around his garden, he may have found somethings unusual. It leads him to that of a lake. However, little did he know, that this lak will change his fate. He meets someone there, although, that someone is one that he would have never expected. Did he finally found a friend? If not, who's this? Will they help Liam with his struggle with making friends? Or will they just worsen it? This is Liam's story. A story about a child's struggle with making friends, and meeting someone who would change his whole life. A story about magic, friendship, and what a friend truly means. Even if that friend may be different...

Fantasy / Children
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Dear Diary,

Hi, Liam here. I just got enrolled to this new school. Well, St. Noel's High School, to be exact. Mom said that my classes will start in about a week from today. Well I can't wait to meet new friends!

Not that I didn't have friends before but, the thought of meeting new people just makes me feel.... anxious. I wasn't the best at making new friends back in my old school, nor even just friends in general. And, also, the fact that I only got to the school because of a scholarship just, well, made me think about something. Like, what if I get bullied? Or worse, no one would like me?

School still hasn't started, yet, well, I'm feeling a little nervous already. Meeting a lot of smart/rich kids is very terrifying for me. Well, what if I'm not smart enough? Or, no one has the same interests as me? Would the teachers even like me? If I wasn't really good at all of my lessons, would I even attend this school?

Okay... I should stop. I need to calm myself down...

I should be excited! With this, my dream of being a psychologist would come true! I could learn a lot of things! Maybe help me become a better writer! I can help many people with this! I can make everyone happy and well!

I go to school to make people ok and that it is! I'll try my best and then I'll go to college after. Well, if I don't have friends in the making, at least I did try my best at it. I may be anxious but, that doesn't stop me from achieving my dreams!

Well, I have to go now. Mom is calling me. Well, again, even if I don't have friends at first, I'll just simply try my best. That's all for now I guess. I also better start preparing for school now.

I guess, bye! I'll write again tomorrow. Wish me luck.


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