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Juliet Marine is a 17 years old girl who has been abused by her family and pack members after a tragic incident that occurred. She was turned into the packs slave since the age of 14 years. She is ready to meet her mate who she prays will save her from the pain she is in, but while she waits she trained hard to be able to protect herself since she has no one to protect her. Matthew Kingston is the Alpha of dark knight pack. He is known to be ruthless and the strongest Alpha ever. He is 22 years old and is still waiting for his mate. He goes to everland high pack where he meets Juliet, his broken mate. Can he help mend her back? Will he reject his mate after finding out who she truly is? Or will he accept her and make her his Luna? Read more to find out

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1: her life

I woke up to my body throbbing in pain. I groaned out loud while I tried to seat up. The door to the basement opened and revealed my father. He came up to me, kicked me." you lazy piece of shit. Why are you still sleeping when there are chores for you to do? And why is there no breakfast? " he screamed out loud while kicking and punching me. After a while he finally stopped. " Get up right now and make breakfast and clean the pack house." he said while leaving. I laid down for a few seconds before I forced my self to get up, while groaning in pain. And I went to the kitchen and started to prepare breakfast.

HI! I'm Juliet Marine. I'm 17 almost 18 and my birthday is tomorrow. I'm from Everland high pack and I've been abused for four years now since the death of my mother, the Luna of the pack. She died protecting me after rouges entered the pack grounds and attacked us. Ever since then I was blamed and turned into the packs slave. But still I have hope that my mate will find me and take away all of my pain. For now I still endure with the pain I'm in. Now I have fix breakfast because today we have a guest, Alpha Matthew Kingston from DARK KNIGHT pack.

She got to the kitchen ignoring all her pain and took out the ingredients to start cooking breakfast. After two hours she was done with breakfast and started to set up the table. She was almost finished when people walked in to have breakfast, most ignoring her and some gave her dirty looks but she ignored them and left to finish cleaning the kitchen. After breakfast the dirty dishes were brought by omegas and she cleaned them and left to her room. When she got to her room she took a shower and dressed up her wounds which still had not healed due to her being weak. When she was done she was mindlinked by her father to bring in tea for the guests.

She went to the kitchen, made the tea and went upstairs to the Alpha's office. She got in and her nose was filled with the most intoxicating scent of rain forest and roses. Her wolf was restless, she looked up and saw a tall, handsome man looking at her. She looked eyes with him and she found herself lost in his blue eyes. Her wolf screamed out loud wanting to be released. "MATE MATE MATEEE" cried her wolf. She didn't realize that she was starring for too long until her father walked up to her and slapped her hard. " DON'T MAKE CONTACT WITH ALPHA MATTHEW. PUT THE TEA O..." he didn't have the time to finish when he had a loud groal and was punched on the face. " HOW DARE YOU HURT MY MATE LIKE THAT. YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS. Jackson take your Luna up to my room and wait for me" he told his beta who did not waste time on taking Juliet out of the office leaving Alpha Matthew, Alpha Peter and his beta Philips.

Alpha Peter stood up from the ground laughing while Alpha Matthew was glaring at him. " I would prefer you looking for your real Luna because that weak little bitch can not be your mate and Luna. She's just a murderer and good for Noth..." I would watch my mouth if I were you Peter, that's MY mate you are talking about and I'm sure you wouldn't want to start a war with me. Because I can assure you that one can start if you EVER mess with HER again." with that Alpha Matthew left the office excited and worried about his mate. When he got to his room he looked straight at his mate and once again was lost in her eyes.

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